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    For the price they should let you snort a line from Elsa's cleavage
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    River Country

    Looks like a boat dock in the top right corner of C-104. Also, I knew they were planning bungalows but I don't think I appreciated the fact that when sitting on the side porch at TE you'll be looking right into them. What a cluster this plan is. I gave them the benefit of the doubt that they'd do the right thing by Fort Wilderness and create a beautiful, complimentary resort. But this doesn't look good. It truly is taking over the settlement.
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    Thanks for the tip about free snacks. I'll be looking for those in about 4 hours from now. TCD
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    So... we took the hike up to Burlington last weekend (or as I like to call it AlmostCanada), saw this one in person, and then about eleventy other ones we also liked (including a spiffy little Outback toy hauler that tempted us), but ultimately came back around to this one ticking pretty much all the boxes. So we signed our names 397 times and will be going back to make the swap and bring home a new camper soon. This is the actual unit we bought - https://www.petesrvindy.com/inv/2018-Keystone-Premier-24RKPR-27494/?fbclid=IwAR2FT91ObtOYMCtpL2yU6-rJ-3dr8AWvUOPfB9tU8jXMR-NUDGxCVxYn8XE We finally took the cover off ours yesterday (the weather has been lousy) and now for the not-so-fun part, emptying it out. We're both going to be a little sad to see it go - we've had nearly 10 years of awesome times in it. And we know we're making some compromises going down to a smaller unit, but we agree it's time. Walking around ours yesterday I was already noticing the differences in a "modern" camper vs a 10 year old one - bye bye patterned upholstery and curtains, LOL! And DH was slightly bemoaning small differences in quality between ours and the Keystone - but then I reminded him that 1) a new, comparable Open Range would probably cost us double (and they don't make our floor plan any more) and 2) Open Range was bought out by Jayco not long after we bought ours and their quality now isn't what it was. But all in all we're really looking forward to hitting the road with the new one - and especially to towing something that's about 5-6' shorter and 2,000 lbs lighter! And of course DH is already planning out The Bar 2.0.
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    Parking Permits

    Disney ≠ Consistency
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    According to a news story on WESH 2, WDW announced September 29th as opening day. Disney Skyliner gondolas opening date announced - WESH Orlando https://www.wesh.com/article/disney-skyliner-gondolas-opening-date/28398266
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    NYE at WDW $$$$

    The magician's first trick will be making $1,500 disappear from your wallet.
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    NYE at WDW $$$$

    We are renting a 7 bedroom, 3 bathroom house for $535 for 2 nights for NYE in Ocean City, NJ. For $15 each we are getting their “first night buttons” which gives us entry to a ton of things (string bands, Harlem wizards, dueling pianos, imagination movers, inflatables, ice skating, Fireworks etc etc). The house is being split between a bunch of us. I’ll take my cheap NYE over their $350 per person events any day.
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    Figured I should update with the 2 weekend trips under our belts. While I have a CDL and love driving trucks, and how much I loved 5th wheel towing and the power of the dually and driving the 2 Super Duty trucks we had, everything about our traveling has changed. There is absolutely no comparison to having the party start once you pull out of the driveway! No more waiting for the relief of the weekend until you arrive, its happening as soon as we shut the garage door. Got stuck in an hour long traffic jam. My wife made food and I cranked up the Sirius radio through my phone app and we had a great time. I truly can't believe how much easier the motorhome is to travel in with no bathroom breaks necessary and to have the ability to get snacks and to pet the dogs or whatever. I don't have to move the dogs back and forth, or the kennel in and out of the truck. My wife no longer has to pack road snacks and coolers, or move pillows and blankets The dogs can get comfy on the floor anywhere. Setting up camp is backing in, hitting the auto level and putting out the usual gear. Leaving is just as easy, crank it and go. The ride is no contest better than the truck and 5th wheel. All of the bumps I used to picture the wheel breaking off the camper is soaked up with ease by the motorhome, even thought it's a leaf spring coach. Also, g rated tires on 22.5 wheels definitely eased the blowout gear from the trailer (though that can happen to any vehicle) I did the "Cheap Handling Fix" with the sway bars and it drives so much better than the way home from Georgia. One hand steering now. The views are unbelievable with the huge windshield. When we came through Wytheville, VA on the way home it was like watching a movie with the mountains rolling ahead and we saw a fully grown pumpkin farm in the morning mist, truly a new sight we hadn't ever seen on a route we've driven a dozen times. Fuel mileage is back to exactly what it was with the 2008 v10 we used to tow with, but the difference is now I drive an f150 that gets 8 mpg better when going to work. Insurance for the truck went down 200 a year, the 5th wheel was 100 a year and the motorhome is 500, so it is costing about 200 a year more for insurance. Travel time is definitely reduced with an 80 gallon tank and limited need for stops. Never say never, but I'm not sure we could go back to towing.
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    Mickey Cheeseburger review

    This is our daughters review about the Mickey Cheeseburger she did this all on her own. But I agree with her it is good.
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    I have found that the pool water is pretty good. Add a little iced tea mix if you like.
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    RUMOR: New walkway from GF to MK?

