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  1. This was a fun vlog to watch! Charming family! Thanks for sharing!
  2. I really do not like seeing the Simpsons posted with anything Disney related. *sigh* And now apparently, the Simpsons are Disney related. Change is good but not for everyone all at the same time.
  3. Fort Wilderness site prices are steep. No doubt about. Accountant Hubby chafes at paying so much "for a parking spot" but because he is married to a certified Disney nut, he puts up with it for our once a year trips. This year, we are spending the last week of April at the Fort and will probably only go into the Parks a day or two. We are headed to D23 in Anaheim in August. I have already started managing expectations for Star Wars at Disneyland. I am thinking it will still be too crazy to be anywhere near the Parks at the end of August.
  4. This is demand pricing, right? Not my favorite thing. But, still works out for me as none of the other resorts let me bring the dog. :)
  5. We checked in on 2/11, with a pet loop premium reservation. Hadn't requested any site particulars. CM told us the resort is sold out and put us in the 1400 loop. When I pushed back that both dogs ARE with us, she said the entire campground was being considered all pet loops for the weekend. Okay, but we are staying through next weekend and are we going to have to change campsites? She said no and not to be concerned about having the dogs on a no pet loop. Being somewhat rule-bound, this has made me a little anxious. We are the only pet group on 1400 right now. I am hurrying the dogs through the loop three and four times a day, rushing up to the road and down to the bark park, which blessedly isn't far. (Love the dog park!) I am extremely conscious of ruining someone else's vacation while I am trying to enjoy mine. Just weirds me out. Why have pet loops if exceptions are being made all the time? Why risk upsetting guests, either way (pet, no pet)? P.S. You Fiends have taught me so much and I was way better prepared than usual for this trip. Fiends rule!
  6. So true! What was that all about, do you suppose? Made such a racket, no matter the speed.
  7. That stretch of I20 between Atlanta and Birmingham. The pavement is awful and the semis are flying. Doesn't seem to matter if we are heading out or coming home (to Atlanta) because it's horrible both ways.
  8. Bienvenue! Only 10 days! I am so excited for you and your family! Is this your first trip to the Fort or Disney World? My first trip to Fort Wilderness is still months away, sadly.
  9. What a gorgeous new truck! Congratulations! I am sure you are going to just love it! Hubby and I saw a Ford commercial recently talking about that back-up assist gadget. I think that's an option I would have to pass on. Like you, I've been backing trailers for a long time and have a pattern in my brain as to how it works. The knob/program would really throw me off, I think, not to mention the psychological "I'm not in control" aspect. My husband tells me I have some issues with "not in control"..., Again, congrats on the new ride!
  10. Heya, Hammer! Still shopping. Still on the fence about TT versus 5er. And yes, the bunk space is a serious issue. My son is already a foot taller than I am and looks like my (I cannot believe she will be 13 in a few weeks!) daughter will be as well. We'd really like their bunk space to be a separate sort of room as it was in our old unit. Makes everybody happier at bedtime, since Hubby and I are old and require quiet for sleeping and apparently teenagers don't sleep quietly EVER. :) So, still hunting the perfect unit. Starting to worry that perfect isn't out there. We have friends who starting shopping the same time as we did, and they've not only bought already but have been on two short trips with their new unit. *insert dramatic sigh here*
  11. Ooooh, hijack away! I never would have thought to peek at government auction sites for an RV. Cool tip!
  12. Scary, because this is exactly what I said in my head while reading the previous post! Great minds!
  13. Wow, even more to think about! Have to look up the Anderson hitch. Never heard of that one. A neighbor recommended the B&W hitch but doesn't actually use one. That seemed a bit strange to me. Looking at clearances on some of the 5er's when hooked up scares me some. Looks really tight. And I am a big ole chicken when it comes to towing. Today's outing included a Coachman Chapparel X-Lite 31BHS fifth wheel. This one meets all the requirements of floor plan and weight restrictions but it didn't thrill me or my son. Actually felt a little flimsy. I assume that due to the X-Lite construction. ?? Are there manufacturers/brands I should cross off the Look List? Since Coachman/FR is what we had, it's what I know the most about (not so much at all). Again, thanks y'all!
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