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  1. Travisma

    An overachiever!

    Welcome to Florida! https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2018/03/01/a-burmese-python-in-florida-broke-a-record-by-regurgitating-a-deer-bigger-than-itself A Burmese python in Florida broke a record by regurgitating a deer larger than itself An invasive Burmese python in Florida pulled off arguably one of the most metal feats of nature this week. The Conservancy of Southwest Florida announced they found a Burmese python attempting to digest a white-tailed deer that was 111 percent its size in Collier-Seminole State Forest on Thursday.The fawn weighed 35 pounds while the 11-
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  2. DinDavie

    Dapper Dan Days

    Thanks for all the reply's. The website was very instructive. I have a hat and t-shirt that says "remain calm and be Dapper." As for who told me I was going, that would be DW and DD. I have a very important task of pushing the baby buggy around with the grandson in it. I am much relieved that I will not have to sing.
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  3. I feel guilty for not reporting sooner. We were incredibly lucky to see this little darling the morning he was born. He was visible on the Safari, along with a whole ton of cast members that were observing Mommy and Baby. According to our driver, they had been with the mother for over 24 hours. The driver was explaining that the baby had been born as we were rounding the bend and the little guy lifted his head up out of the water. It was a breathtaking moment!! Also, the tiger cubs are now out for viewing on the Maharajah Trail. They weren't out much when we were there because the t
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