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    I wasn't going to say anything but before a million show up I think I should. I took the liberty of ordering 6 and having them shipped c/o the Millers. They should get delivered tomorrow if all goes well. It seemed wrong to me that they weren't there for the kids to learn and play with. My Christmas present to the Fiends and the Fort.
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    Hail To The Bus Driver

    I've been given small gifts, been asked for a hug, it was a little boy so I was ok with it. paid compliments for my driving, done high fives, gotten thank you cards, but today was a first. This really happy and friendly small group got on my bus this morning at CBR when all of a sudden one of them yelled out, lets sing "hail to the bus driver". Which they did. They had a song all prepared hailing, yes, me. It was too funny and I really got a kick out of it. I told them they should have waited until I got them to their destination in one piece.
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    Oh brother....those look like the same obnoxious Moms that I always wanted to punch in the nose while waiting for my kid at gymnastics. Gabbing on their phones, feeding the younger kid some sort of crap from Sonic while big sister is tumbling on the mats but Mom isn't watching because she's too busy on the phone, twiddling with their hair and talking so loud I can't think straight. Then they get their kid, load up in the big SUV and nearly back over me because they never did get off the damn phone. And now, we're all supposed to be impressed and in awe that they are getting a "sneak peak" of some stupid theme park land based on a movie that no one cares about anymore. You want me to be impressed? Put down the damn phone and do something, anything in your life that doesn't need to be shared on social media like you are some attention starved monkey in a cage begging for a piece of banana. Yes, I might have some anger issues today. Just deal with it.
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    Have you stopped to consider the possibility that the poor 23 year old WDW Purchasing Clerk who placed the last order for 250,000 refillable mugs accidentally forgot to check the "Handle" box on the order form?
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    For the price they should let you snort a line from Elsa's cleavage
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    What being a Fiend is ALL ABOUT

    You know, I have "heard" that other boards are better without certain people. (posted recently elsewhere) Frankly, I don't know of anyone that would be better elsewhere but here. This is not the place where you just post a question and then "walk" away, never to return. It "sucks" you in, because family does that. Family takes care of you (sometimes whether they like you or not :rofl2: ) and will complain, and spit and moan for a while too. BUT THEY DO IT. Us Fiends, we do the helping willingly and without forethought. When I am at the Fort, I consider myself ON CALL. That means I am willing to go on missions, help out a fellow Fiend, recruit new membership, give up something I own for a fellow Fiend, or anything that is necessary. That is what we are about here. We are not a board that has been created out of chaos, but has become a family that no one could have possibly imagined. Many, many of us will be life-long friends, oops, FIENDS. No other place can claim that. If you don't know what I speak of, join us and find out. You have NO CLUE what you are missing.
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    River Country

    Coincidentally, beginning this fall Mickey's Backyard Massage Parlor and Casino will begin offering the Naughtily Ever After Fireworks Dessert Party. Enjoy a buffet dinner at Minnie's Ho Down Smorgasbord, a private rooftop VIP viewing area for the nightly show, plus the fireworks, followed by a whipped cream dessert extravaganza. Only $249pp. Guests of Loop 3000 will also have access to the FWG lounge including their famous bottomless kungaloosh mugs.
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    Yes, I'm still alive. A little bird told me that Dave was embarrassing himself by doing a TR, so I needed to read how he crashed and burned..........this time. I sure hope he didn't run into Melvin the Moose on his cruise. All we need now is for TnBob to show up.
