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    I am planning a trip to assess the damage Irma did to the 3000 loop. Beer lines are already scheduled for replacement, so mainly I will be focusing on the massage parlor. I can't hook up the Outback, however, until I hit at least 650 likes. So it's all up to you!
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    It has been written on other threads that the theming of Wilderness Lodge is changing somewhat with the upcoming DVC additions. One of those changes is that Silver Creek Falls, the main water feature at the resort, will be renamed Copper Creek Falls. That change made my family sad, as we have a history with Silver Creek Falls, as I'll explain below. You see, both my wife and I are from a small town in western New York called Silver Creek. And both of my parents grew up there too. So imagine our surprise when we made our first ever trip to Disney with our kids in 2001, during which we stayed at the WL, and stumbled upon this sign. Those 3 girls are 21, 19 and 17 now. Six years later we had begun RVing and camped at the Fort with my parents. We took the boat over to the Fort to show my parents the sign, and continued what has become a tradition to get family pictures in front of the sign on every trip to Disney. Fast forward....most recently, INC and I got a picture in front of the sign while on a date. We also stayed at the Lodge before our cruise on the Wonder this year. And on our trip to the Fort a few weeks ago, I got one last picture in front of the sign of my parents, who spent part of the week with us. My Dad turns 80 next month. I figured that might be the end of the story, as the retheming of the Lodge is proceeding at a rapid pace and will be completed before we return to WDW. But that's not the end of the story. Wondering what would become of the sign, I contacted the GM of the Wilderness Lodge to tell her about my family's history with the sign and our love of both the Lodge and the Fort. We traded some emails, and she assured me that she would try to find out what would be done with the sign as construction continues. I last heard from her a few weeks ago, and had not received an update since. Until today. A large box arrived at our home today. So I opened it. Mabel is curious too. Can you believe it? I was blown away. Also included in the package was a beautiful print of Silver Creek Falls, a WL magnet, and a very nice note. I've heard of pixie dust but this is something else. Do you now understand why I hate Disney so much? [emoji1]
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    I just don't like people who join a group for the sole purpose of bitching about their bad experience.
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    Word of Caution

    I just want to add that I had a Spaten Oktoberfest draft tonight at dinner and it was delicious.
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    I wasn't going to say anything but before a million show up I think I should. I took the liberty of ordering 6 and having them shipped c/o the Millers. They should get delivered tomorrow if all goes well. It seemed wrong to me that they weren't there for the kids to learn and play with. My Christmas present to the Fiends and the Fort.
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    Hail To The Bus Driver

    I've been given small gifts, been asked for a hug, it was a little boy so I was ok with it. paid compliments for my driving, done high fives, gotten thank you cards, but today was a first. This really happy and friendly small group got on my bus this morning at CBR when all of a sudden one of them yelled out, lets sing "hail to the bus driver". Which they did. They had a song all prepared hailing, yes, me. It was too funny and I really got a kick out of it. I told them they should have waited until I got them to their destination in one piece.
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    I will take part of the blame for that. I have been very sick during 2017 and I am not a very public person. The WWW group has known because we all talk privately on our phones. However, I have been doing all I can just to keep my head up at work. In addition, I was attacked at school after my surgery (to fix what was wrong) and had to immediately change jobs. If you noticed, I disappeared. I didn't mean to but something had to give and that is why I have some other people who help me in the background who I could not thank enough. My goal in 2018 is to hopefully get everything back up to steam. I cannot and will not beg people to come back, however, I can recruit new people to stop by for information. I am not here to spread pixie dust, but the real deal. I am working on being at Disney more often and reporting from there for the site. The app will be updated this year come hell or high water and work on all platforms. (or supergeek will not go to Blizcon, hahaha) I apologize for not being the admin you expected me to be. Unfortunately, when I get sick, I get really sick. I will do better. We will also be camping more and hopefully we can get some GG's planned for the year as well. I know it is not much of a comfort for 2017, but it can be a building block for 2018. Every site goes through ups and downs. We have had our down and now it is time to go up again.
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    Is this better?
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    Kennys Tee Time Rental

