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    River Country

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    River Country

    Coincidentally, beginning this fall Mickey's Backyard Massage Parlor and Casino will begin offering the Naughtily Ever After Fireworks Dessert Party. Enjoy a buffet dinner at Minnie's Ho Down Smorgasbord, a private rooftop VIP viewing area for the nightly show, plus the fireworks, followed by a whipped cream dessert extravaganza. Only $249pp. Guests of Loop 3000 will also have access to the FWG lounge including their famous bottomless kungaloosh mugs.
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    River Country

    Can't change it, can't stop it, enjoy it while you can, that's my plan.
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    We’re Done

    While I check out the Fort Wilderness facebook pages, I can't bring myself to participate. All they seem to concentrate on is how to game the system, and also the latest fad they "must do". That is what makes this site the best for Fort Wilderness.
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    Oh Reddit... a constant source of entertainment and open-mouthed head shaking. You can betcha bottom dollar that she's not the only one that's going to try something like this with Disney, or any other company they feel "wronged" by in all this. All the other chaos aside, I feel badly in advance for the CM's that are going to have to deal with people like this when things start to reopen (if they haven't already). What are the odds this woman is standing in a Costco right this minute hurling curses at a poor employee who is trying desperately to stay 6' away from her, demanding that they provide her with a free state-of-the-art gaming system, 72" HD TV and a month's supply of their best snacks to make up for the "trauma" caused to her precious snowflakes for not having their usual cushy toilet paper in stock. 🤣
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    Tried to book a FP at the 60 day mark and they were all gone. So was smugglers run, toy story mania, slinky, and alien saucers. I really wish they would get rid of all FPs!
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    As far as the tp holder when we would go to shows I would always go into the bathrooms close the door and actually sit on the toilet to see if I fit, meaning do my legs hit anything, is it a right or left hand reach for tp and will even stand in the shower to see if I can stand straight up without hitting my head. You should have seen the lady's face when she opened the door and I yelled OCCUPIED!!!!
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    Bye bye 2 rail fences

    My sources tell me they are replacing all of the existing fencing with chain link, as a means of testing the waters and conditioning Fort guests to accept this type of fencing. Eventually, they will circle the Fort with chain link fencing, with barbed wire on top, as a deterrent to keep campers from entering the grounds of Reflections as well as the Four Seasons. Although a memo to be delivered to Guests upon checkin will note that the fencing is designed to keep gators out of the camping loops.
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    The real reason behind the skyliner.

    If you build it, they will buy merchandise....
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    River Country

    Looks like a boat dock in the top right corner of C-104. Also, I knew they were planning bungalows but I don't think I appreciated the fact that when sitting on the side porch at TE you'll be looking right into them. What a cluster this plan is. I gave them the benefit of the doubt that they'd do the right thing by Fort Wilderness and create a beautiful, complimentary resort. But this doesn't look good. It truly is taking over the settlement.
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    River Country

    I'm sure Disney could pave over the entire campground and open a KOA style campground in another location on property and there would be a lot of folks perfectly fine with that. I feel sorry for those who missed the Fort in its glory days and think what they're doing is fine. It's not TCD
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    WDW Closings due to COVID19

    I'm afraid you are correct. We all should help out are family, friends, and neighbors, if possible, if the need arises.
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    Some New Reflections Details

    I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed but WDWNT has been posting some artist renderings of the new Reflections resort. They have been rolling them out a little at a time, like they do everything else to get more clicks, but that got me to thinking, where are they getting this info. So I did a little digging and the first thing I found was this: Permit Plans I'll let you click through and look at the details in that post, but some highlights are a new dock next to the existing one at the Fort, parking right next to Pioneer Hall, I mean that literally, look at the handicap spots, and their appears to be more cabins than we first thought that are not right on Bay Lake. Oh and if you want to see what the inside of the rooms and new building look like check out WDWNT. WBI
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    Well at least they can paint the castle during the day and have it done before they re-open. And catch up on maintenance for all the rides that keep breaking down!
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    I’m glad that the TCD gang got to enjoy MNSSPs back when the price was reasonable, attendance was low, and things were simpler. It’s not fun anymore. And it’s a colossal ripoff. TCD
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    RotR still cant beat sipping a high quality bourbon under an awning at the Fort and maybe some subsequent golf cart riding. I'll ride it later.
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    Retired cast are blocked out of HS through April and I won't be surprised if the blocking goes all summer. I want to give a big THANK YOU to the WWz who got together and bought me a ticket to HS so I could join them last Saturday. I had a really good time and was thankful for the ones with experience and fast phones so we were able to ride. I look forward to the days when WDW gets the ride working consistently and has something newer to draw people away from HS.
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    One thing though, is if you do online checkin and get your site number sent to you, Camper Rental Adventures will go ahead and set up once you give them the site number. That's what we did last year when the Womenz rented from them. I was at Wal-Mart picking up groceries when I got my text, and I let Camper Rental Adventures know my site number, and they had it set up before I arrived.
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    If you have two reservations you request them be linked with a Travel With number by Calling in to Disney Reservations. You can fax that request in as well. This lets them know though you are traveling together and would like to be near each other. This is how I set it up for clients.
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    So frustrated...

