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  1. We are arriving on Saturday Dec 1. Will you still be there?
  2. I never knew about the little house. How cool. Thank you!
  3. I love my Shellie May. I am bringing her to Halloween and she has her costume on. Duffy and Gelatoni will also be with me. In costume also.
  4. I've seen the cast members hold onto the canes and gave them back at the end.
  5. It is a fantastic museum and it's location in the presidio is beautiful.
  6. I had also thought of going November 1. This seems to be my procrastination year. Not good.
  7. I like three day park hoppers the best for Disneyland and California Adventure.
  8. DH worked on his last masters degree through 5 trips last year. He use the gear from the campground and our d link router and had no problems. He used it to attend his online course that was based in California.
  9. Los Vegas had a cupcake ATM. DD sent a video of her getting a cupcake. Touch screen selection, credit card swipe. Wait a minute or so. Open the door and you get a cupcake on a fancy box.
  10. Congratulations on the forward progress that has been made. Best wishes for even more in the future.
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