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    Offsite Golf Cart Rentals

    I believe that word of mouth is the best form of advertising. I rented two Kenny carts over this past Memorial Day weekend. Kenny has had a hard time keeping staff, so he was at the designated pick up and drop off location. He was on time. The carts were a little worn, but operated perfectly. I still hate having to drive off property to get the carts and bring them back, but I saved about $300 over what renting from Disney would have cost. I give him a 10 out of 10. http://www.teetimegolfcarts.com/ TCD
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    For as long as there have been internet message boards, there have been many threads like this one. We complain about the prices, swear that the latest price increase is the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back, but then we suck it up and go back. Disney always wins. And that's not a bad thing. S71/Dave, enjoy these times with your family. Life gets more complicated as your kids get older. The memories you are creating now are worth way more than the ridiculous campsite costs. Enjoy it while you can. TCD
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    Got the word several months ago that some dear friends were going to Disney from the 14th to the 24th of October. Soon 2 friends from California decided to join them, then 2 friends local to Orlando, then I agreed to join them...well it turned out to be 10 adults and 4 children! I knew I would have fun, but I also knew the frustration of doing what the group wanted to do would make me nuts. Solution: take a solo trip from Sep 17th till Oct 5th and get my full Disney dosage before the big gathering. So on the line to Jason. Oct Trip was a total no go for the fort. Had to settle for Pop Century. Sep trip he got me the dates I needed in a full hook up, but not in the preferred loops I like to stay in. No worries, I was sure I would still have a blast. This morning I get word from Jason that he snagged a Preferred site for my Oct trip! He handled all the details of swapping out the Pop Century for the Fort. 10 minutes later I get an email from him with my new reservation for the Sep trip as well: he got me a Preferred site for both dates! No way I could have pulled this off by myself - it was Jason's total commitment to checking availability continuously that snagged me the preferred sites for both trips. Jason, thank you so much!!!
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    Maybe so, but the last time I went into a Starbucks and ordered a Tall Blonde, I ended up sleeping on the sofa for a week.
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    The Fort is not going anywhere. It is written into the Disney By-Laws, ever since Walt landed his seaplane on Bay Lake and set about mowing the grass around the Settlement to have a place to camp. He leaned the mower against a fast growing tree and decided at that moment that the land he had just mowed should be made into a campground in perpetuity. That very next day, he and Roy celebrated by diving into the nearby swimmin hole. Unfortunately, Walt contracted a brain eating amoeba that day. Doctors tried freezing his brain to halt the spread of the amoeba but it was to no avail. Lucky for us, Roy carried out Walt's plans, and to this day we have the Fort to enjoy.
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    I am not sure if you're a brand new member, or an old member who created a new account, but that's a great post, and I gave you an up arrow for it. After my post that you quoted, I thought about what others were saying, and I then posted that I understood what others were saying. See my post #40 above. It appears that Chef TJ is doing what Disney expects him to do, and is doing it well enough that he has been recognized as an exemplary castmember. As I said above, I am glad that guests with special dietary needs are being accommodated in a way that most other businesses would never do. I am glad that Disney gives its castmembers the leeway to take the initiative and create magical moments for guests. And I hope that it continues. Another thing that crossed my mind is that the Chef is actually bringing in untapped revenue to Trail's End. He personally invited DIT to dine at Trail's End. I doubt Dave would have bothered to go absent that invitation. One thing I really like about our discussion board here is that we don't have to always agree with each other. We wouldn't have anything to discuss if we did. In this thread, I expressed some of my opinions, and the posts from others, like yours, pointed out some things that I wasn't looking at. I truly appreciate that, and I hope that you keep on posting. TCD
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    Now look here. Before this gets any further out of hand- I need to say something. If you have time to surf the net and watch Netflix at the Fort, you're doing something wrong. TCD
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    As a teacher of students with special needs in a regular school setting for many years, our mantra was "Fair is not everyone getting the same thing. Fair is everyone getting what they need." It's easy for people who are not dealing with a child or adult with special needs to complain about them getting special treatment because until you are the family wearing those shoes, you can't imagine the obstacles they must overcome daily. Many don't think of the "fairness" of the situation when they say that if crowds or noise bother your child to stay home. I know firsthand someone who abused the GAC. She did it and bragged about it. I was disgusted. I have a feeling it was not a "few" people, it was LOTS of people. When we were down for one of our senior class trips, I had a student with bone cancer. While he was on a ride, someone stole his wheelchair. The kids with him helped him back to the front of the park, they did not have any more chairs. He ended up back on the bus in horrible pain and we had to cut the day short. That's how low people will stoop to get to the front of the line. For the majority of GAC users the new system will give them what they need. Many who are in wheelchairs or on scooters are able to wait for rides. Mama did not like being treated "special" when she was in her wheel chair at DL. She was certainly able to wait to ride. For people like Mama, the new changes would be fine. For those who have issues with sun or standing in line for long periods of time, the changes should be fine. For families like Michelb's, some of the changes at this point may not work so well.I hope as they implement the new program that they are willing to take in to consideration the individuality of those with special needs. I believe it may take a while to iron out the kinks and stop some of the blatant abuse before they are able to start catering to the individual more again. It's sad, but I understand why they have had to take some drastic measures.
