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    Apple Users, The APP IS BACK

    Yes, the announcement you all have been waiting for.... Supergeek has recoded the app for Apple. The old version is back and running on the Apple platform. And what is more good news..... Look for your app on both platforms to update, hopefully several times, in the coming weeks over the summer for new and exciting things to come! Here are some hints: addition of a loop, new sponsors, new pictures, interesting new features If you have issues, please text SuperGeek or AuburnJen (if you don't have their number, pm'ing here will do) Please spread the word that the app is back in action. We would like to boost the sponsorship for the app as much as possible and get the word out that it is back up. We would also like it to STAY FREE FOR ALL USERS. In order to do that, we would like to have more than one sponsor. Please spread the word. SuperGeek does his work for free, but Apple and others don't. 😉
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    "Glamping" in Pandora

    To much trouble to enter