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  1. Anyone have a good photo of the new Tri-circle D ranch concept art posted at the Fort?
  2. I am seeing reports that the playground is now closed. Some are saying it is to be relocated, any idea where.
  3. One of the things we love about the Fort is being so close to all the craziness yet feeling like your in the middle of nowhere. These photos are just so sad.
  4. Like everyone keeps saying, in the cooler months delays will not be a problem but come the hot months and it will be a different story. Can you imagine being stuck in the air in a hotpod with a screaming kid, yeah no thanks.
  5. I have been watching video reviews and am super excited to ride. It will be interesting to see if the public enjoys it enough to expand to other areas.
  6. Hopefully it will go south and the parks will empty and besides some rain be perfect.
  7. Also, how are they going to merge the two spaces? The new hotel seems modern while the Fort is anything but. Do you think they will redo Pioneer Hall and the Settlement? Is there any word on adding more campsites to the Fort?
  8. I wonder if they will hold off until after the Christmas rush? All this sounds so sad. I really am trying to see the positive but the more news leaking out the more I cover my eyes and hope for the best. So last year when we were there the cast members were all excited about the new horse barn. Any idea how that is coming along and if they will, or already have, something like the petting zoo/pony ride?
  9. How bad is the construction at the Fort right now? Is it already interfering with the ambiance of Fort?
  10. Interesting back story to an Island that held great memories for our family.
  11. Only downside to selling the new rig is having to wait to find a buyer. We are close by your route if you want to catch a meal on your way back. Totally fine if you need to push on down.
  12. Fascinating. I have never heard about this. Thanks for posting. Fun to think about what it would have been today.
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