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    When I go looping, I come across several Fort Fiends.net signs and if I see someone outside I'll stop and introduce myself. OK, I've knocked on a few doors too....lol. It's amazing that when I do they perk up and are more welcoming than any group I have ever seen. It's kind of like long lost friends you haven't seen in a long time, even though you may never have met, other than electronically. You can't go wrong with this group. So if you haven't jumped in yet, please do so and discover the best Walt Disney Lovin', Fort Wilderness Lovin' and camping anywhere Lovin' Fiends you could ever meet.
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    Starla was working on this over Thanksgiving but my stepdad became ill and, between the daily hospital runs, we goofed and forgot to post it. Thought I'd share it now to wish everyone the happiest of holiday seasons...
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    Where am I? I have this thing, which I realize most of you can't relate to, called a job. Anyway, I will be doing the Tri-fecta, COP, IASW, and the EWP, all in one night with a Fiend, but that Fiend paid big bucks to FHF to watch me being tortured. And in case you think I secretly like those attractions, no, I do not. They're all way over do for either an extreme make over or the demolition ball. To spend a couple of hours with me, but it's ok, Mike was there.
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    River Country

    Looks like a boat dock in the top right corner of C-104. Also, I knew they were planning bungalows but I don't think I appreciated the fact that when sitting on the side porch at TE you'll be looking right into them. What a cluster this plan is. I gave them the benefit of the doubt that they'd do the right thing by Fort Wilderness and create a beautiful, complimentary resort. But this doesn't look good. It truly is taking over the settlement.
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    Thank you to my father, US Navy, my uncle US Army Vietnam, and my grandfather, US Army, WWII
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    Site is losing its steam :(

    I’m new too. Staying in a cabin for first time ever next month. Hoping trip goes well and I can get my husband to camp for a week or so after that. Thank you for all who post and share info[emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm still here, you sorry bunch of losers.
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    Is the magic gone?

    This will probably get a lot of people upset, but here goes. Yes the Magic is gone! What killed it? Friggen CELL PHONES! It's bad enough that teens and adults are walking around the parks with their noses stuck in their phones and not watching where they are walking. But it absolutely sickens me to see kids in strollers or being carried playing games on phones while missing the wonders of everything Disney. Same with kids walking while on phones and missing what's going on around them. I guess those parents have more $$$ than brains and let the cell phone/tablet be a baby sitter and the kids miss all the sights. What a waste of $. Should've just left the kid at home. We have become so attached to these electronic leashes that we can't go a day without them. And Disney encourages their use with MDE, Disney shopping, trying to get dinner reservations etc.