    Maybe a barrel/plank bridge like Tom Sawyers Island that they can unhook and pull out of the way each night!
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    Margaritaville resort now has a campground open. $85 a night is still pricey, but it is roughly half of the Fort. Looks like they have golf cart rental...not sure if private carts are allowed. The water park and beach area looks pretty nice, and you can actually get in the water! Edit...just called them. Private carts are allowed and you can take them from the campground down to the water park and restaurant areas. https://www.lanierislands.com/margaritaville
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    It may be a little too early to call it, but so far this weekend has been very tame. There's a ton of rangers out and about in carts, on bikes, and uniformed security cruising the loops in cars. I haven't seen one unruly thing so far. The 2000 loop is basically full and no salsa dancing block parties yet. We leave on Monday so someone else will have to report back. We've been here the last 2 years, and this is the quietest so far.
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    The real reason behind the skyliner.

    Baby section 😂
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    River Country

    That, and the other thing making me sad is the loss of isolation. At it's outset, the Fort was planned to isolate guests in a wilderness environment, free from the hectic nature of life including motor vehicles (other than those checking in and checking out). Remember, back in the day most folks didn't even drive their vehicles every day during their stay...they used Disney trams, boats and buses. There wasn't as much golf cart traffic either. It was a peaceful oasis. And even now, although there's more vehicle traffic in the resort than there used to be, for the most part when you are at the Settlement there are no vehicles other than golf carts. Non-guests visiting the resort still need to park out at the overflow lot. There remains a sense that you are removed from the larger world. But once this place opens, there will be a constant flow of cars in and out of those parking lots. Just going to the horse barn, which has always been one of my favorite early morning things, you'll be crossing the main roadway into the resort used by cars and Disney buses. Imagine a horse barn next to the parking lot at any of the existing Disney resorts. Not very peaceful. That's what we will be left with. The sounds and smells of vehicular traffic in what has been to this point an isolated refuge. That makes me sad.
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    Geez... A first post to remember. What did your mother tell you about saying something nice or not at all?
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    The way I understand it they will still keep their FPs. I wish they would go back to the old system. Walk up to an attraction, and get a FP. Completely fair system IMHO. Disney creates these silly rules and people find ways around them. Yall do know you can book FPs before the 60 day window? Or is that a loophole people don’t know about??? Try getting a dinner rezzie at Christmas. They are all booked at the 180 day mark. Because most people don’t know exactly which day they will eat at...,insert restaurant here, so they make a rezzie for every day they will be at WDW. And tie up 5-6 rezzies And then they finally get to book their FPs, 30 or 60 days out. “But wait. Are we sure we want to eat at BOG on Wednesday or Thursday? Let’s wait till cousin bob decides what he’s going to do. As long as we cancel 24 hours before our rezzie we will be fine.” Thats why you can sometimes book dining rezzies that morning. I think as long as Disney keeps trying to control how we Disney, people will try to beat the system. Hey Disney...like my mom use to say...K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid! And you won’t have to try to close loopholes.
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    Thought you were referring to them disappearing periodically.. Except for the fence around the old playground, all was pretty much back to normal. Tree looked good too.
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    But they will probably sell out a lot of the nights, which will encourage them to come up with even more money grubbing schemes that cost extra. They already parties that cost extra during MNSSHP.
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    Win a Disney gift card

    This is something my wife is doing. So just putting it out here if anyone is interested. If this is in the wrong spot on the board feel free to move it.
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    Win a Disney gift card

    Not a scam, but I appreciate your concern. I am very skeptical about most things also. But you tube has become my wife and daughters hobby and they have lots of fun doing it. I was against it at first, but it was my daughters idea and it was something we could do together.
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    14 Days of Fun in 9 Days

    My condolences on the loss of your mother in law. I’m glad to see your report, will there be tea?? I never realized airports had a landing curfew, glad you made it! Talk about cutting it close. The AK tour looks really neat!! Looking forward to more.
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    We're bummed we're going to miss seeing y'all too. The beach should be nicely quiet this late in the year, which doesn't sound so bad right about now. And DH has already picked out the seafood/sushi restaurant 4 miles from the campground where he says we're eating every day. LOL If only we could take a boat or golf cart there...
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    and GET OFF MY LAWN..............
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    January/February reservations?

