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  1. Thoughts on if they will re theme the island? I don't think I can handle any more princes IP overlays...
  2. http://passport2dreams.blogspot.com/ Never heard of this before but there was a plan for an attraction at the Fort called the Adventure House. "...WDP saw the possibility to add an extra day to the vacations of visitors, a major concern through the 70s and 80s and something that the Lake Buena Vista complex was only halfway successful at doing. They were looking for ideas, and at some point, Marc Davis began suggesting them. His idea was to build a fun house."
  3. Limited tee shirt for River Country. Ends on the 23rd! I'm a sucker for the retro shirts. https://www.disneystore.com/tees-tops-shirts-clothes-fort-wilderness-river-country-tee-for-adults-walt-disney-world-limited-release/mp/1425538/1000228/#longDescription
  4. A few years back I had one come right up to me and stand on my hand even though I didn't have any food.
  5. MadCane, I have to agree with you. I didn't visit the lake on Disney property when I was young but I grew up about 90 minutes from Orlando in Flagler County. Main road was dirt and we were surrounded by the same type of woods and water as at the Fort. I played / swam in any lake I could find. We all did. No issues other than the occasional water moccasin but we could see them coming and get out of the way. I've heard the issue now is that people are feeding the gators which is drawing them to the shore. I feel horrible for that family and while I don't like the new restrictions I can't blame D
  6. Pama0721, Thanks for the post and welcome! I'm debating going a trailer / RV route or the cabins next time we stay. I've never done the RV thing before but if the cabins aren't friendly (or should I say "fiendly"?) for a family of six anymore that may seal the deal. It was a bit tight but we could at least cook for six in the old kitchen. Tai-Circle-D, I think you are absolutely right!
  7. If they don't stop at the 2100 loop I may be a dissenter and say "BOO." My family stays at the 2200 cabins because it's right by the bus stop so it's easier for our blind son to get around. That's where the pic came for my avatar. :-)
  8. Me too! Kids played with them right in the park and no one thought anything of it. My guess is they don't want accidental shootings from security guards?? It's not the same world and it's a shame in many ways.
  9. I stated planning my kid's Disney trip the moment they were born. Ten years later, we felt they were old enough to ride everything and remember it. Living a thousand miles away from the Fort limits how many times we can go or it would have been sooner. We didn't tell them until the day we left. Woke them up at 5 AM with a Mickey shirt wrapped up with a ribbon and it took them a few seconds to figure it out after they opened them. My youngest screamed and my oldest fell on the floor. Awesome. ependydad, my kids aren't sure if they want to be surprised or not too. Planning can be half the f
  10. I bought one... And the Carousel of Progress shirt. If I'd have known about the glow in the dark Maelstrom shirt I'd have grabbed that one too.
  11. Over heard in May 2012, Animal Kingdom, 1PM, "Dad we're too hot, don't you care about us?" Dad - "I just spent $10,000 to bring you to Disney World for more than a week, of course I care about you!" Yes, I was the Dad. I made them go back to the Fort and take a nap. Three hours later we were back at the Magic Kingdom.
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