    I understand that you are unhappy. I also understand that you have been on every major internet outlet you can find to vent your frustrations and wow, that must have taken up quite a bit of your time. However, over here, we value the sense of camaraderie that people have here first BEFORE deciding to vent. I just hope that you remember all of these words you have in print all over the internet and I hope there is 100% truth to them. Going after a business in public can be a very dangerous thing if you don't tell the truth and nothing but the truth. I have no monkeys in this circus, trust me. I am just cautioning the unwise.
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    Something else to consider for those that might make the argument "well I just want information, not all the banter" There are LOADS of places on the web to get "just the facts ma'am." Anyone ever heard of Google? Of course these days many of the topics you Google specific to the Fort will point you directly to FF.net! Hmm... I wonder why that is? After all, Google doesn't tend to rank you highly for just "banter." I know for me, I come to a message board not just because I'm too lazy to find the answer for myself or I don't know where to look, but because I don't just want facts posted on some random website. For starters, some of that information is just plain WRONG and if you only ever get your information there, chances are you're going to find that out the hard way. On top of that, many of these websites just regurgitate information from elsewhere - in other words, it's general, common knowledge vs truly helpful "inside" information from people that know it first hand. I find that getting your information from a group of people that actually have first-hand experiences and REAL inside information is the best. Not only is it information you're not going to find elsewhere, but because all of us are different and have different interests, family dynamics, likes/dislikes... you're going to get a lot of different points of view on the same subject instead of ONE point of view from some internet know-it-all who thinks theirs is the only opinion that counts. :wave1: Yes there are a lot of shenanigans, joking around and thread hijacking going on here. And thank goodness!! Personally I find that to be something to look forward to, not just because I enjoy the Fiends in general (even you, Lou) but because the daily grind sucks and why would you NOT want to "hang out" somewhere people are actually having a good time?! For those that say that some places are better off without certain people... hmm... let's break that down a bit... FF.net has been in existence for almost 2 years. In that time we've grown to over 1000 members Nearly 100 of our members have over 500 posts during that time. We have new people joining almost every day, with many diving in head first and quickly becoming fixtures in the "new content" department. We have a debate board and topics that cover things banned by other boards, and yet we have banned no one from these boards in 2 years. Not one person. We don't just talk about GGs, we actually have them! Not a season goes by when there isn't a gathering of Fiends somewhere in the country - not just at the Fort! We just had a Christmas card thread that resulted in a big group of Fiends spreading some holiday cheer with each other through the mail We've had virtual baby showers, helped out Fiends in need, supported each other's causes and been there for each other - not just virtually but in person. All that while other places that have eliminated all the fun have faded to mere shells of their former selves. And how do we know this? Because not a month goes by that we don't have someone new sign up saying "thank goodness I finally found you!" And let's not forget that in between all that is some fantastic information and first-hand experiences, from many points of view, on the things that brought us all together in the first place - our love of Disney, camping and the Fort. So while Disney may give the Fort a back seat most of the time, FortFiends.net puts the Fort front and center, with members at the Fort nearly EVERY DAY (actually this is the year I'm betting it's EVERY day!), and dozens of active trip reports that don't just show you the same photos of WDW over and over again and give you the thumbnail view of a week at the Fort. Our TR Fiends take amazing photos (and lots of them!) and give us TONS of great, current information on all things Fort Wilderness. They also entertain us with the particular styles of reporting (who would have guessed we'd have so many good writers here??) and really bring you in and make you feel like you were there. Roll all that up in a ball, wrap a big purple bow around it and serve it up on a Snarky platter and I challenge anyone to find a better place on the interwebz to hang out and get information on the Fort and WDW... or a better group of FrIENDS anywhere! :heartsmiley:
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    Site 734

    Not just my standard, I was simply agreeing with a previous poster. Ok, let me say that I don't think Hilda's site organizational style is what it should be. How's that? What do I have to say to make it worth more? Well at least I might get some down arrows from Bob, I really need some. And it was Starbuc that called Hilda's stuff junk first, so he should get one too, neener, neener, neener. I think most people that see that site think it's a little much. I've talked to Hilda several times and shes always been very nice to me, but as I haven't talked to her lately, I didn't know that she was no longer a CM. Correction noted. I guess Bob34787 and I will have to agree to disagree about Hilda's site.
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    Made it. Thanks. Since the beer lines are down, I will have a small but quality supply of beer (St Pauli Girl and Leinenkugels Summer Shandy) along with Kungaloosh and frozen pina coladas at the Outback. Stop by for an adult beverage.
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    Is the magic gone?