    2 years give you time to build a tiny house on wheels!
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    I'm with Mo on this one.
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    I thought I saw some peacocks peeking out thru the bushes, and I heard some goats bleating!
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    Question about campsites water

    I always think it smells like Pirates of the Caribbean when washing my truck at the Fort. 😁
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    The detailers are back

    Nooooooooo. Man I did not like hearing them they would ruin the loop for a couple days. I am sorry but if they show up in my loop disney will be refunding my $200 a night if I have to hear that all day. At $65 I could live with it but not at the current rates.
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    What was this place?

    It is just that, a false front. From old sleuthing, it was discovered it is just an equipmment room back there. Don't recall who posted the "evidence" pics, or if they are still available here with picture hosting becoming so flaky.
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    I will add it to my list. But your odds have increased for getting that loop. instead of 1 in 12 its 1 in 6. or something like that. Still waking back up.
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    Has anyone at the Fort noticed any changes up in the Overflow lot? https://wdwnt.com/2019/05/new-parking-restrictions-now-in-place-at-disneys-fort-wilderness-resort-campground/
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    My son would love an authentic R2-D2. He better start saving his money because I’m not buying him one. 😂
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    When avatar first opened there were wait times way inexcess of 4 hours. Are the storm troopers going to pull people out of line after 4 hours? Its going to be a cluster (insert expletive here). I get the idea behind a 4 hour limit. Good idea but it’s jist not going to work. I can see it now...yes sir. I understand you waited in line for over 4 hours but we have a 4 hour time limit so we can let other people wait in line for 4 hours and then tell them to leave also. The road to hell is paved with good intentions!
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    Heading south.

    It is isn't it....plus I actually like that song stuck in my head.
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    Not sure where this really fits, so here it is: Courtesy Yahoo and Cosmopolitan. DOLE SMOOTHIES that taste like DOLE WHIP https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/dole-releasing-smoothie-bowl-tastes-184500614.html
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    First off campsites are excluded. There was one of the offers that was questionable but upon checking and digging it is excluded. I am trying a new way of sharing the promos. Would love feedback. Not certain if I love it myself yet. https://www.disneytravelcenter.com/ms54f30807/
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    Bye Bye Illuminations 9/30/2019

    I heard Delsa is going to come out of it when it opens.
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    I'm actually surprised they're ending it Saturday vs Friday, but I guess they're figuring capture one last crazybusy Saturday as the Thanksgiving crowds start coming in.
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    group camping experiences

    Yes, at the one end of the area there is a little bridge that comes out in the middle of the 900 loop road. Take a right and it will take you right to the exit which is directly across from the Meadow Trading Post. You can see it on the Fort maps if you look closely. It looks like they can accommodate more than 1 group in that area at 1 time. This link talks about camping there https://www.disboards.com/threads/group-camping-boys-scouts-at-fort-wilderness.1511580/ Then I found this Please take note the Group Tent Camping Area (Creekside Meadow) is classified as "PRIMITIVE". . . . very rustic, and will remain this way . . . available to groups of 20-or-more . . . very reasonably priced . . . no per-site conveniences such as cable, electric . . . no "pads" for tents, just the grassy ground . . . comfort station nearby
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    It's not just people with scooters and strollers, far too many people walking down Main St. or where ever just come to a complete stop right in the middle of a crowd. Even in a grocery store. How many stop in the middle of an aisle instead of staying on one side or the other? It is obvious that common courtesy and sense have gone "out the window" period.
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    Why am I hearing the Wall-E sound track all of a sudden?????
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    We’re Done

    I actually went and booked a site the day it was announced. No issues at all and plenty of availability. The 60 days doesnt matter as there are no fastpasses being offered when the land opens.
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    River Country

    The trail between Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness was closed today. Here is the Wilderness Lodge end: Here is Clementine's Beach. You can see the markers: The construction fencing right up against the back of Pioneer Hall: The area between Mickey's Backyard BBQ and Pioneer Hall is now a construction parking lot: The former entrance to the BBQ and River Country:
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    River Country

    Final note for this trip. Survey stakes appearing like weeds in the PH and barn areas. Another new batch located between PH and the Settlement Trading Post, in the grassy area adjacent to the the wagon rides.
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    Yup, you never disclose where your favorite fishing hole is, or hunting spot, or best site at FW!
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    I'm watching a Florida Panthers game. There are like 47 people in the stands. I guess I wouldn't be there either if I were in Florida.
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    We travel extensively and are finding more and more hotels that charge resort fees. Hotels all over Orlando, even ones outside of the Disney bubble, are now charging resort fees. We are going to Las Vegas next month and every hotel except maybe a Motel 6 is charging a resort fee. Besides if Disney raises their nightly room rates people will notice immediately when they are on line comparing prices. But if they sneak in a resort fee, like other resorts. People dont notice the resort fees easily. Also WDW’s nightly room rate will be more inline with surrounding resorts nightly room rate.

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