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  1. TN22.....Brady

    Sugar Sands RV in Gulf Shores AL

    That is a NICE site. Care to tell us a little about the place? What it's close to, amenities, things to do, etc......
  2. Agreed. While they have had the bottled KBA the last couple of times I have been, having it on tap is better IMHO.
  3. TN22.....Brady

    Apple Users, The APP IS BACK

    Chris/Jen When Apple finally decides to upload it to the store, Do you know what the title of the app will be? (for Searching purposes) The last one was searchable by "FW Sites". Or, do you have any control over how it is labeled? Thanks
  4. TN22.....Brady

    Toy Story Land Opening Day

    Just returned from riding slinky dog and I like it better than 7DMT and BTMR. Awesome ride and crowds were not as bad today (Sunday) as they were yesterday. I really appreciated the attention to detail this land has to offer, the Tinker Toys are really cool along with Andy’s footprints throughout the area. TCD has done such a great job already, I just thought I would add my .02 worth.
  5. TN22.....Brady

    Apple Users, The APP IS BACK

    Chris, I enjoy hearing the battle story as well. Thanks for all that you guys do for this site and the APP.
  6. TN22.....Brady

    SW 2018

    Wait a minute, you are visiting Waco and not staying with Chip and Joanna? Or maybe you haven't gotten to that part yet?
  7. Frozen Tot, Apply one small ring (pickled or fresh) jalepeno, wrap with half strip of bacon, toothpick it, deep fry until it floats (usually about 2-3 minutes).
  8. Be sure and signup for the Grand Design Owners forum. Lot's of helpful information ...... https://www.granddesignowners.com/forum/index.php
  9. TN22.....Brady

    New York Times travel writer trip report

  10. TN22.....Brady

    An Easter Weekend Trip on the Wonder with (most of) the TCD Gang

    Did someone say "free" pomegranate lemonade?
  11. TN22.....Brady

    An Easter Weekend Trip on the Wonder with (most of) the TCD Gang

    I was thinking in my head "how does he know that man's beer cooler is empty".....then I kept reading.
  12. TN22.....Brady

    Will this be the next decorating trend?

    This past Christmas we watched a 5th wheel toy hauler loaded with decorations, and then a second enclosed gooseneck trailer (like is used for hauling race cars), roll up to a site in order to haul all of their decorations. The crazy thing is they were not the most decorated site in the loop! But, they did have some rather large displays.
  13. Welcome to the forum. Those are some great questions, and there will be many different answers. Here are my general responses to those questions, with the understanding that everyone's preferences and experiences are different regarding brands and new vs old. Ok, we had about an hour to kill and went to a local RV dealer. Wow! Nice stuff! But how do I know i'm getting a good deal? Typically you should expect 30% off of MSRP if buying new Advice for first time shopper? - Look at all of them, without the salesperson in tow, picture yourself packing, unpacking - where will it all go, how easy is everything to get to. Stand in the shower - lay on the bed - open all doors - (we've been renting up until now) How may trips do ya'll make a year? (non-Disney included) - We use ours 10 months per year - at least one trip per month - some are weekend trips, extended weekend trips, and some are two week trips to Disney - really need to use it more than 1 or 2 times to justify the spend. Is it like a car, should we look at brand new ones? I typically stay away from any rig 10 years old or older - two reasons - some parks don't allow rigs older than 10 years - and the roof is the most susceptible to time, has it been in storage, under cover, or out in the open - the sun is the worst enemy Are there a lot of incidentals or hidden costs? (maintenance, repairs, etc.) - Just like owning a home that goes through a level 3 earthquake every time to you go somewhere - things will flex and move, sometimes resulting is minor repairs, tires should be replaced every 4 years at least, along with all the grease fittings tended to regularly Are some brands better to stay away from? Dangerous question - I am partial to Jayco and Grand Design as the brands to consider, just because I have had really good luck with both brands.
  14. YES, unless you have a "gold pass" and then one of the perks for that level of season pass is free parking