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  1. Little bit of living history, thanks for sharing.
  2. Thankful for the TR delay. All caught up and waiting for more. One of these days I am going to make it to a WWW.
  3. My mom bought my husband and I one for our wedding. We honeymooned at Disney and have checked on our brick every trip since. We are both mad and sad that they are ripping up the walk way. The bricks have already been moved once so the idea that they can not be saved is bull. Will we buy one for $10+ not sure. There is a part if me that wants to but then the other part that is tired of feeding the mouse.
  4. They mentioned when introducing this resort that there would be unique lodging. I think they are house boats and I agree, some docks arou d Discovery Island would be something.
  5. Look at the things in the water. Those are house boats. Are they going to stay docked? Will you be able to rent a house boat and take it out on the lake??
  6. Glad you guys made it back, hope the ride home wasn't too bad on your back. We got home around noon today. It's cold and raining and gloomy out, bring me back to Florida 😢
  7. The gals at the stable were not sure just guessing. They said it would only make sense to put it there since that is where the trail horses leave from. There are 40 trail horses and retraining them on different trails could be a problem. The smell up there is already crazy bad. I can't imagine what it would be like with all the horses in that area.
  8. The thought is that they will relocate up by the trail horses but that is just the gals speculation. If they do relocate up that direction does that affect the carriage rides?
  9. Just spoke with the gals at the Tri-circle D Ranch. They have just been informed that Disney is building a new HUGE horse barn to house all the draft horses and ponies. The gals said they are super excited and that each stall will have it's own turn out. They were also told that the new barn and transfer of all horses will be done by September 2019, nine months from now, to make way for the construction that will take place in that area. I asked about the new resort plans and they didn't have any information.
  10. Safe travels Tim. Great chatting with you guys. Until next time.
  11. Tom really likes your sign out front. Where did you get it?
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