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  1. Wow! We were just there also, on Friday night (Southbound on 75) and returning on Saturday night (24 East bound) on our way back from Huntsville. That whole transition is a mess under normal circumstances, I can't imagine dealing with it now. Not good.
  2. Dollywood.......we used to buy season passes and then as the kids got older we chose not to.....the last time we bought season tickets they were $65 and the gold pass was around $80.......we keep talking about going back, but we kinda see this as being in our backyard and always decide to not buy this year, maybe next, and so on.......I enjoy reading everyone's comments around Dollywood especially the pricing comparisons between Disney......the last time we had season passes we compared a day at Dollywood to a day at Disney, minus the admission price, the food and drink were higher at Dollywood. Man....I just reread that and I sound like an old man "back in my day blah blah blah" Anyways, I hopped on here to see if anyone had posted about Defeated Creek GG 2019, and a search led me to this thread. I think we made our reservations for Defeated Creek around the first part of March last year.
  3. Day 1 -We arrived around 10:30 and requested a couple of our favorite sites. Unfortunately none were available, however Jean was fantastic and offered several options. We ended up in the 1200 loop only a couple site over from one of our favorites. This site has been awesome, and we will add it to our favorites list. After getting setup and all decorations out and placed we headed to the Magic Kingdom, where we had reservations at Tony’s. Now, we had heard very mixed reviews on this place, but since Lady & the Tramp is one of DW favorite movies, we thought we would see for ourselves. First the seating was on the outside porch area, and we didn’t necessarily mind it, however it was 93 degrees and FL humid. There were a lot of people that were seated out there after we got our table, that requested to move. Much to my surprise and theirs, they were asked to go back inside the lobby and wait for another table to become available. This happened to several families, and some were back in the lobby waiting on an inside table when we left. I couldn’t believe they wouldn’t ask if outside seating was acceptable before seating someone out there, this seemed very UN Disney and inefficient. We were seated approximately 5 minutes after our reservation time. This is the point where my waiter Ben informed me there was no more Pomegranate Lemonade, at first I thought he meant only Tony’s had stopped serving it, but he went on to say that Coca-Cola had stopped producing it. This set the tone for the rest of the evening, I was very bummed. I now know what DIT felt like when the Ooey Goody Cinnamon Rolls were no longer. Anyway, on to the food, DW ordered the house made Gnocchi Prima Vera, and I ordered the Caprese salad. Approximately 35 minutes later our food was served, the Nochi was a pleasant surprise with the Nochi being very good, with a few more green peas than we liked in the vegetable portion but not bad. The Caprese salad was just OK, the Balsamic Vinegar tasted very generic with no strong vinegar punch that I would expect from an aged product, the tomatoes were fresh and the mozzarella was good. Overall we would rate the total experience a 3 out of 10 and agreed we would not return. The service was a 5 and the wait time for what we ordered seemed a little long. After Tony’s we checked out a few shops and were pleasantly surprised to find they had the AP Pandora Charm in stock. This made my DW very happy. We had a fast pass for Haunted Mansion, the stand by lines were 60+ minutes and the park was crowded, so we decided to head back to the Fort and finish decorating. When Tuesday arrived, I had a conference call that started at 8:30, so after that we decided to decorate the Golf Cart. Once the decorating was done, we headed to Hollywood studios where we had a fast pass for Toy Story. We checked out a few thing in Andy’s back yard and decided to head over to BaseLine Tap Room and have one of my favorite Charceutirie plates and an adult beverage, too bad it wasn’t open for another hour, we decided to ride the boat to Epcot and for Food & Wine to check out some of the items on our wish list. First stop was Ireland where I had the Sausage and potatoes dish and DW had the Chocolate Cake (her must have when we are anywhere near the vicinity. The sausage links and mashed potatoes were very good, the gravy for the potatoes was excellent ,I would most definitely order this again. And of course, my DW said the cake did not disappoint. We then worked our way to the front of Epcot and tried the Bloody Mary Cocktail salad, I really liked it as well.There was a lot of seafood in this small cup. We made the circle around the world showcase and I stopped into Germany’s wine cellar and had the Spaten Optimator Beer and cheese plate. This is my go to items and location any time I am in Epcot and the best part is that it is available year round. I will end this update here.