    I would try to contact someone in charge. Tell them you are not happy with their solution, that you booked the site in good faith based on what was on their website. It wasn't your fault that they had the incorrect pricing, and that they need to admit to their error and honor the price you paid. Hopefully they will cave in and let you keep the price (and not give you a site next to the dumpsters). If they don't honor the price, look for a local Albuquerque TV station that has one of those consumer advocates, tell them your story and see if they will look into it. At the very least it was a mistake that the festival should make good on, at the worst, it was a case of bait and switch.
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    Thanks for the tip about free snacks. I'll be looking for those in about 4 hours from now. TCD
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    The overal athestic of the land is top notch. The textures, the layout, the sounds, etc are very well done. Better than Pandora, I think. I really liked the bazaar area attached to Ronto's Roasters. Even the restrooms are cool. The gift shop adjacent to Smugglers Run is really nice. The artifacts on the walls are amazingly detailed. Overall it truly feels like another world. It is also really nice at nighttime. The lightsaber build experience was also very cool. The CM that we had directing it was great. He really pulled you into the story and made it feel real. Bode absolutely loved it. Smugglers Run ride was kind of "meh" for me. It was good, but not jaw dropping like I felt when riding FoP for the first time. The que, however, is almost as good as the ride. I really wish it was 3D. I feel like Star Tours is more exciting. I hope RotR is a standout. SR is about a 30 minute wait tops, IMHO. Overall it is really good. The CM's and characters in the land do a great job of making it seem like you're really in a Star Wars movie location.
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    Congrats - sounds like a great fit all around! Glad things went so smoothly. re: tire changing, funny story... One of my most memorable childhood family vacation stories is the time my parents rented a MH to take us 3 kids and my grandparents to FL. Somewhere in NC with Mom driving, we blew a tire. It was an inside tire and Mom drove a school bus for a bunch of years, so that part was really no big deal. She got us safely to the side of the road, we flagged someone down (this is pre-cell phones) so my dad could get to the nearest pay phone to call a tow truck. A van full of people pulled over with an a/c unit out the side and a big recliner in the back. (My sister and I still joke that we never thought we'd see dad again) It eventually took 3 trucks to change the tire... the first one they sent was too small. The second one got stuck in the soft shoulder. The third one came, pulled the 2nd one out and changed the time quickly and easily. Running family joke is "how many tow trucks does it take to change a tire in NC?"
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    Forgot to mention....tish is 4 weeks post surgery of L4/L5 and L5/S1 fusions. She's walked 6 miles 2 days in a row. It wasn't possible before surgery.
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    We can make that claim for Disneyland in 1971.......Linda and her dad in the bottom pic.
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    I'm hoping for another Christmas present in a couple of years from the dinged box section of the employee store 🙂
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    Well if you fill up the seat with some fluffy sized people you don't need to worry about moving around and getting banged up!
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    Premium Meadow Sites ?

