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  1. Suffering from the same illness...we were there in November, December, March, and head out in two weeks for a June Adventure. Can't. Stop. Myself. As for storage, we ended up using Top Notch RV Storage (http://www.topnotchrvstorage.com/) in Clermont. It was quasi on the way from us (coming from Texas). They were very accommodating to a month-to-month. We paid $85 for the month, and a prorated amount for the rest of November - I think maybe $120 total. The only down side is there there was no place to plug it in like at our normal storage place, so the fridge was not cooled off, etc. All in All it was worth it, though I doubt in the end we saved very much money. Perhaps saved a headache or two along the way. We had originally planned on leaving it again between Christmas and Spring Break, but opted to bring it home and not give up our local space. Our next thought is that we will find a place to leave in in Alabama and pick it up along the way, meaning we can sleep in it on night one and avoid a hotel. Since camping at the Fort, we find all other campgrounds in the world completely unacceptable and haven't camped any where else since we contracted "the sickness."
  2. We will pop by to say hi...probably closer to 630-645, because we are still enroute to the Fort from Epcot!
  3. We would like to come by! Got some yummy summer sausage and cheese that made the trip from Texas :) Still looking at around 6pm? We are going to Epcot for a bit this afternoon. Cindy
  4. Fortunately for us, MOST of what we take lives in the trailer full time...will have to cart our clothing and dog carrier...something I had not considered, but I THINK we'll have room in the bed of the truck even with the 5th wheel hooked up. I am going to call a couple places to see where we might store. BigTom made us a very sweet offer of storage between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I think we have decided to leave it there until at least March, since we'll be back at Spring Break.
  5. I might be crazy, but I could swear I read a thread about a place that will storage RVs for a month somewhere near Disney. We are going to the Fort at Thanksgiving and again at Christmas and would prefer not to haul the 5er from Texas and back. Anybody know of such a storage place? Or if this is just some pipe dream I had?!?!?
  6. Not to sound like a broken record...but we love WC! So much fun :)
  7. ***UPDATE*** Here is an exhaustive update on my gift card saga. Once upon a time, I took my giftcard pile (about 20 cards) to the disney store in an attempt to consolidate them into one. You can't do that. I tried to purchase $1200 in gift cards, using gift cards. You can't do that either. We arrived at the Fort and told the check-in chic that I wanted to put gift cards on my account to be drawn down first prior to charging my credit card. You can't do that. You can only pay a balance due. I told her that I had spoken to a disney rep by phone prior to departing my home and she assured me that I could, in fact, load the cards into may account, but that any remaining balance could not be refunded (mis-truth #1). She told me, "You can't do that." I indicated that I wanted to charge the gift cards first - - - "should I come inside and pay for the room now," I asked. No need she said, just come down during the week and apply the cards to your room total. She put a note in the account requesting the credit card not be charged, that I would be come with gift cards during the week. (this mis-truth #2 will be revealed later in the saga). We enjoyed out time at the fort and merrily went about charging all our meals, purchases, etc to the magic bands with the intent to pay off the charges with the gift cards. The day before our departure, we stopped in at the outpost to apply the gift cards to our waiting balance, only to find that my card had already been charged. According to front desk chic (here comes the aforementioned mis-truth #2) as soon as I checked in, my card was charged for my full stay. This was not mentioned by check-in chic when I asked, else I would have walked into the outpost and paid with the dang gift cards. So, we stood by whilst she refunded my credit card (a refund that I did not see for 4 days) and recharged the balance to each little gift card. In the end, it all worked out but O.M.G. Could it be more complicated?!?!! With all the tech they already have in place, why not let people add gift cards to reservations and magic bands directly?!??!?!?!? The End.
  8. Great info, folks! Thanks! I will either call and make some poor sap sit on the phone with me whilst I read off the card numbers for 23 gift cards OR just do it at check in. My fear is that we will have repeat of last trip - - when I got lazy and they charged my card before i got around to adding the gift cards. I will also look into the disney savings account.... Cindy
  9. HI Mighty Fiends! Got a question.... My folks gave us a pile (pile might be an overstatement of the truth) of gift cards for Christmas. I am also purchasing the 3-packs of gift cards from Sam's Club to save a few buck on our upcoming trip. The question is - - - can I add these to my account ahead of time, so my magic band purchases, etc, draw down on the gift cards before it starts charging my credit card?? This is one of those things that might have a really obvious solution that I am missing. If that is the case, I blame motherhood, lack of sleep, and lack of coffee... Cindy
  10. Hi Norm! I have to say I do totally agree with you. I thought it was hauntingly beautiful (particularly the parade back to the cave) and dealt with some real life changes in a unique way. My daughter (11) and I talked about how Gruff had completed his purpose and that it was in his nature to fall back asleep until it was time for him to complete his task again. And even though that was sad...it was nice that he got to have a friend while he was awake and hopefully in the future, the pixies would know what he was doing and treat him right and honor his commitment to protecting them. I guess my initial concern was that it was SUCH a deviation from previous movies, that parents might be caught off guard. Still, lots of good life lessons...and some GREAT music.
  11. My 11-year-old still does not want me to discuss this movie anywhere near her a week later. She says it is just too sad. :TantrumSmiley:
  12. WHAT: Caramelized Goat Cheese (it has a Norwegian name that I can't remember or pronounce) WHERE: Akershus appetizer buffet, Norway, Epcot WHY: Because goat cheese of any sort is amazing...and when it has the flavor of yummy caramel, well, you know.... :drool1: WHAT: Pulled Pork on a Cornbread Waffle WHERE: Art of Animation WHY: They make the crispy cornbread waffle when you order...comes hot and fresh with delightful pulled pork on top! :thumbsup2: WHAT: Pineapple/Vanilla Dole Whip Float (with Pineapple juice) WHERE: Pineapple Lanai at the Polynesian Resort (this is key) WHY: My opinion is that the dole whips in the park (which I do eat and love) have to get turned over so quickly that it isn't always AS frozen as it should be. At Pineapple Lanai they are frozen and HUGE! Be sure to poke the Dole Whip down in the juice to make the juice nice and cold! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. So, we went to the storybook lunch at Akershus...and can I just say OMG??? Were it not for the helpful disney phone reservation lady suggesting that I NOT miss the brown cheese on the appetizer buffet, I would have walked right by it because i looked alittle like pate...I don't do liver. CARAMELIZED GOAT CHEESE! Are you kidding me?? I did NOT know that was a thing. Clearly I ate too much of it...but seriously....that was some fine eats. Anyone else ever had a nibble? (or as in my case - - a pound or two?)
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