    If you are still enjoying your trips, and making good memories with your kids, by all means take those trips. Keep in mind that everyone on here is in different stages of their Disney relationship. Some have been going for many years and are jaded. Others have been going a long time and will continue, as they simply love Disney. Many more are in the early stages of their Disney crush and the magic is still being made. If your only doubts about continuing on your journey are due to the opinions of others, please pay them no attention. You may come upon Disney burn out on your own, in your own time. But if you're not there yet, go and enjoy yourself. Even I, a recovering Disney addict and sometime hater, still find many things at WDW that I enjoy, despite my complaining. Don't let me or anyone else get you down.
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    It was a two street. Disney CMs, no matter how high up, love to make what are called "Magical Moments", and as Dave can now verify, the CMs involved enjoyed making it happen. And unbeknownst to him, the GM and the CMs involved, got to see his reaction after receiving the sign. It was a nice moment for everyone involved.
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    Oh brother....those look like the same obnoxious Moms that I always wanted to punch in the nose while waiting for my kid at gymnastics. Gabbing on their phones, feeding the younger kid some sort of crap from Sonic while big sister is tumbling on the mats but Mom isn't watching because she's too busy on the phone, twiddling with their hair and talking so loud I can't think straight. Then they get their kid, load up in the big SUV and nearly back over me because they never did get off the damn phone. And now, we're all supposed to be impressed and in awe that they are getting a "sneak peak" of some stupid theme park land based on a movie that no one cares about anymore. You want me to be impressed? Put down the damn phone and do something, anything in your life that doesn't need to be shared on social media like you are some attention starved monkey in a cage begging for a piece of banana. Yes, I might have some anger issues today. Just deal with it.
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    Dog crate at Peter Pan

    Would they let someone use it for kids? That would eliminate the issue of having to do ride swaps.
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    Kennys Tee Time Rental

    Only 3 posts on this board and your expressed sole reason for joining is for bashing a well respected outside vendor. Your line "I may even annoy Disney a bit about off property rentals" is really telling. Are you the guy in charge of renting carts at the fort or is it one of your relatives who is a cast member in charge of the golf cart rentals?
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    I have just two words for this. Starlight Mints.
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    Have you stopped to consider the possibility that the poor 23 year old WDW Purchasing Clerk who placed the last order for 250,000 refillable mugs accidentally forgot to check the "Handle" box on the order form?
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    Oh, I have an awesome story to tell from dinner. We were talking to the lady at the bar next to us. We were talking about the Fort and our campers. I mentioned I had a [email protected] teardrop. She said "I love those campers! Earlier this year I stalked one on the road near my house to get a picture. It was white with blue trim and had Mickey's down the side". NO WAY!!! She showed a picture from her phone and it was MY CAMPER!! This, as it turned out was in Destin in January. Rick and myself were on a quick weekend trip to Topsail Hill State Park.
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    Of course! I scared them all away with my teacher skills.
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    Something new (I think)

    A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT FOR LOU AND BOB: This is a tablet... Not this....
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    Ok, got the video on youtube. Will try posting here... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Pei4x-yXMs&feature=youtu.be
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    For the price they should let you snort a line from Elsa's cleavage
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    Happy New Year!! It's hard to believe 2017 is over, and 2018 is here. For a variety of reasons, 2017 was a bit of a tough year around the DIT ranch. I got off-line to focus on more important things. We were incredibly busy at home, and at work. But we did have some fun too, along the way. And in looking back at my photos from 2017, I had to chuckle when I realized that INC and I made FIVE trips to central Florida during the year! And for some unknown reason, despite my hatred for Disney, at least one of those trips involved a visit to see the Mouse. Maybe more than one. So I figured that maybe I'd share some of those pictures with you. At least I'll try. Hopefully life doesn't get in the way. And hopefully the photo linking works for me. I haven't tried that in a long time. Before I get going with the report, I'll test some photo posting....to see if the linking works, and to give you a hint of what's to come. I guess it works!! So, I'll get writing. And hopefully a few of you are interested. Bear with me. The first trip was nearly a year ago. I need to get this old brain working and try to remember what was what. Coming up.....a Birthday Cruise on the Disney Wonder!!!!
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    Some people think it's all about them. They want to make a name for themselves with the like-minded fools on social media. I don't care what your politics are; there used to be a thing called decency and decorum in this country. You didn't yell and scream and act like a fool because there were likely children watching and learning from your antics. How many kids have been at the Hall of Presidents over the past decade as decency has eroded in this country, and had what should have been a beautiful and patriotic show ruined because some idiot made a scene. If I were there with my kids and someone acted like that he'd end up on social media for another reason. Listen, I get it. We don't always like the person in the White House. Fortunately, our Founders gave us this neat thing called Elections to do something about it. Making a scene at a show populated by robots in Disney World doesn't make you a #resistor....it makes you a jerk.
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    Kungaloosh Returns!!

