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  1. WrigleysWagon

    Price increase on drinks and snacks

    We have resigned to the fact that a backpack is the new normal for us. I'm not a huge fan, but it's the best we have figured out so far.
  2. WrigleysWagon

    Be Our Guest now serving alcohol at all meals

  3. WrigleysWagon

    Price increase on drinks and snacks

    That's probably the goal. Price out the "economy" guests, and target the ones with lots of cash who are willing to let it go. Keeps crowds lower, so lower operating costs, but the revenue keeps coming in. Unfortunate though, if that is the plan...
  4. WrigleysWagon

    Major changes for COE and Govt campground Reservations

    Probably had something to do with the Feds fiscal year starting on Oct. 1st. I'm sure it's a budgetary issue.
  5. WrigleysWagon

    Post Your Pictures From the Fort Here!

    1700 loop. Love it!
  6. WrigleysWagon

    Sammy Duvall's

    Anybody hear why Sammy Duvall's closed down, or if anyone else will be filling that spot? https://sammyduvall.com
  7. +1 on the NOCO Genius chargers. Love mine!
  8. WrigleysWagon

    Bus wait times coming to the app

    Indeed it does. My wife just updated the app, and that's one of the first things she mentioned.
  9. WrigleysWagon

    Full hookup loop request suggestions

    Down here now and got a spot in 1700. Wow, what a great loop. When we checked in the guy said we were given a 1900 spot. He grimaced a little, then ask if we had another preference. So glad, I can't see going back to preferred sites if we can get one of these!
  10. WrigleysWagon

    Smoky Mountain Area Campsite

    We really like Smoky Bear campground. It's a little out there on East Pkwy, but not too bad. Maybe 15 minutes to downtown Gatlinburg.
  11. WrigleysWagon

    KOA In Horse Cave Ky

    Looks like you had fun!! We live an hour, hour and half, north of mammoth cave and go there fairly often for quick weekend trips. Last time we stayed at a place called Singing Hills. Pretty basic, but the owners were super nice. Fairly level spots, a big field to play with the dog, swings, and a small pond. We've never stayed at the Jellystone, but I've heard mixed reviews from from friends who have been there. Last we checked they sell a day pass to enjoy the activities even if you aren't camping there. Maybe something to consider...
  12. WrigleysWagon

    Closest family beach to WDW

    We are in 343. It's an improved site on the eastern side of the park. Looking forward to it.
  13. WrigleysWagon

    Closest family beach to WDW

    We're headed to Jetty Park campground, in a couple weeks before our trip to the fort. Il let you know what we think if you're interested.
  14. Great point! Also remember that you will need water hoses, sewer hoses, electrical protection, levelers, chocks, etc., etc. The list goes on and on. There is a never ending array of offerings for RV accessories. You may not need to buy it all at once, but it adds up quick. And if you decide to buy from a dealer insist that a "starter kit" be thrown in after you settle on a price. It will all eventually be replaced with higher quality equipment, but it will get you going. If buying from an individual consider having someone who does RV service give it a once over. They may charge you a nominal fee, but it could save you big bucks down the road, and offer a little peace of mind. Hope you find something and enjoy!
  15. WrigleysWagon

    Whispering Hills - Georgetown KY

    We went there with the intention of going to the Ark, but it was just a bit to pricey for this trip. I would highly recommend this place though. The last little bit of road is pretty rough, but other than that, pretty easy to get to. GPS wanted to take us through downtown Georgetown, but you definitely want to use exit 129 on I-75. Hope you have fun!