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  1. Looks like you guys are enjoying it. Hopefully we get that spot.
  2. How do you like that site (1429)? We just sent our fax in to get that spot.
  3. Going to put in fax for Outer 1400, Big Bear Path. Going to ask if I can get something along the canal. Would like spot 1429 or 1418. Does anyone have any experience with this area? Thank You
  4. Pretty good. Ran out of time to do milk jug base. Try to upload pic but says too big?
  5. Just finished ours yesterday for our trip in couple weeks.
  6. I was hoping to get one for out trailer when we get to the Fort in couple weeks.
  7. I lived in San Diego for 18years so to me bad/rush hour traffic is 5 mph for mile and miles. Hoping to get to Fort between noon and 1pm. So if traffic isn't that bad then I will stay on freeway. If not will have to look at alternative route. Just don't want to do stop lights! !!!
  8. Ok,,,,, Now I need more info on getting to fort.......Stopping for night in Kingsland GA on Thursday. Hoping to leave there by 9am and head to Fort. Was planning on I95 to I4 to keep it simple ( towing 36ft travel trailer). What route would you guys recommend from I95 to avoid being stuck in traffic?
  9. If I am taking I95 south to I4 on my way to fort from VA will I encounter any tolls? Thanks
  10. Lets hear them. I am not into frozen drinks but I hear that is mostly what I will find. Other then beer . At Restaurants are the only drinks available what is listed on the menu? Only looking at Parks and The Fort. All ready aware of MK being dry......
  11. If we are not camping but just want to park for hour or two is that ok at Jetty Park? Thank you for all the ideas. Looking at doing this when we leave the fort.
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