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    yeah, i don't know about that one either.. :o :rotfl6: I am taking this one back and will wait and see what I can find that is just a timed slow cooker. One that goes to keep warm.. i will have to make sure i don't get the one that shits down. i'd have to cook with it in stall #2 :tounge-smiley:
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    Humphrey Bear…Rob

    Halloween at the Fort

    Welcome! It's been my dream for years to stay at the fort over halloween. We usually make it down every few years in mid-october for my Kid's fall break. My youngest is now a Junior in HS and in two short years I will FINALLY get to stay at the Fort over Halloween - probably with no kids - now that I think about it, I guess that's a bit creepy...oh well. Hoping you get you ressie!

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