    That's what you give as baby shower gifts, pre-booked reservations to FL campgrounds. By the time the kid is old enough to go camping you might have a reservation available.
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    Will post updated pic tomorrow with lights in! im slightly obsessed
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    I overheated the camera, but managed to get all the carts, marching bands, cast members, police cars and firetrucks. There is even a unicycle and a potbellied pig! Enjoy! I have the fireworks for 4th of July as well and they are taken from the Poly, where I partied with the rockstars! (old, old joke) I am going to put them on another thread.
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    I've realized that a big reason I love the Fort so much is the boats. Boat to Magic Kingdom? Yay! Boat to dinner? Yes Please!
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    Fear not, Jamboree fans! No further information has been provided regarding the Country Bears and the park’s 50th anniversary celebrations, but we are thrilled that the bears will be staying (and that Big Al will in fact, not be skinned and replaced with Stinky Pete the Prospector.) We thank all of you who wrote in to voice your love and nostalgia for the Country Bears and helped to Save the Jamboree! https://wdwnt.com/2019/06/breaking-disney-states-country-bear-jamboree-will-not-close-at-walt-disney-world/?fbclid=IwAR1eg2lzRNupDeLWQDAIkmSZx5Kh4suG3EaNpbxd4yB_4BtyHCuFFdBZaJo BUT... there seems to be this strange thing happening recently where even-more-outlandish-than-usual rumors are hitting the interwebz - often from the very site I quoted that from - and they of course go uber-viral and people go bananas. That part isn't all that unusual - except maybe for the frequency that such "insider info" rumors hit that particular site, but what IS unusual is that Disney has actually made public posts refuting some of these lately - most notably this one and one the other day about the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room. Disney usually lets these things play out. Not sure why they've jumped into the fray recently, except that maybe that the rumors involve attractions that have been around for ages and that longtime Disney fans really would go bonkers over if they changed them drastically or removed them altogether. Meanwhile, the site publishing the rumors is likely getting a BOATLOAD of traffic off these. As our fearless leader says, things that make you go hmmm.....
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    You would think so, but most of these are unpainted. I say it's to make way for freestyle cart parking 😂
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    River Country

    No, but they are offering commemorative splinters for $69.95.
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    So... we took the hike up to Burlington last weekend (or as I like to call it AlmostCanada), saw this one in person, and then about eleventy other ones we also liked (including a spiffy little Outback toy hauler that tempted us), but ultimately came back around to this one ticking pretty much all the boxes. So we signed our names 397 times and will be going back to make the swap and bring home a new camper soon. This is the actual unit we bought - https://www.petesrvindy.com/inv/2018-Keystone-Premier-24RKPR-27494/?fbclid=IwAR2FT91ObtOYMCtpL2yU6-rJ-3dr8AWvUOPfB9tU8jXMR-NUDGxCVxYn8XE We finally took the cover off ours yesterday (the weather has been lousy) and now for the not-so-fun part, emptying it out. We're both going to be a little sad to see it go - we've had nearly 10 years of awesome times in it. And we know we're making some compromises going down to a smaller unit, but we agree it's time. Walking around ours yesterday I was already noticing the differences in a "modern" camper vs a 10 year old one - bye bye patterned upholstery and curtains, LOL! And DH was slightly bemoaning small differences in quality between ours and the Keystone - but then I reminded him that 1) a new, comparable Open Range would probably cost us double (and they don't make our floor plan any more) and 2) Open Range was bought out by Jayco not long after we bought ours and their quality now isn't what it was. But all in all we're really looking forward to hitting the road with the new one - and especially to towing something that's about 5-6' shorter and 2,000 lbs lighter! And of course DH is already planning out The Bar 2.0.
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    Fort Wilderness Campsite Discount!

    Ok I was really confused. So I just now looked online at the Fort website. Was not available for the dates I needed. I changed my check out date to a day earlier and it was available. I called Disney back got to keep my same dates don't have to change anything and saved 56.74. So not really sure why I was told I couldn't do this before but I'm happy!
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    The next time I’m there, I’m going to take a peek under the cabinet, and I’ll bet I will see Ken’s entire line! TCD
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    I am glad that y’all got to ride, but your experience confirms the point I’ve been trying to make in this thread- the roll out of this attraction is a fail and Disney should be ashamed of itself. How is it fun to have to be at a park an hour before it opens and hope that you’re one of the lucky few to be assigned a boarding group before they’re all gone in less than 3 minutes? And even with a boarding group, the ride is broken down when you’re called, causing a 90 minute wait in the queue when it finally reopens? And this is the best they can do with 50,000+ castmembers and retirees blocked out of the park? Absolutely ridiculous. TCD
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    "Fresh"1984 Fort Video

