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  1. I never did get to try it BCD (Before Celiac Disease). Looks delish.
  2. I've found some good Instant Pot or pressure cooker recipes on Pinterest. This Mongolian beef is really good. http://www.pressurecookingtoday.com/pressure-cooker-mongolian-beef/ Also made some mini cheesecakes that turned out great. http://www.pressurecookingtoday.com/pressure-cooker-heart-shaped-cheesecake/ I usually just use it for stewing frozen chicken. I did also pin instructions for cooking ground beef in it straight from the freezer. It actually worked and tasted good. Great for people like me who can never remember to thaw things.
  3. Those don't look cozy enough inside to be called cabins. IOW, I agree with whoever said in another thread that these interiors are horrible.
  4. My boys loved them back in Christmas '15. They were told in the safety briefing to not put their hands over the side into the water. I said, is that because of gators?, and he said yes. Hope they still have them.
  5. That's the route we took to/from Acadia and Charlotte last summer. It seemed to work well. I have not seen the KOA in Ft. Mill, but Carowinds has a campground that would be a great overnight, right off I-77, pull-throughs.
  6. There are Duraflame logs specially made for roasting/cooking.
  7. Yeah, I don't use a picnic table at any campground without a tablecloth. Edit: wish I could just delete this. I need to pay attention to where I'm reading in the thread and any replies after before I jump in.
  8. Wish I was there! I would totally hit some with you even though I'm just a 3.5 (well a friend and I joke that we are 3.75s). Good luck getting some tennis in and enjoy your stay at the fort.
  9. Yeah, mine was after a 7 day cruise. The effect lasted from Sat. - Wed. So, we have a pool in our back yard. It is about half the length of a 25m pool. I decided to swim laps one day after lunch. I felt so sick afterwards. I told my husband maybe I shouldn't have eaten before and he said, "you are probably seasick." After reflecting on the state of the water while I was swimming, dang if he wasn't right.
  10. That is good to know! Not sure my husband will ever do another cruise though. He has an irrational fear of stomach bugs and has to point out every time he sees a story about a Norovirus outbreak on a cruise ship. To be fair, he & my oldest son get stomach bugs more often than normal. The only way I talked him into doing the last one was that another family we know was going too. They ended up not going because their son (who also gets stomach bugs easily) was throwing up the day before. So, true story - my husband actually got sick on the ship! We had seen a lady he worked with the day
  11. Thanks! I hope so. He definitely is a people person dog so will love meeting new folks at campgrounds.
  12. I know! I had one breeder tell me "don't pick a puppy because it's cute. They're all cute."
  13. I have really bad motion sickness (most recently threw up after riding Everest) but decided to try a cruise a few years ago. I took Bonine every night, starting 2 nights before getting on. I also took the bracelets, but only wore them once or twice. I definitely could feel things others couldn't, like when we left port. You could see the curtains swaying in the theater, so it wasn't like it was calm. I think it was at Grand Cayman that we had to take a smaller boat to shore (forgot what that procedure is called). That was kind of bad. but I never got sick. My worst problem was it took lik
  14. We have a big rig as well. Have done Preferred, and that site (maybe 302) remains one of the top 2 hardest ones we've ever had to get in in lots of campgrounds. Next time we did Premium and were in 524. I do not recommend that one either. Yeah, it was big enough, but the placement of the trash cans, a tree, and the little green utility things made for a very hard back-in as well. So while the app is great for showing site size, it doesn't show surrounding issues. Good luck!
  15. We got a new little guy right before Thanksgiving. His name is Winston and he has not been camping yet, but he's been on the motorhome a couple of times at our storage place. He was afraid the first time but did better the 2nd. Here's a pic of him in the snow we had in Jan. He's bigger now! I think he is just over 4 months old (born Sep 28). He's started losing his fuzzy puppy coat and razor sharp puppy teeth, and he loves to chew on anything. Oh, also you can see in the pics he has a stripe above his nose where the fur grows in the opposite direction.
  16. So sorry, Mo. It is a very hard thing.
  17. So, my husband read that the pipeline broke again in the same place and shortages would be worse this time. If I was a good poster, I'd research that and provide a link.
  18. I drove through there once on a scouting mission. It did look pretty level. Other than that I was not impressed.
  19. My laptop is a Macbook. There are other pics on this site that I can't see. They just show up as white space and then I gather from the posts that there are pics. These have a gray circle with a dash in it, so at least I know there are pics there. I guess it is an apple thing.
  20. I don't even have my Halloween decorations out of the attic yet. Maybe I'll skip doing the house this year and just do our campsite Halloween weekend. It seems every year I have a cold in early-mid Oct. when I want to put them up, and then it pours rain for 3 days after Halloween when I want to take them down.
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