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  1. No, but this might be the last year for grandma & grandpa.
  2. Yes, our daughters alerted us to this first thing this morning. For all of the years we have been going to the Fort, we have never seen Trail's End not busy, except sometimes for lunch. I wonder if this is management's attempt to strangle the Fort with the ultimate goal of closing it. Always suspicious of management's attempts to "improve" the Fort.
  3. We just got home from a few days at the Fort. We were surprised to see the hula hoops back at Trail's End. Maybe some form of normalcy is returning. Bob
  4. Maybe I'm just getting slower in my advancing age. But, I'm getting POed at the constant changing of the rules at WDW. We tried booking the Fort last summer for February 2022, and got closed out. I have checked several times since, but always the same, not available. So, we booked a nearby off-site hotel for Feb., and frankly, the cost per night is cheaper than a site at the Fort. So, trying to book the Fort, for Feb. 2023 within the 500 day booking window and found out that option has been changed as well. I ask the CM, when can I book for Feb. 2023. His answer, I don't know. Mayb
  5. We had a meal or two at the Wave. But, personally, I never liked eating in the basement. Always seemed a bit gloomy to me.
  6. We often go to the Fort in January and February. Usually, we have mostly dry weather, but there can be significant temperature swings. We have been there a couple of times when the over-night temps have gone down to 32 degrees. We have pictures of our kids, when little, being in ski caps and mittens. Two days later, it could warm up to 60 or 70. So, consider planning on taking at least one cold weather set of clothes for all. Crowd size varies, but we try to avoid weekends. Have fun!
  7. Do you think a 27 foot Class C would be OK to drive into Buc Ees to fuel up?
  8. We spent February at the Fort and we also have annual passes. We lowered our expectations, and our experiences turned out to be what we expected. We only went to the parks a couple times each week, preferring to enjoy the Fort and the warm weather. Fort was not crowded while there. Our restaurant visits where pretty much what others have reported. Bitterly disappointed in the pizza now offered at P & J's. It seems like the recipe has changed over the last couple of years. We felt like it was nothing more than a large toasted cheese on bread concoction. Besides, pizza should no
  9. While we were at the Fort in November, there were CMs posted at the 4 way stop and another at the cart path leading to the Settlement Trading Post, checking cart riders for masks. They did call out to riders who were either mask-less or did not have the mask on correctly. As an aside, I talked with a Disney bus driver on a near empty bus, and asked him how he felt about working during the pandemic and being around so many people. His reply was essentially, "I have no problems coming to work here, it is probably the safest place on earth right now. You should see how serious they are ab
  10. We were at the Fort from mid-November until last weekend, mostly in the 200 loop. WiFi was the worst it has been for us in many previous trips there. Sometimes, it was non-existent, like when it was time to try on get on the virtual que for the new Star Wars ride.
  11. Completely agree. We live a thousand miles away and are annual passholders. When we come south to WDW, we don't stay a day or two, rather we are usually there for weeks and sometimes a month or more in winter. Coming for a day or two is a financial loser for us. Maybe, the new CEO is befuddled confusing WDW with Disneyland data.
  12. Received ours yesterday. All family members enjoy them very much. Thanks again for providing this opportunity.
  13. Just received this morning a cancellation notice from Disney regarding our June 11 thru June 20 trip. Maybe in the Fall?
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