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  1. Howdy, folks! I'm watching the Orange County task force meeting this morning, at which WDW and SeaWorld will be submitting their proposed opening plans. It's being broadcast on YouTube live. As soon as we get information on when WDW will open, I'll post it here for you. July 11: Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom ONLY. Reservations for park entry will be required in advance. July 15: EPCOT and Studios reopen June 22: Fort Wilderness and DVC resorts re-open
  2. Here's the Fort Wilderness recreation calendar and movie schedule for March!
  3. Here you go! febreccalendar.pdf backoffebreccalendar.pdf
  4. Happy New Year, everyone! Hot off the press, here's the January recreation calendar.
  5. From our friends over at orlandoparksnews.com comes December's Fort Wilderness recreation calendar. Enjoy the Fort!
  6. From a Fiend On The Scene, here's some information on what's planned at the Fort for Fourth of July.
  7. Here's the March 2019 Fort Wilderness recreation calendar.
  8. Here's the Fort Wilderness recreation calendar for February, with movie listings and fun Fort activities. Enjoy!
  9. Good news: it lives! Even better news: now I can start cleaning it up and adding the missing new loop. The work continues!
  10. Still working, folks. Good news: I have a working version under iOS 11.4 and below now uploaded to the App Store. Bad news: I have to update all the screenshots that go into the App Store page and write all the update copy, and then we have to wait on Apple to review the whole business and post it. I have no idea how long that takes these days. Used to be at least a week or so, but that was back in the day, and this is an update and not a brand new app, so things may be different. I'll keep everyone posted.
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