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  1. Starbuc71

    Toy Story Land Opening Day

    I had a funny feeling you would be there for rope drop on the 30th
  2. Starbuc71

    Guardians Ride at EPCOT update

    3 years huh.....amazing for one ride. I guess it makes sense. Pandora was almost 5 for one good ride and one so so ride
  3. Starbuc71

    Smoky Mountain Area Campsite

    I would say up the creek campground https://www.upthecreekrvcamp.com/. But I bet they are booked. 5 minutes off the parkway by the island. Smokey bear is great but about 11 miles outside of Gatlinburg. https://www.smokybearcampground.com/
  4. Starbuc71

    Whispering Canyon Cafe no more high jinks?

    On a different note, we went to whispering canyon last week for dinner. First time in a few years. I vaguely remember it was not that good the last time, but I figured let’s try again. We got the platter and Like I remember, it was horrible. The brisket was all fat, the pulled pork was not pulled and 3 huge chunks of pork we thrown on the plate. The chicken was mediocre and the sausage was just alright. The waitress stated the kitchen was backed up bad yet the place was 1/2 full. There was some sort of Disney executive sitting by herself with a lap top and a note pad critique everything that was brought to her. Every cook and server must have visited that table 20 times. Maybe that’s why we got mediocre food. Also, the air was down and it must have been 90 in there. Needless to say, we will be absent from there for a few more years
  5. Starbuc71

    Pet loops

    True, they can do whatever and I mean whatever they want and people will pay it. The cabin I can see. A pet cand destroy,stain or whatever. But at a campsite? I guess if the dog does his business all over the concrete they may have to pressure wash or the inconsiderate people who never pick stuff up. I guess $5 is a bargain
  6. Starbuc71

    Pet loops

    You would think it was built into the $175 per night I’m paying for
  7. Starbuc71

    Pet loops

    So what’s the deal with $5 extra a night if you have a dog? Did I pay for the 1/2 broken milk bone I got when checking in? Ridiculous
  8. Starbuc71

    Pet loops

    I looked into best friends and $27 for one day of day sitting is not bad. Unfortunately, I think she is too young at 10 weeks and her puppy appointment at the vet isn’t until next Sat so I don’t have all her shots yet. I guess our plan is 2-3 hours max at the parks. We did buy a puppy kong and some PB. Hopefully that will keep her busy
  9. Starbuc71

    Pet loops

    Yeah, not leaving her at the storage unit in Florida with 95 degree heat and no power for the AC. Good thought though
  10. Starbuc71

    Pet loops

    Great. Thank you
  11. I know this is somewhere on this site, but I need to know what premium sites allow pets. I found an old thread that said only the 700 and 800 allow pets that are premium. We all know there are pets on every loop, but we just got a puppy and will be at the fort next week. I don’t know how much crying she will be doing when we are away from the RV and I don’t want to tick people off. I heard a rumor that all loops were pet friendly now. Help...lol
  12. Starbuc71

    Dragon caught fire today

    Maybe now they can go back to the Christmas garland on main st.
  13. Just remember. Bigger is not always better. When we had our 40 ft TT we ended up spending more time inside the RV instead of doing what camping was all about. Being outside, playing with the kids and enjoying the hammock. I know you folks with the big rigs will say I’m full of it, but the new little 19ft we bought is turning out to be the most fun we had in a camper in a long time. It pulls like a dream and super easy to park. No swearing at the fort trying to get a 45 ft 5er in a tiny site here.
  14. I totally agree. Coming from a guy who has never been on a cruise, I can’t see dumping that much money. I have the fear of the day walking on the boat saying,”this is the best thing ever” to the day walking off the boat saying,” what the hell did I just do dumping all that money?” We were supposed to go on a Disney cruise a few years back but we just couldn’t afford it. I agree with supply and demand but it makes a lot of people unhappy. I guess who am I to talk when camping for a week at Disney with site, food and tickets will put me back around $1600.....for CAMPING. WTF...
  15. Starbuc71

    GDF Visits the Dark Side

    Last time I was at universal, they had just opened up back to the future. I think I was 20. I’m now almost 50. I guess a lot has changed. Have fun