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  1. Awesome. That's definitely the plan for the next trip down, except we will take 65 straight down to Montgomery then get on 85 for a couple miles. And thanks for the offer on the help! Hopefully you wont "accidently" confuse a left/right turn, seeing as how we are from Wildcat country!!
  2. Hey, Thanks. We were down last week for the Not So Scary Halloween Party. Unfortunately we weren't staying at the fort. We'll be there in a couple of months, and can't wait.
  3. We saw thier set up too! It was nice. Actually thier Fort Fiends signs is what led us to this forum!
  4. Customized magic bands are coming to tomorrowland in the MK! http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2015/10/retail-magicband-on-demand-opens-in-tomorrowland-at-magic-kingdom-park/
  5. I know this an older post but, in May both Chip and Dale were out at the campfire before the movie. They signed autographs, posed for pictures, and played with the kiddos drawing with sidewalk chalk. It was one of the highlights of my boys trip. It was pretty interactive, more than just a quick pic in the parks then off you go.
  6. We've tried the neck pillow, it just doesn't fit well between the head protectors on the booster. It actually pushed his head further out. Fladogfan, the seat pet is basically a stuffed animal that attaches to the seat belt. I think they sell them at walgreens, we're going to check them out next time we're by there.
  7. It may be slow, but I take it as a good thing that they are still upgrading the fort. At least they are not just letting it fade away.
  8. So I remenbered if I pull the seatbelt all the way out, then let it retract, it locks the seatbelt so no slack can be let out. To unlock it, it has to be fully retracted. That might help a little, but he could still slump pretty easily. A seat pet on Amazon is around $15, may give that a shot.
  9. I hadn't even looked at 84 I'll have to check that out. We live a stones throw away from 65 in KY so a route that would keep us out of Atlanta and off the crummy roads in Chattanooga would be great. And thanks for the tip on getting through Montgomery!
  10. That is true, even most of crummy hotels have WiFi. I guess better late than never.
  11. Hey Beckers, He's 6, and currently uses a booster with a back. It works ok to keep him from sliding sideways. The problem is when he slumps forward, then he is basically out of the seatbelt, and his head is just hanging there. The seat pet is interesting, I'll have to look into that. Thanks!
  12. Hey all, My son does great on long drives, but sometimes he wants to catch a nap. It's ok for him to sleep but he always seems to slump over in his booster seat. Has anyone figured out a way to keep the kiddos up-right while still being buckled in? Thanks, Brian
  13. AuburnChris, that was exactly the plan! According to Google it only adds about an hour to the trip. Well worth it if true. Worth a shot anyway. Are you familiar with 231? Is that good road? It looks like mostly 4 lane, which is right in my 60mph wheelhouse.
  14. Oh, gotcha. Never tried going in that gate. On a separate note, last time we camped at the fort, either the MB readers have an amazing range,or the gates just lifted on their own. (Or a guard I guess) on a couple of occasions I didn't even have time to roll the window down before the gates were coming up!
  15. "Wonder if my magicband will open gate at Fort Wilderness, am going to visit my son there and just wondering if I can open the back gate or if I need to go through guard to get in." Back Gate???
  16. Thanks for the replies! Atlanta is about the halfway point of our trip. Were hesitant to drive straight through. Towing the camper would make that a 16hr +/- drive and result in paying for a night at the fort, just to set up and go to bed. We usually drive 12 hours or so to Valdosta, sleep for the night then finish the drive, set up, and still have a half day to play. Waiting until late to go through Atlanta would put us at Valdosta until 1am or so. Anyway, going through Alabama only adds about an hour to the drive, (an hour we're not unlikely to add in Atlanta traffic anyway) and we thought we might give it a try.
  17. Hey all, I just signed up after seeing someone's sign in the 100 loop on Sunday. Wanted to say hello. Also I'm looking for some input on a place to stay while heading to and from The Fort. We generally go down I-75 from KY and stop in Valdosta. We just got home Tuesday, and I think the DW would be fine if she never saw Atlanta again. I'm not far behind. Anyway I think next time we are heading down through Alabama to I-10 then over. That spits us out onto I-75 at Lake City, is that a good place to stay the night? How about Gainsville? I'm not looking for a lot of amenities, just a decent hotel and maybe a fast food joint for us and the kiddo. Thanks in advance Brian
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