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    Late in 2016, Disney announced that there would be a new festival celebrated at Epcot. Initially, all we knew was that they were calling in the Epcot International Festival of the Arts, and that it would run for six weeks, on weekends only, from mid-January through late February. Details eventually were provided, but, honestly, I didn't pay much attention to them. This sounded like a lame cash-grab to me, and I wasn't all that interested. Epcot is in a pretty sad state with several large empty buildings, some badly dated rides, and almost nothing left in either of the Innovention venues. Plus, in my most humble opinion, they wrecked both Test Track and Soarin' with the "upgrades" they did on both. It's next to impossible to ride the new Frozen ride unless you want to wait in a really long line, or you're able to book FP+'s 60 days out. So, we haven't been to Epcot all that much lately. But, some aspects of this Art Festival were intriguing to me, and I wanted to see it with my own eyes. Also, Disney offered reserved seating to the Disney on Broadway performances for passholders, and I was able to get a reservation for the 5:30 performance on Saturday, January 21. The TCD twins were available for an afternoon visit that day, so we went. We only planned to spend the afternoon and evening at Epcot. No park hopping or resort visits on this trip. So we parked in the Epcot parking lot, which we don't do very often. They have a lot of the parking lot blocked off for the big tents and bleachers that they keep up for the Disney and Princess marathons, so we ended up being directed to park way in the back of the Explore lot- like almost in the last row. It ended up not being a big deal, as they had a tram right there for us, and we were able to board and head to the entrance right away. When we arrived at the tram drop off, they dropped us off in a new area, and we saw that they had added some new bag check tents and scanners. Here, they had every single guest go through a metal detector, which is the first time I've seen that done at Epcot. Based on how things were set up, it looks like that's how things will be done from now on. The lines were a bit long here, but it wasn't too bad. We were able to use the Passholder line to enter the park. Since Twin #2 doesn't currently have a pass, she had to go in one of the regular lines. She greeted Twin #1 and I as we made our way in to the park- the regular line was faster. LOL. We picked up one of the Festival passports, and headed on it. Our first stop was to check on the animation class that they're holding in the old Vision House area of Innoventions. That was also where they were distributing the stickers for the reserved seating for the Disney on Broadway performances, and I was able to pick up our stickers for that (only one person had to check in, so I got three stickers-one was supposed to be for my older DD, who is a passholder, but since she wasn't with us, Twin #2 was able to use it). As far as I have been able to tell, there is no published schedule for the animation classes. We stopped by there to find a long line, and learned that the next class was full. The class after that would be in about an hour from now. The CM told us that the classes were scheduled for every 45 minutes, and he told us that if we arrived at about 20 minutes before the next class, we would probably be fine. In case you're interested, here's what the admission stickers look like for the Broadway show: So, we had about an hour to kill. Twin #1 wanted to try one of the fancy pop tarts they're selling, and both twins wanted to paint on the giant paint by numbers mural, so we headed off to find those. We stopped for the photo op on the way in to the World Showcase: The Festival passport wasn't very useful in locating where the various activities and food items were located. We didn't pick up an Epcot map, so maybe that information is on the map, but it's not in the passport. We found the paint-by-numbers mural over by the walkway that goes toward the Imagination pavilion. It's a simple set up- they have a giant paint by numbers mural set up, and supposedly it's going to look like the mural depicted in this banner when it's done: They did a good job making this simple and efficient. You stand in a line, which moves quickly, and a CM gives you a small container of paint and a brush. The paint container has a number on it, and you're turned loose to go paint four squares of that color: This was the second weekend of the Festival, and quite a bit of progress has been made already: I got yellow, and painted the squares next to the brown squares here: The twins got different colors, and painted other squares. It only took a few minutes to participate, and it was strangely fun. Here's a look back at the mural-you can see that guests are having fun with it- I'll bet it's going to be done by next weekend: I hope that they put the finished mural on display somewhere. I am interested in seeing what it looks like in the end. Somehow, I doubt it will look as good as the banner, but I think it will look OK. The have two bins at the end to drop off your paint container and brush, and you get a free postcard showing a part of the mural artwork: There was another mural being painted across the lake- Twin #1 said this was being painted by a professional artist. We meant to check on that later, but we ended up running out of time: I snapped a photo of the grass along the lake, because I know in a few weeks this will all be huge flower beds for the Flower and Garden Festival: The entry area to World Showcase is noticeably under-decorated. There will no doubt be some giant topiaries in here for the Flower and Garden Festival: They were selling the pop tarts in the booth next to the World Showcase entrance, so we got a couple. These go for four bucks, which is about three bucks too high. I thought they were real pop tarts, but they're actually a sugar cookie made to look like pop tarts. They were good, but very, very sweet: We headed back to the animation class, and got there about 15 minutes before the next class was set to start. That ended up being too late, and it meant that we had to wait another hour until the next class. I suggested to the girls that we skip it, but they wanted to do it. So, the new plan was to check out MouseGear for a bit, then come