  4. Thanks Blake! I enjoy cooking, especially on my BGE.
  5. Our trip started with a weekend stopover at the Big Green Egg festival, known as Eggtoberfest. This event is held at Stone Mountain Campground near Atlanta, Ga. This has become an annual event for us, and somewhere along the line, my DW realized we were only 7 hours from WDW, so we decided to go on down to WDW for a visit. This has also become an annual occurrence for us, so I wanted to start sharing some of the experiences along the way. First let's talk about the festival. For those of you that don't know, a Big Green Egg is a Ceramic Komado style cooker, that is extremely versatile and can be used for smoking, grilling, baking, and wok cooking. They use all natural lump charcoal, as the ceramics have a habit of absorbing any chemicals, so briquettes and lighter fluid is a strict no no. The biggest advantage to these style cookers is that you can cook low and slow for many hours without adding charcoal. I have cooked Pork Butts, or Beef Brisket for upwards of 18 hours. I will attempt to upload some pictures from the event, since this is my first time using imugr, be patient. The Egg ambulance is a cooking team sponsored by Big Green Egg (BGE) and they make appearances at many festivals. There are many sizes from the MiniMax (shown here) up to the XXL (which holds an entire 15 lb bag of charcoal). The MiniMax is very portable and typically goes with me camping. Each cooking team is made up of volunteers who provide the ingredients at their own expense, and cook for the spectators throughout the day. This year 205 teams participated, and each team can consist of 2 cooks to one egg, so this group had a few cooks in their tent. The eggs and charcoal are provided by BGE and are sold as demo units after the event, where you can typically get around 25% off MSRP for these lightly used eggs. Here is the line to get in, I heard there were 3,000 spectator tickets sold. One of my favorite pictures of the day, smoke rolling with Stone Mountain backdrop. My morning view at Stone Mountain Campground looking out over the lake as the sun came up. Next stop WDW......
  6. Well, it has been confirmed, Pomegranate Lemonade at WDW is no more. It has been discontinued by the manufacturer (thanks a lot Coke!). I guess we will have to add this item to list that includes Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Rolls. What a way to start a trip! Not only was my reservations already made, and we were sitting at Tony's when Cast member Ben broke the news to me. For those of you that know me, this was the ONLY reason I came to WDW. It was my favorite drink with a splash (or two) of vodka thrown in. It will never be the same. We may just not renew our annual passes because of this! (Just kidding Mrs TN22).
  7. Now Dave, there you go attempting to apply logic to a government decision.
  8. That is a NICE site. Care to tell us a little about the place? What it's close to, amenities, things to do, etc......
  9. Agreed. While they have had the bottled KBA the last couple of times I have been, having it on tap is better IMHO.
  10. Chris/Jen When Apple finally decides to upload it to the store, Do you know what the title of the app will be? (for Searching purposes) The last one was searchable by "FW Sites". Or, do you have any control over how it is labeled? Thanks
  11. Just returned from riding slinky dog and I like it better than 7DMT and BTMR. Awesome ride and crowds were not as bad today (Sunday) as they were yesterday. I really appreciated the attention to detail this land has to offer, the Tinker Toys are really cool along with Andy’s footprints throughout the area. TCD has done such a great job already, I just thought I would add my .02 worth.
  12. Chris, I enjoy hearing the battle story as well. Thanks for all that you guys do for this site and the APP.
  13. Wait a minute, you are visiting Waco and not staying with Chip and Joanna? Or maybe you haven't gotten to that part yet?
  14. Frozen Tot, Apply one small ring (pickled or fresh) jalepeno, wrap with half strip of bacon, toothpick it, deep fry until it floats (usually about 2-3 minutes).
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