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  1. I agree. If I don’t pay or visit, someone else will. That’s what justifies a new DVC resort. Just like this site. 10 years ago was a whole different group of campers here. I think many gave up camping at the fort, some still troll here and others like myself gave it up all together. This will probably be my last post here for a long time. Good luck all
  2. My family and I decided to visit the fort and have dinner at trails end this past Sunday. We have not visited since we camped there in May of 2018. I don’t post much here anymore since I’m not a camper anymore and I will rarely post but will from time to time. We knew there were changes happening at the fort due to the new abomination that’s not being built next door, but being built right on top of the fort. We were disgusted on what they are doing at the settlement area. With all that’s being taken away, we were surprised they didn’t tear down pioneer hall. They are basically building right around it on three sides. We also loved the sign that stated “enjoy our new beach”. They basically took the lounge chairs and put them right of the docks on a piece of sand not even the fraction of the size of the old beach. Moving the playground to the middle of the golf cart path is an accident waiting to happen. Once again, we were so blessed to spend time at the fort when Disney cared about the campers. IMHO i don’t think taking some trees down and throwing rock down to make a meadows parking lot is a huge improvement. Just so sad. 😥😥😥😥
  3. You’re absolutely right about a Star Wars fan expecting more. As I stated, they should have used the un-used spaces to make the shops and “bars” larger and feel like the park was full of things to do. They will never add to it for a long time. Maybe a new ice cream cart here or there. I still enjoyed it , but as a die hard Star Wars fan I thought it could be better
  4. No fast pass que at SR. It should have one by now since we never saw the wait time more than 65 minutes all weekend. I think the land and SR were so over hyped and unless you were a total Star Wars nerd, it was a bit of a let down.
  5. It actually does not look like a dirty town but more like maybe Asia at animal kingdom. I agree on this skyliner. I would have been the guy waving taking a wiz out the window if I was stuck that long on it.
  6. As I stated in another topic, this weekend was our swan song for our annual passes. Being a huge Star Wars fan, I had to check out Galaxy’s Edge before our passes expired. I did not get my hopes to high from what everybody said about the land itself and smugglers run not being the best thing since sliced bread. I’ll have to say, a lot of time and imagination went into the area, but I did not feel like I was immersed in a Star Wars world. It felt more like walking through a wider animal kingdom then stumbling upon some Star Wars stuff all shoved together in the back corner. The shopping area is way to small with a lot of dead space in the land where it all should have been built. The food choices are horrible and the $8.00 for a tiny glass of frozen blue (or green) milk is a great way to throw your money away. The “to scale” ships and speeders are awesome, especially to a person like myself that waited my whole life to see the falcon in person, but you can’t touch them. It was also said there would be a ton of characters walking around to bring you into the Star Wars world and interact with you Wrong.. only saw 2 storm troopers who were talking to each other. Must be a union thing. Smugglers run is cool, except the story for me. Unless you watched Rebels, you would have no clue who Hondo is and there is so much going on in the movie on the cockpit screen, you end up just pushing buttons with no clue on what your doing or what the heck is going on. Forget about taking in the sights of the cockpit because the Next thing you know, the cast member is yelling to move and get out in some kind of friendly way. I guess I’ll say, I was not disappointed, but I can say you can tell Disney built it and not George Lucas. It could have been so much more. I would have at least expected more to the entrance to the land at both entrances. Again it feels like 50% Animal Kingdom and 50% Something kind of out of Star Wars. Rise of the resistance is supposed to be ground breaking, but I’m not disappointed we won’t be going. I do have to say, we rode slinky dog for the first time, and that was the highlight of the day. Never thought I’d say that.