and wait for the next class. And, that's what we did. We came back about 45 minutes before the next class was set to start. There were already 10-15 people in line, and I would guess that the class was full and the line cut by about 30 minutes before the class was going to start. I am not sure if every day will be that busy, but it was on Saturday. Here we go: We were big fans of the animation class when it was offered at Hollywood Studios. Upon entering this room, it was obvious that this event was a less fancy version of that class. In Hollywood Studios, they provided an 11 x 17 piece of paper and a fancy sketching pencil with no eraser. Here, we got and 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper, and a number 2 pencil with the eraser pulled off: There were probably only 5 or 6 Castmember instructors who worked at the animation class in DHS, and we eventually got to know all of them. We were hoping to see a familiar face here, but the instructor was not anyone we had seen before. She was nice and friendly, though: Tabula rasa: The instructor wasn't like the instructors at the DHS animation class. There were no helpful hints- we just dove right into drawing, and she went fast. By the second or third step, I could see the train wreck coming: The instructor zipped through her drawing- telling us what to do along the way- again without any helpful hints: You can see the instructor's drawing up there on the screen- she drew a pretty good Daisy Duck: But I ended up with this: The twins didn't do as bad as I me. Twin #1's is on the left, and Twin #2's is on the right in this photo: We all agreed that Twin #2 won this round. The class was fun, and we probably try to do it again if we get the chance. But, it's not as good as it was when it was offered at DHS. Next on our agenda was a visit to the old Odyssey restaurant. They are using it as the Festival headquarters, and there are some art exhibits in there that we wanted to see. The first gallery of art we looked at in the Odyssey was about six or so paintings by Herbert Ryman. You've probably seen his artwork around before- he's famous for creating a lot of the concept art for Epcot. I'm pretty sure the mural that we had painted was based on one of his paintings. The set-up for the gallery creates congestion, and I wasn't able to get any good photos of the Ryman paintings. But, there was more artwork on display inside the Odyssey, and this is art that you can buy. I don't know why, but I like to look at some of the expensive paintings that they have on display at these Festivals. For example, here's one: Interesting, right? But, I always wonder who would buy something like this, and where they would put it. Especially when you look at the price tag: They have a poster that they're selling for the Festival. I kind of like it. But, it's $50 unframed: With Twin #2's 40% merchandise discount, it would only cost us $30 for one of those. I thought about it, but I don't know where I'd display that if I had it. So, we passed. But, I still like it. Let's look at a bit more art. This is nice, right?: And, it's only $2900: I'm guessing that the Donald Duck in the British phone booth painting there on the end was painted by the same artist who painted the Goofy painting: Sorry, my photo of the price tag for the Donald painting is blurry, but I think it's also $6300: When we entered the Odyssey, there was a line of guests outside who were waiting for something. They were all let in to be seated as we poked around inside: I am not sure how it works for these classes- whether you need to sign up ahead of time, or what. I know at the Food and Wine and Flower and Garden Festival, there are a lot of classes that require payment and registration, but I'm not sure if this one did. But, here's a free tip- you can see and hear everything from the back of the room if you want. A little while after those guests were seated, a lady came out and welcomed them, and asked if they were ready to learn how to make chocolate fondue. Cool, we all said to ourselves, we like chocolate fondue. But, the lady was only making a joke, as she quickly corrected herself and said that she was there to teach everyone about aromatherapy. That was nowhere near as interesting to us as chocolate fondue. On the other side of the room from the Herbert Ryman display, they had a display of some of Mary Blair's artwork. This was interesting to us all, as we've heard of her. We know that she created the look of the Small World attraction, and that she designed the giant mural in the Grand Canyon Concourse of the Contemporary Resort. But, none of us know much about who she was or how it was she came to work for Disney. This sign at the beginning of the display tells a bit about her: I found this all very interesting. Especially about how much Walt Disney liked her art. It was the same deal in her gallery- very crowded. And there was other art for sale on display near the Mary Blair gallery. I liked this watercolor: But, I did not like the price: Twin #1 practically went nuts over this painting, as she does for any Jungle Cruise related item: I'd love to buy that painting for her, but the price is too rich for my blood: I thought that this wooden mosaic was cool: I failed in getting a photo of its price tag: Next on the agenda was to try one of the food items they were selling here at the Odyssey. We didn't know this is where they were selling it, but there was one item that we had all agreed ahead of time that we were interesting in trying, and it was for sale here. I have another batch of photos to share, so I'll share those in a new post, and start with the food item we got here. TCD
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    Oh yes, Snarky and Fort Fiends.net are going to be 6 years old on Sunday! We are so happy and glad all of you are here! Monique and I are working on new designs for this year and our goal will be to load the store with them AFTER WILD WOMENS WEEKEND. (not before, hahahaha) If you are of the creative type, and would be willing to come up with a design for a shirt to put in our store, you can earn a $50 credit in the store for anything you choose. I still can't believe it has been 6 years! We now have to start thinking about renewing next year our trademark and filing a separate trademark for Snarky's logo. We will be starting a fundraising effort for that this year.
