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  1. Ellie just turned 10 in June. We had talked about getting a puppy before she got sick so she could help socialize, but it never happened. Thinking about getting 2 next time.
  2. Sorry to hear that as well. Goldens are amazing dogs - just have that stupid, pesky cancer. How old was Shelby?
  3. I hope you have a good time and don't miss her too much.
  4. Thanks, guys, for all the kind words. We know they aren't going to live forever (as we're not either), but it's still hard.
  5. Yes, Ellie, the Golden Retriever that is in 95% of my pics on here. Took her to the oncologist this morning and while she wasn't sure without a biopsy, it seems she has a pretty aggressive cancer. She still seems pretty normal except for a bad limp, where she has a giant tumor on her back leg. Has a new tumor on a front leg, skin lesions multiplying daily, swollen lymph nodes, and possibly something in her abdomen. She was a great camping dog, and we always joked that she liked camping more than any of us. Found this old puppy pic on Photobucket.
  6. Yes, the park models and new pavement are new since last year. I think that bar has been there as long as I've been going (maybe 3 or 4 years?), but maybe not that huge deck area.
  7. Took some pics of the campground this time instead of just my campsite! So, there are 3 levels here. The rows are dead-ends and tight. We stayed on Level 2 the first time and would have never gotten out to leave if the sites across from us weren't empty. The lake front level is all pull-in. The road down to lake front used to be filled with gouges so we never wanted to try that tier. They have repaved and I don't see any gouges in the new pavement, so maybe they made the angle better. There are 5 or 6 terraced pull-in sites right when you come in the gate. We have gotten one of those
  8. I don't think I have either. Not because my parents banned sugar cereals or anything - I was a Fruity Pebbles or Fruit Loops girl. Is it peanut buttery or am I thinking of something else? When I was in college, the dining hall always had cereals and soft serve, so one of my favorite things to do was get chocolate ice cream with rice krispies on it. I remember trying something else if they were out of rice krispies that may have been cap'n crunch. So maybe I'm lying. Doesn't matter - I can't eat it now so I wouldn't be ordering the chicken anyway.
  9. Finished the 2 others I was working on. Could not find my patterns for these anywhere. They are free, but you have to email the lady or sign up or whatever, which I had already done, so I just got my 2 and copied the pieces onto this papery stuff. So they may look slightly different in spots. Still cute though. I also did much better on the binding on the first one I finished (gray binding). I think maybe the gray fabric was a better fabric than the red. Anyhoo....
  10. Finished another row. Now just 6 to go and the actual quilting (which I'm not sure how to go about). I'll let you guess where this one is from. It was a LOT of cutting and piecing but the pattern had great step-by-step instructions, so even a n00b like me was able to do it. PS - it looks a little uneven in the pic but that's just the angle. It's hard to fit these things in a picture. And in case you were wondering, I have a flannel sheet hanging on the wall to make a "design wall" and that's what it's hanging on.
  11. I'm not ever near I-75, but others have mentioned some good app resources. We have never overnighted at a Flying J/Pilot but usually fuel up at those and have rested for a bit at some. The last one we stopped at had a separate RV lot. We have a 40ft Class A and were really too big for those spots, but we stayed for a little while. That is the only one I remember seeing a separate RV lot, and it had a sign that said 3 hr. max. So, I wouldn't count on those unless you can find out before hand. The myPilot app tells you the number of parking spots, but I don't see that it specifies if there
  12. I would LOVE to sell stuff, justify a better sewing machine, etc., but I have this problem where I am a perfectionist who lacks the skills to make something look perfect enough to sell.
  13. Well, she doesn't really live up to that name, but she's a good dog. It goes a little like this: 1) you throw something and she ignores you, 2) she brings something when you're doing something else and then won't drop it, 3) you throw something and she returns it to someone else. She turned 10 this summer and is having a hard time with one of her back legs. We have to lift her rear end to help her get into the motorhome.
  14. Just realized I need to update the map in my signature, but I can't remember how I did it. Got it!
  15. It's funny - he always says I tell him the wrong thing, but I've come to realize he just doesn't listen to me, and if there is another man around when we are backing into a site, I will always let him take over.
  16. I try to take pics of our campsite everywhere we go, but I'm not the best at photographing the actual campground. So here are some I took on our latest trip. KOA Oceanside, Bar Harbor, ME We had a nice big grassy site with a great view for most of our time there. It was also super windy for all but one day. Not coincidentally, that same day the mosquitos were all over us. No sewer hookups here, but they did have pump-out service available. I was not impressed with the showers. The dog park was away from the ocean and we only took our dog there one night because the mosquitos w
  17. Currently making a set of these for some friends that just got a new camper. Will post a pic when I finish. But..I forgot to post I made a whole bunch back in the spring for me & all my camping buddies. I wanted to pick coordinating fabric for the two to each person but then I wanted to have a different overall look for each person, so it was a challenge picking all the fabric, even with my extensive (some might say too large fabric) stash. So, here are my notes in case you want to make some. The binding was a little tricky. I don't really like how I did it on the first ones, but
  18. We always stop at that one, too! Maybe we'll see you some day. ;-)
  19. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I personally wouldn't do it because it'd be a hassle getting there and how much candy do you need. However, the neighborhood I grew up in was a circle and tons of people would just drop their kids off from elsewhere and let them walk around the whole thing. So, it's not that foreign of a concept to me. I camp every Halloween in a much smaller campground but take candy and give it out to any kids that come by, just like if I were at home. If I lived near the Fort but didn't have a lot of neighbors or was in a not great neighborhood, I would want to take
  20. Yeah, when I had shoulder surgery they gave me some and made me wear them for like 3 days. They look like white thigh highs. I did save them. Should probably wear them on trips, but since I don't really drive, I can get up and move around whenever.
  21. We did 650 miles one day on our return trip from ME. Mr. CJHokie does all the driving and he does not like to drive in the dark because he apparently needs glasses, so we usually don't go that long.
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