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  1. That is true. Really they make more money off the people who walk around to shop and eat than the serious ride ticket holders. Maybe we will be mind blown by something new for the anniversary.
  2. It would be awesome if they would offer a deal where you could buy tickets up front for multiple times a year instead of an annual pass. Like for us, it is a 12 hour trip but we are there typically 3-4 times a year. Don't really need an "annual pass" but also don't want to buy multi day tickets 3-4 times a year. A modified pass like that or seasonal would be great for out of towners and would tie up less possibility of using tickets 365 days a year.
  3. They sure have been busting at the seams. I guess if its your once in a lifetime trip then you wouldn't mind it, but it is sure hard if you are a repeat visitor. I am just happy being there usually but my kids are at that age where it is all about the rides. I don't completely hate the reservation system but I do see where that could be a complaint if you have a pass and can't use it. We like to be last minute decision makers so that would have to change. I can remember times that we took the kids into the park to just watch the ducks or bunnies for a while and came back to the camper. T
  4. Not sure if this has already been addressed. I didn't see it anywhere and it has been a while since I have posted on here. Long story short, kids are missing Disney. Who can blame them? We are heading to the area anyway and I thought, forget it, I am going to go ahead and get some annual passes to be ready for the 50th. Got online and saw that they aren't being sold. I have purposefully stopped following a lot of Disney news because I got so outpriced with annual passes that we always used to keep. I had full intentions all along of getting them again for the 50th and then covid happened. We h
  5. We started not to renew this year for this very reason. Sometimes we will go in and ride one ride. My new thought is that if we actually want to go we will just attend one day at one of the over priced parties or after hours events. Then we can ride what we really want to anyway.
  6. I would almost jump in and say yes, but then again my $178 a night probably covers their electricity! 😂
  7. Ha! This is hilarious. They would be like 🤦🏻‍♀️😂.
  8. Hi Fort Fiends! It has been quite a while since we have posted on here. We had sort of toned down our Disney mania and let our annual passes expire. Even stayed in the Grand Floridian with my mother in law this summer and didn't even hit a park. We did however visit Disney Land and CA Adventures this summer when we did an awesome cross country trip. Anyway, we have told the kids that we are too broke to stay at the Fort but we are actually staying from Dec. 22-26 (we will be broke afterwards lol). This will be our first actual Christmas day at the Fort!! We really enjoyed Thanksgiving last yea
  9. Boooo! Ok, we have some dates booked at the AOA in July for my daughter's bday so maybe I can delete those dates and add more early on. Thanks!
  10. We are coming to Orlando for two weeks this summer, but we are staying at Bill Frederick to save money. We have always camped at the fort in the past, so this has never been an issue, but I can only book 7 fastpasses. Is that the norm? Can I not book another until I use one?
  11. Saw the cabanas yesterday from people mover. Looked like they were still assembling them. They looked awful. Looks like cheap plastic tents.
  12. There apparently were 45th activities for guests although there was no advertisement of them. I was checking out at the settlement and noticed a cast member with a 45th button. I asked if I could have one. She said bike barn was giving out but she was sure they had run out. Fail. But she said she thought they were doing free wagon rides but she couldn't confirm it. We were on our way to MK so the kids didn't want to try. I was sadly disappointed not to investigate it all further. This week has been weird with major flaws in transportation. I think that it had been way more crowded in parks tha
  13. I plan to skip Jingle Bam. I tried to watch the live feeds but I couldn't get into it. Sad I haven't seen the star wars fireworks. I figure this is all just temporary as they make way for something bigger and better with the changes. I saw the Star Wars fireworks partly from the boardwalk one night and they seemed pretty impressive.
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