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  1. Just saw this tonight. The new lot is so nice. Fun to see the carriages in new loops.
  2. Not having the kids along makes things move so much faster and gives a totally different feel to the Parks. Sounds like you guys had a good time. Hoping the weather held.
  3. This could make check in a real nightmare. Guess we will find out in 15 days.
  4. Awesome pin finds. My kids are taking notes. Last trip we had kids running through our campsite at midnight screaming, yelling, etc. Parents are at their sites getting drunk and blaring music.
  5. Oh my!! 😫😫. Looks like the aftermath of a battle. One of the things so special about the Fort is the feeling of isolation in the mass that is Disney. This is just so heartbreaking. I know trees can be replanted but I have a feeling trees are just going to be replaced by concrete. Is the walking/jogging path between the Fort and Wilderness Lodge blocked off?
  6. Dress code is definitely loose. When we went last year people were wearing ball caps, cut off shorts, etc.
  7. I am having a hard time picturing were the new playground will be. The area being mentioned seems like a very high traffic area?
  8. Anyone have a good photo of the new Tri-circle D ranch concept art posted at the Fort?
  9. I am seeing reports that the playground is now closed. Some are saying it is to be relocated, any idea where.
  10. One of the things we love about the Fort is being so close to all the craziness yet feeling like your in the middle of nowhere. These photos are just so sad.
  11. Like everyone keeps saying, in the cooler months delays will not be a problem but come the hot months and it will be a different story. Can you imagine being stuck in the air in a hotpod with a screaming kid, yeah no thanks.
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