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    We now have an Info page dedicated to listing RV Repair and Service companies personally recommended by Fort Fiends. http://www.fortfiends.net/_/info/rv-repairs-and-service-r396 Please note this is NOT an advertising page and no one listed here is endorsed by FortFiends.net or is a site sponsor at this time. The page is setup solely to share those companies that regular posters here have personally used and recommend. If anyone has other companies they have used and would recommend that are not listed, please feel free to post here and I'll update the Info page. If any companies would like to advertise here on FortFiends please see this thread for more information... http://www.fortfiends.net/_/misc/advertising-on-fort-fiendsnet-r244
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    Can I nominate this as POY? Pic/Post of the Year first off, "What the Fort" :clint: secondly, Chinese theater + cave women + creepy baby dino top left and what did one have to do to become the "surprise family for the day"? If i could hang with this crew i think i'd be worth it.
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    Here's the full schedule of Guest Stars for Star Wars Weekends 2015. Some notables in the bunch this year, including Frank Oz!
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    Site 619 is super shady...loved it So did my girls and the neighbor girls
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    Hey my to do list just got shorter! No way.
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    Had to get a new A/C-H/P (on JAYCO's dime) while at the FORT. Highly recommend Randy at Mobile RV Service. He's only here during the cooler months, since he's from Maine, but knowledgeable and very responsive to calls. He worked with COLEMAN and JAYCO to get it diagnosed and replaced. So Grandma is staying cool. :) 207-667-9609
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    Great RV Service Tech

    We had a massive kitchen sink leak first thing when we got to the Fort this year...it was awesome btw. After teaching the girls a few new words and a split open finger, I decided to call someone who knew what they were doing. Long story short, Franks Mobile RV did a great job. Didn't overcharge and was at the site less than an hour after i called him. 407-922-7302
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    When you need the lighting the most (in the dark) the skylight wont help. For the cost (who knows what they will try to charge you) you could buy a lot of LED lighting. They have those flexible strips that you can put under counters, cabinets, etc. that would probably do just as good since a skylight is usually a diffused type of light.
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    Photos from Parks Beyond Disney

    Without question the best wooden coaster I've ever ridden (maybe even the best coaster wooden or steel) is The Beast at Kings Island in Ohio 64 mph, 141 foot drop, 4:10 ride duration.....simply an awesome ride! Heres a link to the ride video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dC6uJDNf64
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    Kenny's Rental

    If you guys want to keep renting from him, it's not a great idea to share lots of details in a public forum. That's a big part of why people can't get onsite deliveries. Disney kept reading about it. It's better to tell people they can PM you for details. Not trying to be mean, and it doesn't really affect me since we now own a cart, but I just want to make sure y'all know these boards are monitored by the Mouse.
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    AC in A2......Aaron

    Strange Things

    Love the F&G pics I have noticed that all the Annas look more true to character than all of the Elsas. There will be no more need for you to check on the Iranian tanks in River Country bc I hear they are our buddies after today's deal. Just FYI. No need to risk Panther attack to check on those. Yuri's disappearance is starting to become a bit worrisome. Just sayin'.
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    I love this sign...
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    Learn to Draw Dopey

    Draw Dopey? Like this?: TCD
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    Had you posted that you were enjoying your steak fries when a panther suddenly leaped through the window and stolen them....I may have believed it.
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    OK, going to go a bit further afield, this time to Iowa. Adventureland is a cool little park near Des Moines. I took a detour and stopped for a visit while traveling to Wyoming last June. I have been wanting to visit this park for some time so I could ride their funky looping coaster, the Dragon. I am a sucker for the strange, and sometime painful. It wasn't too bad, but what a great park. It was not at all crowded, and had some great rides. I even took in the circus. They also happen to have a campground next to the park. There were a lot of retirees in the campground, they work part time at the park and can stay in the campground. The circus performers were even camped there, practicing their acts after the park closed. Not as grand as Main Street USA, but nice none the less. You even enter the park under the railroad station: The campground was a short walk away from the park entrance, though they had a shuttle too.

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