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  1. We spent February at the Fort and we also have annual passes. We lowered our expectations, and our experiences turned out to be what we expected. We only went to the parks a couple times each week, preferring to enjoy the Fort and the warm weather. Fort was not crowded while there. Our restaurant visits where pretty much what others have reported. Bitterly disappointed in the pizza now offered at P & J's. It seems like the recipe has changed over the last couple of years. We felt like it was nothing more than a large toasted cheese on bread concoction. Besides, pizza should no
  2. While we were at the Fort in November, there were CMs posted at the 4 way stop and another at the cart path leading to the Settlement Trading Post, checking cart riders for masks. They did call out to riders who were either mask-less or did not have the mask on correctly. As an aside, I talked with a Disney bus driver on a near empty bus, and asked him how he felt about working during the pandemic and being around so many people. His reply was essentially, "I have no problems coming to work here, it is probably the safest place on earth right now. You should see how serious they are ab
  3. We were at the Fort from mid-November until last weekend, mostly in the 200 loop. WiFi was the worst it has been for us in many previous trips there. Sometimes, it was non-existent, like when it was time to try on get on the virtual que for the new Star Wars ride.
  4. Completely agree. We live a thousand miles away and are annual passholders. When we come south to WDW, we don't stay a day or two, rather we are usually there for weeks and sometimes a month or more in winter. Coming for a day or two is a financial loser for us. Maybe, the new CEO is befuddled confusing WDW with Disneyland data.
  5. Received ours yesterday. All family members enjoy them very much. Thanks again for providing this opportunity.
  6. Just received this morning a cancellation notice from Disney regarding our June 11 thru June 20 trip. Maybe in the Fall?
  7. We rode this ride last week and agree with the TCD twins. It's really cool, and demonstrates some advanced technology.
  8. Disneyland Paris is currently updating a couple of the hotels and is preparing for the 2024 Olympics to be held in Paris. The CMs we talked to this summer are all excited about the crowds they are expecting. Hope they are correct.
  9. If you are thinking of the greater Orlando area for a new place to live, consider Lake Nona. It is located in the city of Orlando, but not the downtown area. It is only minutes from the airport, and is being hailed as a community of tomorrow. Located in the neighborhood is a relatively new children's hospital, a new and perhaps the largest VA hospital in the country, and part of a UCF (?) campus. And, I believe a new medical school, and/or hospital is under development there. While there are only a few shops in the complex right now, there are all kind of shops/restaurants on Narcossee Bl
  10. Just returned home from the Fort. While visiting another resort, a DVC CM approached me about the new Rivera Resort. I quickly changed the subject to the Reflections project and inquired what could the CM tell me about that. Most of the stuff reported, I already knew from this site. But, the one thing said, that almost knocked me over, was that the Settlement Area was going to be enhanced to a shopping/market place type area. The proximity of Reflections to the Settlement makes this plausible to me. But, it is still hard to believe that Disney would do this. BTW, when I voiced my disple
  11. Just got home 12 hours ago from the Fort. One bright spot is that the new playground is almost done. It has gone in at the grassy area between the Settlement TP and Trail's End. Fences and curtains everywhere. Quite sad.
  12. Hi Laura. Based on the dates you posted in your message, you might be there by now and have found some answers to your questions. Some additional thoughts for you: There is a "Mickey's KItchen" restaurant over in the Comtemp. that offers dining with characters. Similar to, but not exactly the same as MBYBBQ. Your son may enjoy a pony or horse ride at the Fort. Also over in the Contemp., they offer a "Pirate Ship" cruise on the lake with the crew made up as pirates. Hope some of this is helpful. Bob
  13. Thanks Jason. In frustration, I ended up calling Disney Reservations to get some info. The young lady on the phone confirmed your info. with one exception. She told me that 600 thru 1000, plus 1400 were premium Meadow. If she was correct, that means 700 is now premium Meadow now as well. Appreciate you taking time to respond, especially while on vacation.
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