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  1. Don't know how new this is, but I never saw it until last night. I also can't speak for its accuracy, but a nice idea anyway. It is located in a weird spot though. It is at the outpost bus depot, facing the road, at the end of the bus stop where busses enter.
  2. Update: we were assigned site 215. It's an inside loop, a little tricky getting in but no big deal with our little camper. Has worked out will so far. Thanks again for all the advice!
  3. If you squint really hard you can see our tiny camper in out spot!
  4. Got here around 9:30 this morning. They welcomed us "home". I think that made the entire 17hr drive for my wife. Site wasnt ready yet, they're supposed to text. Anybody else here now?
  5. Awesome, thanks everybody! Looking forward to a long drive tomorrow!
  6. Headed to the Fort this weekend! Woot! Anyway this is our first trip bringing the bicycles to get around with. I now there are places to park and lock up bikes near the marina, but what about the outpost depot? We're leaning towards the bikes but are staying in the 100/200 loop and I'm not sure if its worth it we can't take them all way down there. Thanks Brian
  7. What is point of Fort Fiends if not to improve the enjoyment of a visit to the fort? If problems need to be addressed, let's do it!
  8. There was one at the marina last time we were at the fort. Not a 12 footer by any means! Wilderness staff were very quick to remove the gator and get back to business. They seem to be pretty good at dealing with wildlife issues from what I've seen. I wouldn't let it upset your trip. Have fun!
  9. Later in month, we land the 22nd. And it can't come soon enough!!
  10. Thanks everybody for the replies. We have our request in for a site on the outside of the loop, 228 I think. I guess we'll do the drive around and see what's open thing if we get a spot close to the basketball court. Thanks again!
  11. I've checked out the app and it is great. 210 was actually on our short list. I always like to get 1st hand knowledge of noises, shade, peivacy, ect. from folks that had been there if possible. We stayed in 402 and loved it. Easy to park, huge site, close comfort station, close to the marina. Our camper is very small though, so the big site didn't help us much with shade, and there was a little road noise. We just decided to go with preferred over premium this trip.
  12. Hello all. I did a quick search but didn't see what I was looking for. We're headed to the fort next month and the time has come to request our site. We have only ever stayed in the 400 loop, so I was curious if anyone had some firsthand knowledge of a good spot in the 200 loop. I have heard they are all pretty good, but I'd like to stay away from the b-ball court and the spots right on the road. Any advice would be appreciate . Thanks.
  13. A subtle T-shirt or sweatshirt. The cheap toys break before you get home, and the pins are fun to collect and nice to look at, but a shirt could give you years of service. It may be a little boring but you'll remember your trip every time you put it on.
  14. Does anyone know what the weight limit on these is supposed to be. I looked on the manufacturers website, but couldn't find it. Our trailer is a small single axel TT with a gross weight of about 3300-3500 lbs. We usually come in around 3000 or less fully loaded if memory serves.
  15. Camping world was just the first link I saw to copy so you could see what I was talking about. I've been interested in this for a while. The negatives I hear about it are pretty consistant. Most people talk about the screw and/or the nut that it runs through stripping out rather easily. Is this something that can be replaced with something of higher quality. Or are the reports of failure over stated? I think I'm sold on the idea after seeing the recommendations here. The craigslist hunt is on.
  16. More expensive by far, but I don't know if I would agree with the more work part. It seems so simple and quick! Leveling from side to side is the part of setting up our camper that I hate the most. Granted I'm pretty new to the game and don't have a ton of experience.
  17. Anyone have any first hand experience with these? It looks like it would work well for my camper, but I've read some mixed reviews. Thanks. http://www.campingworld.com/shopping/item/bal-light-trailer-tire-leveler/21017
  18. We are coming from just south of Louisville KY and want to avoid Atlanta, as we really can't time our arrival. We are planning on taking I-65 south to Montgomery, then US 231 through Dothan AL to I-10. 10 to 75 around Lake City/Gainesville then on to Orlando. The Google says it add about an hour, but honestly I don't think we've gone through Atlanta and not been held up for at least an hour. Last time through it was 3hr. Others on here have said its good road, we'll see in May how it works out.
  19. I downloaded one, called "RV Parks and Campgrounds". It was free and see to be really helpful. It will tell you the top 15 rv parks in the area you have pulled up on the map. It will refresh as you zoom in/out. It will also show you gas stations, truck stops, rest areas, walmarts, cracker barrels, etc. on the map. don't know how much I trust the reviews, may want to do a little independent research, but that goes for just about anything. I got it from the google play store, don't know if its available on apple.
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