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    Fort Wilderness Christmas Village

    I thought you might be interested in this. I made a Fort Wilderness section in my Christmas Village and posted some pictures of it. https://flic.kr/s/aHskMbb1Uw Here's an overview of it. I hope you enjoy it if you take a look!
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    it was me.... she wanted to know the site/ sites that things were posted on so i took numerous screen shots and sent them to her after our conversation, I also talked to her about the pool being used by non resort guests and how they really should put a MB scanner on it like the wilderness lodge now has and restrict it to resort guests. to give more details, she said I was 1 of many many emails pertaining to this, and the new manager is being made aware of each one. I don't know who the new guy is, but some of you posted here that he was good, we shall see... during our conversation she did say to me that the events listed for holiday weekend in the activity schedule are for the"exclusively for resort guest only" She said that Disney does not publicly share the events schedule as to not draw attention to it but noted that various bloggers and websites do and that is what is creating the problem, I advised her that wasnt the issue, its resort security.... they could publish all they want, but if they are not providing a secure environment that's what causes the problem. She saw my point when i mentioned the "gone mad" party at the GF, how they ran out of food/ drinks due to the amount of people that showed up for it this past Wednesday. She was already aware of that(had a few complaints) and asked how i had known of it as i wasnt a resort guest, we got back to the blogs and such how people are essentially advertising come for the "free event" here's how to "bypass security" she then asked how could Disney make it better, we talked about the NSSHP and VMCP how they use wristbands for the event and have staff ushering people out, they already have wristbands they use and just pick a different color for each holiday weekend, no band no access its that simple and it can be done at any point of entry just have to enforce it each site can hold 10 people, so at check in you get 10 bands Its really not right/ fair for non resort guest to show up for events/ facility use when we are paying to be there After 20 min or so we had exhausted all of my concerns and she sent me the email below they have roughly 80 days to do something about it Dear Rich, Thank you for speaking with me yesterday and following up with this additional information. We appreciate you taking the time to share this feedback. Please be assured that it has been forwarded to the appropriate leadership.If I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I hope your next visit will be filled with many memories and Magical moments. Best Regards, Lene Jakobsen Guest Experience Services Walt Disney World Resort (407) 828-1220
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    Laundry room etiquette

    Move their clothes into one of the washers that doesn't work. They'll really scratch their heads over that one.
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    They needed the extra plastic for alligator fence installation
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    The point that everyone seems to overlook as they look back at the past is that River Country was not a perq for those staying at the campground - it was a separate ticketed entity which just happened to share the parking lot with the Fort. Yes, it was close and you could walk to it from your camper, but it was not part of the Fort. Following that logic EPCOT belongs to the Boardwalk because it's close and you can walk to it.
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    Posts like these just tend to start pissing matches. Please take it to Private Message
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    Yeah, I can see it not working out too well at the Fort. You go to a hotel, and one room is pretty much the same as the next. Maybe you want a particular one because something memorable happened to you in a certain room (like your first Meth Lab). But the Fort has too many variables with people wanting specific sites, they will get an assigned site, and if it's not want they wanted they are going to want to go and try to change it and tie up the lines.
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    RUMOR: Innoventions West to Close?

