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    Parking Class C at cabin

    The cabin driveways are very short. A 22’ motor home won’t fit in most of them, and the rules say all wheels must be on the pavement. You might be able to park your Class C outside your cabin, but I wouldn’t count on it. TCD
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    Yep. They're pretty much like (most) RV salesmen I've met... they'll sell them, but have never used one a day in their life. Oh... and when you check-in, I love how Disney gives you the phone number directly to the "Fort". No, it's not. It's the reservation line and as Mo just said, those poor folks have no idea what they're talking about so: go up the front desk to ask your questions
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    Parking Class C at cabin

    Don't worry too much about that. The reservation CMs are nowhere near the Fort and there's a darned good chance the person he talked to has never even been there. If you don't do online check-in you can talk with an actual Fort CM when you get there and explain it to them. If you do online check-in you can just go to your site and take a chance they'll just ignore your RV in the drive (kind of the "ask forgiveness instead of permission" scenario). Worst case you may get a "love note" telling you to move it.

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