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    Looking for all the fun secret extras that Disney World has to offer. We are going to Disney World in May and I want to put together all the fun off the map things that Disney has to offer. Such things as the secret phones in the Magic Kingdom you can listen to and any others you guys know of. Thanks in advance.
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    Halloween in August Trip Report

    The bad news is that my vacation was officially over and I was back at work. So Monday morning I took the laptop out on the balcony while everyone else slept in, and I was at the office. Being back at work is no fun, but if you have to do it, I figure you might as well do it from the balcony at the Poly. The nice thing about the Pago Pago building is it's a relatively short/easy walk to the TTC to catch the ferry over to MK, so that's what I did on my lunch. I went to the Starbucks on Main Street and the guy could not have been more disinterested in my birthday... despite wearing my birthday button (which I only wore on my actual birthday, not the rest of the trip) and asking about using my birthday reward. No little happy face on the cup or anything. No Starbucks magic for me. But I did get to be on Main St for my birthday so that's plenty good. I went to the Tomorrowland Terrace area to see if I could find a convenient place to sit that had an electrical outlet. If such a thing existed I could sit there and work. But no such luck. I had some fun with a PhotoPass photographer on my way out. I tried flirting shamelessly with him but I expect I just creeped him out. I should really start acting my age now that I'm well into my 40s... When this trip was planned/booked I knew I'd be here for my birthday so I thought quite a bit about where I wanted to go for dinner... So I booked us Hoop Dee Doo! Bucket of salad? Check. Tasty corn bread? Check. Beans, corn, and spuds? Check. Sad because you've already gone through your first bucket of meat? Check! My sister was thrilled to see Chef TJ who came around because we'd indicated gluten-free. My sister asked him for the gluten-free cornbread and TJ said, "Sorry - we don't have any". My sister was pretty disappointed until he reached into his chef coat pocket and produced the gluten-free cornbread he'd had all along. That was good for a laugh. And they were generous with the refills to. Speaking of refills... I ordered the white sangria and a lemonade. When I finished the white, I figured I should try the red. Our server brought that AND she brought along her own special blend. The blend was fantastic! It's mostly white, with a bit of red, and a bit of orange soda. Amazing! I didn't finish the red - I was ready to float away with all those liquids. The show was as good as always. They seem to enjoy themselves and I think they're often genuinely cracking up. My strawberry shortcake came with a candle. :-) When we got outside it was raining but this time we were prepared with ponchos! I wanted to check out the Trading Post so we went there and browsed for a bit, then took the bus back to the parking lot and drove back to the Poly. Not a bad birthday, even if I did have to work!
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    Halloween in August Trip Report

    Sunday morning we finished packing and loaded up my sister's minivan. We told the kids that I had to return the rental car, so they'd follow me. But of course we weren't going home! I drove to the Poly and my sister told the kids, "She probably wants a Dole Whip for breakfast." When I got to the security booth at the Poly I told the guy, "We're checking in, but the kids don't know that, so please tell them I'm getting a Dole Whip for breakfast." He said no problem and my sister got through no problem. We both parked and went inside. My sister had already done online check-in, which meant that our Magic Bands were already valid... for things like the pool. Remember when we were there earlier in the week for breakfast and one of the kids tried his band on the reader at the pool and it didn't work? So we went outside to where the Pineapple Lanai is and my sister said to that kid, "Why don't you show your brother how the magic band reader only opens the pool door if you're staying here?". Well you should have seen the look on his face when the magic band reader light turned green and he could open the door! That's when she fessed up that not only were we not going home, but we had 2 nights at the Poly, 2 nights at the Beach Club, and 1 night at the GF. Best parents ever, eh? We went back inside to the front desk and did another check-in. We all got leis, and they had a birthday button waiting for me! That was a nice touch. My sister didn't decline any of the magic bands for this week so we got a set here. I customized mine and wished there was room for one more letter... Our room wasn't ready but we were, of course, welcome to use the facilities. We all got changed into our bathing suits and hit the pool. I'm not much for swimming, but I can happily sit outside under an umbrella and watch the world go by. After a while I got peckish and went inside and upstairs to Kona Island. I forget exactly what it was I ordered (California rolls maybe?) but I remember thinking it was kind of expensive for what I got. And good thing I didn't want to use chopsticks because the package they gave me was a little short... After this it seemed like a good time for a little poolside adult beverage. I went to the Barefoot Pool Bar and got the Lava Flow. It was tasty (I like coconut) but again rather pricey. This year my Dad taught my sister's kids that there's often money underneath vending machines. Eventually my sister got the notification that our room was ready. Since it was a DVC room we were in Pago Pago. The room was ridiculously nice. There's a little kitchenette area. Two showers/one tub, separated by a door, and a sink on each side. There's a double bed with lots of storage space under the foot of the bed, and drawers on either side towards the head of the bed. The sofa is a pull-out bed (this is where the kids slept) and I believe there's storage inside that little coffee table. As for me... this credenza looking thing... Is a pull down bed. That's Stitch sleeping in a hammock in the artwork. The light above is a nice touch. I knew I'd be in these pull-down beds for the week without a night side table so I planned ahead and got some of those 3M "command" removable hooks and a small hanging organizer. It worked perfectly to hold my glasses/cell phone/etc. There's a little sitting area. The lamp is super cute. There's a big balcony with two chairs and a table. And a nice view of the monorail... and parking lot. After we checked in and got settled I discovered I'd lost a cable I needed for my computer so I popped over to Target to get a replacement. When I got back we ordered dinner... 'Ohana room service! I can't find it on Disney's site but it's called the 'Polynesian Twilight Feast" and it's basically 'Ohana brought to your room. I believe my sister ordered it as 2 adults, 1 gluten-free child and it was more than enough food for the 5 of us. Salad. Noodles, pot stickers, and veg. Big ole plate of meat and rice. Buns Two kinds of sauce. These are the gluten-free buns And gluten-free dessert cookies. I didn't get a picture of the bread pudding but rest assured they sent that too along with the sauce. After dinner the kids went back to the pool. I went to Trader Sam's with my BIL. Based on a TCD trip report I ordered a Heart of Te Fiti. Can't go wrong with a light up drink. My BIL got the shrunken zombie head. After our drinks we went outside in time to catch the MK fireworks. And that was the end of that day.