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  1. I found some old maps here and have the iron-on vinyl. That's next on my list after I finish my current project!
  2. Here are a couple of pics from our first trip to the Fort. Notice the dog hiding under the picnic table.
  3. We'll be there on NYE. No one in our group of two families wants to go to the parks in that mess. Glad to know there is stuff on the beach!
  4. We were at the Wilderness Lodge during Jeanne, so I can't speak to what they do with the Fort people, but I am curious now that we only camp. Got there a day or two before the eye came through. My parents went with us and my dad kept saying we should postpone or cancel. I was like, they just got hit 2 weeks before, what are the odds another one will come to Central FL? Pretty doggone good, it turned out. But it was all fine. Disney made it very clear in plenty of time that everyone would be confined to their rooms for 24 hrs. We bought some crayons and coloring books for the boys (th
  5. Very cute. I bet I can dig up some old maps here somewhere. I'll just add it to my ever-growing sewing list!
  6. LOL, I was thinking the same thing, but am too new to say anything.
  7. I realize this thread is super old but just wanted to chime in in case someone else is in the market that we have the screen in the link above and love it. Have had movie nights at several campgrounds. We did have an inflatable one before, but it was too loud and people like me who can't hear dialog over background noise didn't like it.
  8. Alright, I read somewhere that the Premium sites have square 4'x4' tables and the pics on Disney seem to confirm that. So, carry on.
  9. Hi, did not see any info in a search so I apologize if there is info here already. I plan on making some tablecloths for Christmas at FW. Does anyone know the measurements of the picnic tables there? Seems like there are 2, maybe 3 different sizes of tables at campgrounds I've been to. State parks usually have the giant concrete ones. Some places have the small wooden ones, and some have a slightly larger version of that. I'm thinking FW is the one in the middle, but I could be remembering wrong. Anyone there now want to take some measurements? Please & thank you.
  10. Will do. Interestingly, I just went to MDE and clicked Modify and it brought up drop-down dates for me to change the check-in or check-out dates. That's as far as I got as I was too chicken since I don't know exactly what day we want to go yet. But I will definitely try that before speaking to a person.
  11. Just read some of that thread. Did I read correctly that you were able to drop some? We currently have 12/21-12/31 and 12/31-1/1. Was planning on dropping a couple at the beginning and hoping to merge the two. I really don't care about the merging IF they don't make us change campsites (both res are premium). The last time I called, the CM said if I got that extra day online I could just tell them at check-in I had two res and they'd keep us in the same site, but that seems iffy to me. I will call when I'm in a better mindset for calling. :D Edited to fix my dates
  12. Very interesting. I wonder if I would be grandfathered since I made the res before they changed the policy? I have called a couple of times to add days and no one mentioned a new policy to me.
  13. What do you mean by this? Like, how are they making it harder? I thought you could change your res up to a week (or whatever) before check-in without any penalty. Right now we have 10 days but probably won't go that long. Also, I have seen these before but your post reminded me - where do you get the map in your sig? We have one on our camper but I wouldn't mind a digital one. I suppose I could google. Never mind!
  14. True! I will say I sometimes miss ours. But then I use my own bathroom or shower or put food in our bigger fridge in our MH, and I'm okay. Enjoy camping life! Sorry for the double. Can't see how to delete one.
  15. True! I will say I sometimes miss ours. But then I use my own bathroom or shower or put food in our bigger fridge in our MH, and I'm okay. Enjoy camping life!
  16. LOL. We got a pop-up in Oct. and sold it the next year, but went to a 40' MH. I personally didn't think we needed all that, but last summer we did a 7 week cross country trip with our 2 kids and dog so my husband wanted to be comfortable. I was glad - we never felt cramped.
  17. We stayed at Blue Spring and loved it. We have a 40 ft. MH, so it can be a challenge sometimes to get to campgrounds and in sites. The site we reserved was plenty big and we didn't have any problems. We were there in Apr. '14 and some in our group tubed in the spring. FTR, they get a lot of manatees in the winter so tubing/swimming is not allowed then. Would love to go there then and see them all. The water was amazingly clear like in the OP pics of the other park and the trees draping the spring were beautiful.
  18. Ok, thanks. More $$$ too. I am going to try to make some chicken wire balls. :D
  19. I drove through Stage Coach last time I was visiting family in Jax and was not impressed.
  20. Hard to see the state lines on my Google maps, but I think this one is not exactly Southern GA, but it may help someone else reading here. We stayed at Inland Harbor RV Park in Darien, GA, right off I-95, easy on/off. Easiest overnight ever. It's on the small side, but I called on the road at the end of Christmas-NY week and was able to get a spot, plus they were building a new row when we were there. IIRC, they are all pull-throughs. I think there is a Waffle House and a McDonald's in walking distance.
  21. Wow, going this Christmas and suddenly feeling a little nervous like I should start shopping/making stuff now. Stupid question, how do these people run all that stuff without tripping breakers? I did once when I was drying my hair and there was a space heater and griddle on the same one.
  22. We loved Camp Gulf in Destin (well, Miramar Beach to be more precise). Definitely plan to go back. Would go all the time if it didn't take so long to get there from here. Have also stayed at Bryn Mawr in St. Augustine. Not the nicest campground, but proximity to beach was excellent. My SIL stayed at North Beach (St. Aug as well?) and liked it, but you have to cross the road to get to the beach. My camping friends have done Hunting Island SP, SC, and loved it. We have also done Jekyll Island, GA, but it rained the whole time so I never actually saw how far the campground was from t
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