    Right, and the original spirit was to evoke a World's Fair, like the 1964 fair in NYC that Walt contributed so much to. Only American society is too shallow, dumbed down and self-centered for anything cerebral like a World's Fair these days. There hasn't been a World's Fair in the US in over 30 years....and I doubt we'll ever see one again. Some would argue that, with all the innovation and information shared instantaneously on the internet, the need for a World Fair or Expo is no longer there. But strip away the Kardashians, US Weekly, TMZ crap from U.S. online volume, and there isn't much left. It's not that the internet has replaced the need for a World Fair. It's that we are too stupid to appreciate one.
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    Dropping my Troll gimmick for a bit, I wanted to comment on the article. I enjoyed the article very much and I think it's very well written and interesting. How they developed the system and made it work are fascinating. I am very "pro corporation," if you will, and am very much for Disney making record profits, so long as they don't cheapen the product or leave me feeling I didn't get my money's worth. Yes, you pay more at Disney and I joke about it A LOT, but bottom line is this: It's worth it. I love the damned place and just about everything about it and am willing to fork over the extra cash to continue experiencing it. With that in mind, I'm trying to look at the Magic Band system objectively. TCD makes very strong points. The big one, I think, is breaking the rides into tiers and then limiting you to one "main event" ride per day. I am also very suspicious and displeased with the long gaps that are scheduled in between rides. I think when the author of the article wrote this: Disney’s servers crunch your preferences, then neatly package them into an itinerary calculated to keep the route between stops from being a slog—or a frustrating zig-zag back and forth across the park, I'm with TCD. I think this is propaganda for, "We're programming in big waits in between rides to deliberately leave you with nothing to do but eat and shop." Let's face it: The Magic Band doesn't give you any "itinerary," and how does scheduling you for the Hall of Presidents at 4:15 and Splash Mountain at 6:30 save anyone from zigzagging? Heck, while I'm at it, what's with that, "Disney servers crunch your preferences" tripe? That system doesn't know anything about my preferences. It just pops a generic list of available rides on my laptop and says, "Pick three, bitch." And this makes no sense: In fact, it’s called the paradox of choice: You make people happier not by giving them more options but by stripping away as many as you can. This construct can certainly be true in, say, the restaurant business, but it runs counter to the Disney culture. The whole point of Disney World is its vast array of choices. You don't have to go anywhere else because we've got everything you want right here. I really suspect this is more propaganda for, "The rides are too crowded. So to fix that, we're going to let people just ride three. The rest of their time, they can spend in shops and our delightful eateries." Now to be fair, I do think the problem of guests gobbling up the Fast Passes at rope drop had to be fixed. Casual and/or first-time guests would show up later in the day, only to find signature attractions had already run out of Fast Passes by 1PM for the entire day. On top of that was the problem of "hacking" the Fast Pass system. While I admit I may have been guilty of that myself once or twice in the past, overall, it was bad for the system, from park management's perspective. Bottom line -- So far, for me, the Magic Band is a lot of technology for the sake of technology. It really doesn't make anything much easier or faster. So it has my debit card number on it. So what? Whipping out my debit card took me, what, three seconds? Personally, I believe the Magic Band destroys the concept of "Let's do it all!" days at a given park. You just can't do that anymore unless you're willing to endure the standby lines. Instead, Leslie and I book a "main event" ride, pop into the park, ride it, maybe eat a snack or sit in a rocking chair, then pop out. I would expect a lot of annual passholders like us are doing the same. And isn't that defeating the very intent of the Magic Band to begin with?
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    I know it, and for some inexplicable reason which once again shows how poor Fiends judge of character is, my rep points keep climbing, knock it off. You would think that, but it's just a coincidence. Thanks Beckers, that's very nice, but I won't be accepting any donations and would rather you buy those two little guys, and maybe even the big guy, an ice cream and tell them it's on me. See what I did there? Gutta get those bribery rep points up. Dave is getting too close. Anyway, these two guys love the visitor, especially Buddy. It's odd that he wants nothing to do with Dobby, but loves the kitten. She was not a basket case like Lil Lou when I found him. She's been eating and drinking and doing everything else normally, but I guess because she's been a stray for her entire short life, she was keeping to herself until today. She's started acting like a kitten and is playing as she should be.