    It is indeed an honor to know that I have contributed to the intoxication of the TCD family. I'm getting all misty.
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    I have started making a series of videos to try and answer the questions I see all the time. In my first one I started with How do I get to the Hoop Dee Doo Revue when arriving by boat. It also covers, Trail's End, the location for the carriage rides.
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    Kennys Tee Time Rental

    I have nothing to add to the conversation, but find it amusing that someone with only 5 posts on the board has amassed a total negative respect score of -40. Someone needs to kick back with a warm, ooey gooey Main Street Bakery cinnamon roll and chill.
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    Wow, you're right. That is one fast Picture Thief! Good job, Picture Thief! Tell Denise and Ed TCD says Hi, and that they can come over here anytime if they'd like to get accurate information first hand instead of relying on stuff that you and others have to steal and post. And since you apparently can't take a hint- it is not cool to steal photos from another site without giving credit via a link. Which you cannot do over there, as one of the remaining minions will rat you out to Webmaster Kathy and company, and you will be flushed. TCD
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    Fence frenzy

    When renting the alligator feeders, do you have to sign any sort of waiver or do they just give you the paddles and a shove?
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    to me I cant put a cost to the memories that i made as a kid growing up at the fort. I know my mom and dad worked OT, or second jobs to make it work and for that I am grateful. That being said, I have made it, camping at the fort, a priority for my kids. I am a Disney fan like most others, and it came to the realization that staying at a Disney property was going to be expensive, but the benefits about the transportation/ planning out weigh staying anywhere else( unless were there for 1 night) back in 2014 we spent 27 nights in Disney hotels, and that set me back just over $6,000 for just the sleeping portion, that didn't include food/ drinks , add in tickets/ food and drink and I am sure It was over $10,000 The decision was made to skip 2015 and save money, I used that money to purchase our first pop up, something i never had as a kid growing up, I was in class C's at a young age and then transitioned to a trailer as we camped less and less. we have now camped at the fort 2 times for a total of 7 days and were only in 2 months in to using it, my kids faces light up when they see dad backing the truck up to the garage to hook up the camper, and for that I can not put a price on it. on our most recent trip, this just melted my heart... he was so excited to be back at the mouse house. so to answer the question, at what point does the fort become not worth it, Id have to say it will be at the point you stop making memories.... mom and dad told me you can always make more money, but you cant always make more memories
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    I heard that it happened at the campfire. Apparently Chip was mad at Dale for messing with his nuts and opened a big O'le can of whoop a$$ on him.
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    Stella's empty hand is representing your empty wallet after 2 weeks there
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    Enchanted tiki room

    A picture is worth a thousand words: The Tiki Room is awesome. And it has to stay. End of discussion. TCD
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    Best and Worst of the Fort

    Best, the hundreds of Fiends I've met and become real friends with. Worst, They always end up leaving.
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    Okay, As the parent of an autistic child I am somewhat embarrassed by this lawsuit. Do the changes to the GAC make it more difficult for my son to visit the parks, ABSOLUTELY, but to claim that Disney made these changes to exclude kids like my son is beyond ludicrous. Yes, it is important that guests with disabilities have the same access to experiences that all guests have, but it is also the duty of every parent of a disabled to child to take responsibility for the needs of their own child. We visited WDW at both Thanksgiving and Christmas with my son and found ways to get him on his favorite rides (using fastpass and by getting to the parks early) without the need for a lawsuit. Beyond this I can also honestly say the the folks at Disney have repeatedly gone out of their way to accommodate my sons needs. Simple things, by seeing my son's distress at being too early for a fast pass+ time and adjusting the time in the system to let him go through, making sure that we have a campsite that gives him the privacy that he needs...well the list could go on and on. NO OTHER place in the world goes out of the way to take care of my son like WDW.
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    Yes, but it must sport the proper Fiend items to be considered appropriate! I hope DaveinTn agrees that it was alright to kind of hijack, while still on topic! :)
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    Ah, Lou - dear, dear, gorgeous-when-you-were-young-but-not-so-much-now Lou. Bless your heart. You just can't help it, can you? It must be that inner urge you have to rain on parades, to burst bubbles, to laugh in the face of danger. But no one can take the magic that is Disney away from me. The minute I walk into Magic Kingdom I'm mentally transformed into that little girl of so long ago who sat mesmerized in front of the TV, idolizing Annette, Sharon, Cubby, Karen, Bobby and the rest of the Mouseketeers. I remember a time when my parents could solve all of my problems, take away every pain, and make me laugh so hard I thought my sides would burst. I also am reminded of a time when the only "ism" we feared as kids was Communism - even though I really didn't know what it was. We knew nothing of sexism, racism, or the other terms that darken our attitudes and our world today. There you have it. It's a magical escape for me, back to the land of the Mickey Mouse Club - and no other "amusement park" affords me that unique pleasure. So, go back to your puking, and I'll continue to look forward to the next time I can visit that Disney magic.
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    What being a Fiend is ALL ABOUT