  7. I like the progress but your right. On busy days now it’s impossible to move or leave the parks because of construction. I guess it’s funny how I complain about construction now when a few years back we all complained that there was never any progress. I just hate with progress prices go up and price out us normal people
  8. We took a day trip to Epcot and MK this past weekend. It’s all great that they are putting money into the parks and roadways, but slow down a bit. Every way you turn your being directed to a detour weather in the parks, waiting for a bus or trying to drive there. I would hate to plan a magical trip thousands of miles away to see all this construction and areas closed. I’m all for progress but this also increases ticket and food prices. The food is also off the chart these days. We went to Biergarten in Germany and dropped over $280 for the 4 of us. Gotta love that my 10 year old is considered an adult. None of the food is worth the prices they are charging. Things are getting out of control. Our AP expire in 30 days then I’m throwing all our Magic bands in the trash. First they out priced us from the campground now it’s everything else. We are going there for a long weekend in a few weeks for our swan song to at least see Galaxy edge which I hear is Wayyyyy over hyped. Nice that they couldn’t even finish the back sides of the rock spires so it looks like crap from the road. Bob Iger can’t leave quick enough. Hope he takes Kathleen Kennedy with him and replace them with someone who really knew what Walt’s dream was, a place where “EVERYONE “ can enjoy. (Not just the rich and famous)
  9. As much as we complain about changes, it’s amazing how some of those pics and areas look like they were filmed yesterday. The castaway MK boat and the smaller ones have not changed along with pioneer hall and the trading post. Great video. Especially the long missed railroad
  10. They are probably fake splinters like the memory bricks at MK they are giving to people who had them. Political red tape..lol
  11. I know I can be a complainer and even a Debby downer a lot of the time, but this is just BS. What the hell are they doing? They own so much land and they are purposely building this right on top of the fort. Iger ruined Disney. He has no love for the fort, just money. I’m sure we can debate DVC all day here, but in my opinion it’s just another cash cow scam. This gets me so upset that the most peaceful and beautiful place in all of Disney is slowly going to the wayside. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time until something drastic happens at the campgrounds. Can you imagine the people that will be going to the campfire and the meadows pool once this is built? I’m sure there will be a card reader to get into the resort but nothing to get into the fort. So so sad. I’m glad we had the memories we did. Good luck faithful Disney campers. You’re going to need it
  12. I agree with you, but In past references on this site, locals were tagged as freeloaders who used amenities without being a paying fort visitor. Not saying per say that people who live in Florida are all freeloaders. You get the point
  13. Wow, didn’t expect that kind of response from you. I’m not looking at the glass half empty. I have been very Cordele about what and how I said things on here and most are true even if they are my opinion. You sound more jealous that you can’t be a fort weekend warrior like we used to be. I hate the negativity about Florida people on here. There is a difference in definition between Floridian and locals when dealing with the fort. All the more reason why I’m happy not to be a camper anymore. Probably my last post now 😡
  14. Wow. This is the most response I ever got on a topic I started. I’m proud of myself. LOL. I have to say, besides the fort prices, the price of park tickets etc., we still think camping at the fort is not like it used to be. As more and more people have found the hidden treasure at the fort, it’s become more crowed and not as relaxing. Large groups or groups of friends come together more often and like most of the people nowadays, they have no respect for other campers and only care about themselves. Many times last year on our trips, small children were not being watched while the parents sit and consume beverages, golf carts are being driven recklessly by both adults and underage drivers, people are constantly cutting through your site knocking things over, more and more non resort guest are taking over the amenities and the pool you could cross walking from head to head. I guess because we used to go so frequently we notice these things vs people who visit once a year or so. How about the campers that pile non garbage things like patio blocks, broken camper parts and chairs etc. near the trash cans. one time we saw a recliner next to the trash can. It’s a shame it’s not like it was. Wait till the abomination II gets built next door. You will have all those guest looping on rented golf carts, surey bikes and whatever else they can rent to look at all the camping folks. I’m sure this thread will have more comments and agreement when that happens. Security is a joke. Every time they get a good head of security that enforces the rules but is not a jerk, they get promoted or quit.
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