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    No. Because if it came from the MSB, I would have caught it before it hit the water.
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    Disney missing the boat.

    Tell me abot it.
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    Having Jordan with us after a year in Afghanistan! :heart:
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    Devores, it sounds like we may have crossed paths, and I am sorry if it was us. My two cents for what they are worth... I have taught my children the rules of the road, and I frequently look behind me to see what they are doing. One safety concern I have with both riding a bike and a golf cart on Ft. Wilderness property is that golf carts have no horn or signal light capability. The only time I heard the person that yelled was when they were passing me, saying "Get off the road". Electric golf carts do not generate a lot of noise. I agree that there are many children just "cut loose" on the Fort, and I do not want to be considered one of those parents. If you happen to swing by our site again, Whip and I would be more than happy to meet you!
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    Thanks Andrew, I think. Seriously, I appreciate it. Unfortunately you've never been a guest that I've interacted with while being a CM. I take being a WDW CM very seriously. Guests expect a lot form us and I attempt to exceed their expectations. The payoff is when a guest asks you for your full name so that they write it in on the comment card, happened again a couple of nights ago. Or when one of the kids wants to give the bus driver a hug or a card that says thank you. On Sept 7th, I will have a 16 year history at WDW. And while I came and went six times, it's still a long time and has been mostly pleasurable. Even though working for Disney, especially as a bus driver, is a challenge, I'm still glad I am a CM.
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    The rest of that sentence is, to feel the magic that is WDW. I guess this rant would fall under the warm and fuzzy side as opposed to the usual Snarky side. I'm so fortunate to be in the position I'm in. I'm actually retired and I get to select how much or how little I work and even the days I work. But work is too strong a word for what I do and where I do it on average of four days a week. Today, while at lunch at one of the CM cafeterias, I thought, I miss the MK even though I was right there, in the middle of MK, but it felt like I had been far away for too long. Being there all the time, you become callused and forget where you are. I instantly got up and instead of walking back to the the bus area the way I normally do, which is by Tony's Town Square restaurant, I decided to exit by the Fire House side. I walked about half way, stopped, and just looked up Main St. towards the castle for a few minutes. The castle at the opposite end never looked more beautiful. That's all it took, I was OK after that.
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    If we have anything to say about it, it will be. The FHF gears are turning.
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    Well, here is my first trip report. It's going to be a little slow, since I have to watch the girls at night and be forewarned that there aren't a lot of pictures of the Fort, since it was girls first trip to Disney. The cast of characters included myself at the age of 43, my wife Anne who is 34, my 70 year old mother who also name is Anne, and my darling daughters Cadence and Claire who are 4 & 3 respectively. First off, I would like to say, that I had a lot of help from people on this board directly and indirectly. I took in much information over the last few months from this board and put it together with my stuff and POOF!! a trip came out of it. So with that said, thanks to everyone. As some of you may or may not know, we decided not to tell the girls we were going and make it a surprise trip. Of course we had to tell them we were going somewhere, so we told them we were going to a race track that I had gone to and since they have been to Watkins Glen before this was nothing new, so off we went..... We left at 11PM on Friday and this was a stop off in South Carolina at the welcome center on Saturday morning. Cadence loves pine cones and SC has some big ones, so she was excited to find these. We finally got into Florida and headed to the race track. Thanks for the tip to go around Jacksonville on 9A, it was simple and a nice quiet ride. Going to Daytona, we always headed down 95, now we have solved that nightmare. We than proceeded to tell them, that we had about an hour to get to the campground we were staying at. We jumped on I-4 and headed West. Made good time to Orlando and started seeing the signs..... Down 192 we went and headed for THE SIGN where we were going to tell them. Here is the video of the magical moment. http://youtu.be/Zyptn5wQikI That's it for this segment, hopefully the pics came out, I think I did it correctly. I will try and do the next segment tomorrow. Best Regards, Norm
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    Thank you for all you do!

    For hubby Tony Stinnett US Air Force 1968-1970 70% disabled (appealing for 100%)
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