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  1. Hi All, We have reservations at the Fort for a premium site during April 2020. Our plans were to use our trailer, as usual, however we may not be able to take it this time. Would anyone know if you can rent a trailer to have set up at your site. Is there a specific company to contact? How do we work that with Disney, do we have to let them know? Would we be able to request our site in advance as we usually do? Any information that folks might share would be appreciated. If not our alternative may be to try and switch the reservation to a hotel room. Thanks.
  2. We've been here this past week and on Thursday night when it poured and just drove around the loops. The 800 loop is fine, no obvious swampy places. A few in the 2000 loop but all in all it's pretty dry, for Florida in August. There are a lot of empty sites in many of the loops. I'm sure you'll have no trouble getting your requested area.
  3. Just an update. We have been here for two days. There is a video screen by the vending machines at the outpost bus stop and it has not worked. Drivers say they don't know why it is not working.
  4. We hope all will be well with you and the family. You are in our thoughts.
  5. Thanks. You too. I'll start the calling today and see how it goes. Hope to see you later at the GG.
  6. Well we arrived today at the fort and experienced our first trailer tire blow out. The tire is gone and the rim is also shot. Does anyone know a place around here to get a travel tire and rim. We were luck to get here from SC where it happened but I don't want to chance the return to NJ without at least a spare. Thanks. Greg
  7. Thanks. I hate to sound tech illiterate but... Where can I find the thread? Thanks.
  8. Opps, sorry I posted my comment and then looked at the activities thread and saw the December calendar posted. That's what I get for thinking nothing changed between last night and today.
  9. Hi All We are coming down for our first Christmas at the fort arriving on the 24th. We were wondering if there is anything the veterans would be willing to share as we've been to Disney and Fort Wilderness many times but this is our first Christmas. We were planning on decorating our site and have been reading in the forms a variety of rules or restrictions. We are a family of seven, all grown and some with significant others so no little kids to worry about. I was unable to find any activities schedule for December on line. We heard of the golf cart parade and look forward to walking around to see the decorated sites. Any advice that you're willing to offer will be welcome. If this has already been covered in a different discussion thread please point us there. Thanks.
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