    You know, I have "heard" that other boards are better without certain people. (posted recently elsewhere) Frankly, I don't know of anyone that would be better elsewhere but here. This is not the place where you just post a question and then "walk" away, never to return. It "sucks" you in, because family does that. Family takes care of you (sometimes whether they like you or not :rofl2: ) and will complain, and spit and moan for a while too. BUT THEY DO IT. Us Fiends, we do the helping willingly and without forethought. When I am at the Fort, I consider myself ON CALL. That means I am willing to go on missions, help out a fellow Fiend, recruit new membership, give up something I own for a fellow Fiend, or anything that is necessary. That is what we are about here. We are not a board that has been created out of chaos, but has become a family that no one could have possibly imagined. Many, many of us will be life-long friends, oops, FIENDS. No other place can claim that. If you don't know what I speak of, join us and find out. You have NO CLUE what you are missing.
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    Glad my little fighter has adapted to traveling. The house seems a little boring without the sound of his little paws running, actual galloping, from one end to the other. While the first few days we had him were filled with doubts and sadness, once he began eating on his own, he did nothing but make us smile with his antics. I kept hoping right up until just before I left to drop him off that maybe I would be able to keep him, but it didn't happen. While giving him to Cindy, I was happy and grateful that I found a good home for him, but at the same time it was difficult. I made sure I kept my sunglasses on. I know, it's only a cat, yada, yada, yada,
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    Falling Way Behind

    While at SWW, I saw this bobble head and had to get it. It'll remind me of Stef. Yoda is wearing Mickey ears and is holding a Mickey ice cream bar with a bite taken out of it.
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    This is for Ed

    In a thread a while back I mentioned that there were a couple of posters honoring the military at the main WDW transportation center located at TTC. This is the main location for all the transportation services at WDW. Bus, monorail, & watercraft operations are all handled out of this location. If you're facing the ticket booths at TTC, it's the building on the far left. It doesn't look like much but there is a lot going on inside there. When I wrote about the military posters, Ed asked to see photos, but I kept forgetting my camera. Well, I finally got my act together today and took this photo. While I'm at it Ed, thanks for your service. It is greatly appreciated.
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    New Campsite Categories at the Fort

    I'm just glad they see the potential in the RV market. I also hope that this will mean that the Fort is here to stay for another 47 years.
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    Nah, I think you're being too critical. I don't see it.
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    Poor guy was hoping to see some Stormtroopers in March of the First Order, but instead all he saw was the Moons of Endor.
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    "We're gonna give you this nifty 20% discount, but we're also going to limit your access during the roll out of new rides, attractions and whenever we feel like doing it... That is unless you have purchased the Super Platinum Gold Plated Black Card Annual Pass, which will get you the access to the secret Cinnamon Roll Room at the MK and the front seat beside the lever puller on the Monorail of your choice... "
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    It is comforting to me that even though I have been gone from FF a lot, and have missed out on so much, your selfies still suck. The familiarity of it makes me feel right at home. Carry on.
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    There sure are a lot of new informative & entertaining posts here every day. Mo's above was almost long enough to make me worry about losing my unofficial official longest post poster status. I should ramble a bit now just to be sure she doesn't get my title. Instead I've got to tel you about something that just happened. I opened this thread a few minutes ago to catch up, only to be interrupted by a phone call from a fiend on the other end of the country who was standing in a long line waiting to pick up an almost-impossible-to-get-rather-pricey-disney-treasure I only mentioned wanting here yesterday. When I asked if I could pay for it in advance, her response was "I trust you, we'll take care of it when i get home." I have family members who wouldn't be this kind and I'm sure some of you probably do too. I am sitting here at this moment totally amazed - and not for the first time I might add - at the friendship & generosity of fiends. I've said it before and I'll say it again --- FIENDS RULE!! :heartsmiley:

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