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  1. I logged on yesterday morning - after being in a virtual waiting room for 7 hours ( yep...7) I was able to book a park for every day of our 3 week stay at the fort. We are AP holders. I didn't experience the 3 day limit that others did so maybe it was fixed by the time I had access at 3:00pm. However, with all of the no park hopping (which I understand) and not visiting other resort restrictions, we might be skipping it this year. We will have to wait and see.
  2. I would like 2 of the missing the mouse please. I sent a message via facebook - but not sure if it went through..
  3. Can't believe we missed you guys too - we checked in on Sunday and left on Saturday
  4. We did't we stayed at a campground about 10 minutes away. When we made the decision to go, the fairgrounds were already full. Did you guys go to the Grand Design owner tent?We thought we saw you guys on Sunday at the Fort, we were riding the golf cart our of overflow while waiting on our site.
  5. We were at the show too. Fort this week. We got to ride Rise of the Resistance. It was such a great ride. However - frustration ensued that day. We got in the park at 7:08am and were boarding group 78. Great. By 3:00 they were only on group 30 something. When our group number got closer we headed to the park. At 6:30 they were boarding our group. At 7:15 the ride closed. ☹️ We were given a fast pass for the next day. We returned Thursday and scanned in with a specific cast member and bypassed the queue and went straight on the ride. We figured we would be standing in line again so we wer
  6. I just read that it is opening 8/29! https://www.disneytouristblog.com/star-wars-galaxys-edge-opening-date-announced/
  7. they have them in the tent and on main street at the confectionary. they are really good. I might had a few on this last trip.
  8. chocolate dipped red velvet cake pop -
  9. I've not ever done a split stay, however, I have only ever been asked how long I'm staying. I've not had to give any details - just give them a date when I'm leaving. So, I'd like to think you can tell the cashier at ASMovies you are staying so many days and they can ring it up that way.
  10. you can use the resort mugs at any on property Disney resort for a refillable drink. I used mine for soft drinks all the time. If I know we will be at a different resort, I take the mug with me! The fort doesn't have Pink Lemonade so if we go to Port Orleans I definitely take my mug for pink lemonade.
  11. Just found this - thought some might find interesting https://wdwnt.com/2018/09/update-rafikis-planet-watch-at-disneys-animal-kingdom-will-reopen-spring-2019/ Guests will be able to learn more about conservation and Disney’s animal programs after all. Disney confirmed today that Rafiki’s Planet Watch’s closure will in fact be temporary rather than permanent, and the area and Wildlife Express Train will reopen in Spring 2019. This will allow time for an “extensive refurbishment”, where Disney is expected to rework the area’s offerings to appeal more to today’s guests. Rafiki
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