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  1. I don't like to take short trips in the rv if we're driving over 5 hours due to all that goes into packing it, setting up, etc. We have been going for Halloween for several years for about a week and each time decided that we wanted to stay longer next trip. This year we're doing a two week trip for Halloween (reservations through Jason). We get the FL resident weekday annual pass so it makes us stay out of the parks on the weekends. We kind of feel like we have to go to the parks every day we can to get the most out of our passes b/c we only go once a year. Having the weekends blocked gi
  2. We're in 526 this year and it has a lot of space behind the site to the canal. The people next to us had several tents beyond their space in the back with plenty of room. We've had turkeys along the canal almost every morning and lots of cranes. We have plenty of room to fit our F250 in front of our 35' rv, but we park it in the lot to give us more space. We can see the people across the canal, but they are a good ways away. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. The very first photo is our site, 526 :) It's the first time we've done anything other than inflatables. (Jason booked this trip for us too).
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