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  1. We're headed over in a few months. We are in one of the Meadow premium sites so we'll be either walking or bussing for virtually everything. One night, we wanted to have a golf cart to go looping to look at Xmas decorations. What is the time period for rental for just one day? Is it like 2pm to 2pm or specific times? Also, what's the current rate?
  2. I know this is an old topic, but has anything changed in the time of COVID? We're headed over in December and we normally don't care which site we're at, I wanted to put a request in this time. How would y'all recommend I go about doing that?
  3. I had no idea where to put the question, but I was looking at the fitted tablecloth and bench covers and most are for a 6' table. does that sound right, size-wise or are they bigger than that?
  4. Thought I would put this here since they need a little tweaking to be Fiends, but Dollar Tree has the plastic Flamingos (smaller scale) on sale now. Most people recommend ordering them and having them shipped to your local store since they sell out rather quickly when they hit the shelves. Anyway, I am going for a Tiki theme for our new tent and what could be better than camping with a flock of purple, coonskin hatted flamingos?
  5. Have y'all tried nail stamping? That's what I do and the metal nail stamp are reusable so I can do my manicures whenever and with whatever colors.
  6. OK, so we have put off building our Teardrop the last few years because something ALWAYS comes up. We currently have a 16x14 tent with attached screen room. We love it, but it's going on 13 years old, has side entrances only in the screen area, no electrical port, thread bare and we want the ability to use a/c. The tent we're set on getting is an Ozark Trail 20x10 Instant tent with 2 a/c vents at either end and an electrical port. Perfect size, quick set up, with aforementioned a/c vents and electrical port plus two entrances front and back. It's everything we want minus the screen room.
  7. WOW! That's impressive. When I first started to lose weight, I tried doing sit-ups. I honestly laughed so hard I peed myself. I was just laying there like a turtle laughing and peeing with my husband looking on like I'd lost my mind. Right now, I'm just walking with a few squats (almost as funny) and some stretchy band (technical term) exercises for my upper body. I'm ready to move into some serious strength training now that I don't have an instant asthma attack the second I stand up. I was looking at trying a few of the Disney races, but only the marathon and half marathons seem to be
  8. I like both these ideas! We went out a few years ago for Christmas and with all the baggage restrictions and security checks, we didn't bring anything from home. We did take them out for dinner one night, but it just didn't seem very...special, like it lacked that personal touch. Does that make sense? I'm hoping to take Southwest this time to avoid the baggage hassles and, of course, not traveling at the holidays should make it all less hectic.
  9. LOL. Nope, I'm a little more than 1/3 of the way through. I had some tumors that caused issues resulting in weight gain and I never took it off. It's hard to exercise when you're exhausted. The longer I waited to get healthy, the worse it got. Ah well, at least I'm fixing it now :D. 4 months ago I had difficulty walking the 1/4 mile to the mailbox. We even bought the finisher medals because finishing is a big win for me ! Frankly, I think I should get a medal for waking my butt up that early, but the alternative is walking a 5K in mid September at noon and I don't think there's anyone a
  10. This will be my first 5K and first....anything since I lost over 70lbs. Hubby is going with me! It is down the coast a little ways from us in Indialantic, FL. Anyway, if there are any other Spacecoasters or anyone who will be in the area, you should check it out! It's for the sea turtles :wave1: Link to Turtle Krawl website
  11. This seems a good a place as any to ask some questions. Our fall plans have changed a bit because it looks like we'll be flying to Seattle to visit my husband's parents at the end of October. We'll be there for one week. I always send a thank you note afterwards, but I was looking for some thoughtful ideas for a host/hostess gift. A little background, my FIL is an engineer and their house is in Colorado but he has a contract with Boeing so they are living in a small apartment for now where we'll be going. They are in their early 60s, have two cute silkie terriers they adore, and they have
  12. I'm on it but you won't believe this. We took a shakedown cruise in our tent earlier this week and while we were gone, my computer chose to install some 'updates' which I never do because Windows 8 is of the devil. Well, it currently has the Blue Screen of Death and I have no access to any of my files including budgets, photos, lists, my silhouette files, or anything else for that matter :banghead: . I will be screaming, crying and gnashing my teeth for the bulk of today (and who knows? tomorrow, too) trying to force my computer to give up the precious files to me. I am on a new laptop we g
  13. I just used grey. I need to make a larger one and a vinyl one for the car. I've been trying to figure out if the heat transfer vinyl will work on our tent, as well.
  14. I made the Musket Mickey below with my Silhouette Portrait. I have the studio file that can be adjusted for the Cameo as well. I just made the brown backgound one piece, the black outline and pieced in the other colors. It would work for print and cut as well as a vinyl cut . The file is 759 KB so I can't upload it here, but I am willing to send it to anyone who wants it:
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