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  1. As much as we complain about changes, it’s amazing how some of those pics and areas look like they were filmed yesterday. The castaway MK boat and the smaller ones have not changed along with pioneer hall and the trading post. Great video. Especially the long missed railroad
  2. They are probably fake splinters like the memory bricks at MK they are giving to people who had them. Political red tape..lol
  3. I know I can be a complainer and even a Debby downer a lot of the time, but this is just BS. What the hell are they doing? They own so much land and they are purposely building this right on top of the fort. Iger ruined Disney. He has no love for the fort, just money. I’m sure we can debate DVC all day here, but in my opinion it’s just another cash cow scam. This gets me so upset that the most peaceful and beautiful place in all of Disney is slowly going to the wayside. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time until something drastic happens at the campgrounds. Can you imagine the people that will be going to the campfire and the meadows pool once this is built? I’m sure there will be a card reader to get into the resort but nothing to get into the fort. So so sad. I’m glad we had the memories we did. Good luck faithful Disney campers. You’re going to need it
  4. I agree with you, but In past references on this site, locals were tagged as freeloaders who used amenities without being a paying fort visitor. Not saying per say that people who live in Florida are all freeloaders. You get the point
  5. Wow, didn’t expect that kind of response from you. I’m not looking at the glass half empty. I have been very Cordele about what and how I said things on here and most are true even if they are my opinion. You sound more jealous that you can’t be a fort weekend warrior like we used to be. I hate the negativity about Florida people on here. There is a difference in definition between Floridian and locals when dealing with the fort. All the more reason why I’m happy not to be a camper anymore. Probably my last post now 😡
  6. Wow. This is the most response I ever got on a topic I started. I’m proud of myself. LOL. I have to say, besides the fort prices, the price of park tickets etc., we still think camping at the fort is not like it used to be. As more and more people have found the hidden treasure at the fort, it’s become more crowed and not as relaxing. Large groups or groups of friends come together more often and like most of the people nowadays, they have no respect for other campers and only care about themselves. Many times last year on our trips, small children were not being watched while the parents sit and consume beverages, golf carts are being driven recklessly by both adults and underage drivers, people are constantly cutting through your site knocking things over, more and more non resort guest are taking over the amenities and the pool you could cross walking from head to head. I guess because we used to go so frequently we notice these things vs people who visit once a year or so. How about the campers that pile non garbage things like patio blocks, broken camper parts and chairs etc. near the trash cans. one time we saw a recliner next to the trash can. It’s a shame it’s not like it was. Wait till the abomination II gets built next door. You will have all those guest looping on rented golf carts, surey bikes and whatever else they can rent to look at all the camping folks. I’m sure this thread will have more comments and agreement when that happens. Security is a joke. Every time they get a good head of security that enforces the rules but is not a jerk, they get promoted or quit.
  7. .....hence another reason the fort is just crazy now and not like it used to be. I guess my kids will be adults when we can finally get a fast pass for anything Star Wars
  8. Unfortunately, I work 60 hours a week and don’t make enough money to enjoy the fort like we used to. I know times have changed but it seems to me the prices with everything always increased but not as fast as they do now. You never heard of people complaint about fort prices until about 5 years ago. I also understand that you need to spend money to make money and in order to have the money to spend to increase your business, it comes from the consumer/ customer. Like I said when I started this thread, I’m not here to bash Disney and their prices. Their financial model just does not fit my wallet anymore. And for those of you with disposable incomes, well to do retirees, and people who have mega time off, God bless you and yes, I’m jealous. I will die before retirement.
  9. When we had our 40’ toyhauler ww camped in both June and July and would never do it again. We live in FL so are aware of the heat. Both months it was so hot the ac would never stop running until around 10pm. It would actually freeze up and blow ice chips from time to time. We ended up spending 85% of our time watching TV inside the RV. I finally told the wife we could do this at home more comfortably
  10. This is how this thread started. Us, being local, used to be able to do 1 week a year (spring break) and usually 5 days at thanksgiving. We would get maybe 2 or 3 long weekend trips (3 day, 2 nights) back when availability was there. Now with the price and the availability issue.. we’re done. Back where this thread started.
  11. You are probably right. We are one of those pesky locals who used to clog up the fort on the weekends with a weekend trip. We work so during the week is out. At least there will be one less local family taking up a weekend reservation now..lol
  12. No trailer, no camping...enough said
  13. I put in every weekend after 8/29 and no type of site available. Not that we are camping anymore
  14. I LOVE Star Wars, but I’m not going to join the insanity. Hell, we still can’t get on the stupid slinky thing
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