    Really starting to jones for our spring break trip in 60 days! Found this great old home movie, said to be found at an estate sale. So many cool long one things at the Fort. Posted only a few days ago. Enjoy!
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    Hopefully Imgur is going to co-operate and I'll be able to add some photos to this report. Some of you may have seen some of my other posts looking to purchase a [email protected] We found one about 6 weeks ago in Atlanta, and this was going to be our maiden voyage in it. Previously we camped in a tent then moved up to a old 1986 Coleman PUP. The [email protected] is in another universe all together. We went to the Fort over Veteran's Day weekend. I worked a 1/2 day Friday, so we left Tampa around noon. I had hitched up the camper Thursday night, and used my wife's car Friday to go to work. While I was at work, she loaded 3 tubs and the tent in the bed of the truck and the suitcases in the back seat along with our snack bucket. When I got home, I filled the ice chest and tossed it into the truck and we were off. It was an uneventful trip, other than trying to avoid the numerous potholes on I-4 and keeping from getting run over by semis and idiot drivers. We were able to check in as soon as we arrived, but then hit our first snag. We were assigned to the 2000 party loop or as some people refer to it Miami North. We tried to get a site in 1500 but they said it was full. They did allow us to pick our site in 2000 and we picked 2030. We got over to the site which was just about at the upper part of the loop. It was a nice site and we had the big grassy area behind us which led to the comfort station. I attempted my second time backing the camper. It went better than my first time into our driveway, but I ended up unhitching on the road and pushing the [email protected] back into the site. We arranged the camper enough to get my truck off the road and then started setting up the tent for my daughters and our screen room. We worked on those first because the sky was getting darker by the minute. We were able to get those set up and the camper and it still hadn't rained. My daughters and granddaughter showed up around 5 and we had dinner. By then it had started to sprinkle. We decided to catch a bus to Disney Springs and go to the Christmas Tree Trail. It rained on and off while we were there, sometimes pretty hard and other times just a mist. We saw some trees Had a frozen eggnog fortified by Captain Morgan. We walked around to a few stores but as usual, Disney has done a wonderful job promoting themselves so everything was packed. The kids decided to stay and my wife and I caught a bus back to the Fort.
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    We checked in today at 10:45 am without sending a request. What I see different from September to now is the CM comes to your window with an iPad to do check in. There's a list of available sites on the iPad that they can refresh by the minute. I scrolled through the list while looking through the book. I was allowed to pick 1010. I thought the 1000 loop was premium meadow, but either way I only had reserved premium. The fort was packed coming in today. We parked in the field by the hitching post for along with a bunch of others while waiting for our site. The CM said the iPad thing was being developed for the Riviera. Apparently there will not be a front desk area....only wandering CM's with iPads
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    The year of a Million $chemes continues. For only $29.95, get your Skyliner commemorative Depends before boarding for your jaunt in the sky! Changing rooms are to your right. Family packs (2 adult, 2 children) are available at a discounted price of $110.00. PS, no refunds.
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    New this year "Haunted Easy up Dessert Party" $99 per person. All the cupcakes you can eat. Space is limited . Hurry and schedule your 15-minute time slot! Camping chairs available for an additional $69 charge. For only $99 more you can keep the special commemorative chair.
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    Bragging rights go to Mikeypro. He was the first guest to check into the Fort this morning just before 7am. For a time anyway a Fiend has the Fort all to himself. Haha
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    For those of you pumped about a visit to Oga's Cantina, I suggest that you lower your expectations. A lot. I had my second visit there last night for s passholder preview. It was a lot more crowded than for the CM preview I attended. That is probably how it will be when it's open to the public. In case you don't already know, there is very little seating in the Cantina. It's mostly standing room. No stools at the bar, and the bar is circled by large high top tables with no stools. There are large booths on the exterior walls which do have seating. For the previews, a host assigns your seating. Parties are expected to share the tables, and are grouped together at the tables. The mixed drink menu is fixed because all of the drinks are pre-made. The glasses are very small. Even for the beer. The prices are outrageous, even for Disney. The mixed drinks go for $15-17 a pop, and beers $13-14. For very small portions. The animatronic DJ is fun. But not at these prices. I think comparing this bar to Tradet Sam's is fair. The drinks are bigger and cheaper at Trader Sam's, and the atmosphere is more fun. And Trader Sam's has barstools. This place, like the rest of Galaxy's Edge is a blatant money grab that could have and should have been better. Yall have fun. I'm not going back. TCD
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    Sorry to hear about the total on your RV but it is good that the manufacturer will replace it with a new one. Since the new floor plan doesn't suit you as well do they have one that does? I think with the dangerous design flaw your original trailer had they should be somewhat flexible on the replacement. After all the types of failures you've had could have cost them much more if there had been injury or death involved.
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    I have found that the pool water is pretty good. Add a little iced tea mix if you like.

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