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  1. Outstanding report Dave! I hope your shirt didn't suffer any permanent damage from the button stress. Sad that it's over. Will look forward to the next report with your beautiful family. :wave1:
  2. Just so we're clear, is the DB in the green hat or the lighted backpack? If I see him on my next trip, I'll kick him in the shins for your son!
  3. I agree with CK, that's a great pic of Adam with the fish. His little "sneer" is like "Yeah, I caught this fish, beat that!" And you sure did with that monster!
  4. Hubba Hubba!! Sounds like you're having a great time. LOL @ Nemo comment...I bet your Nemo was way better.
  5. Great pony pic! One of our times talking to a barn worker, he told us one of those Cinderella ponies was so crazy they had to put it in a small pen so it couldn't get a running start and jump out of its pen. Wonder if that's the same one? I'm not much of a German food fan but a pretzel roll and that beer may tempt me into Beirgarten. Thanks for redeeming yourself with smiley Anna.
  6. :banghead: Please more happy, less monstrosity, pics please. Hope you're having a great trip!
  7. The food at BOG looks great. Much better alternative to burgers and fries. For the record: I don't like Anna crying pics.
  8. I'm late, but count me in too! Tree is gorgeous, food looked delicious.
  9. In fact, I was not wondering when this report would end. :-[ Good job finding Waldo. Even better is Anna peeking out at the bottom. At least we know she's not camera shy. Beer & salted caramel = GOOD
  10. You could always check out Tropical Palms Resort. Only about 5 miles from Disney and walking distance to Old Town, which is a lot of fun.
  11. :golfclap: Nice work CK! Enjoyed it tremendously, especially junglepants! That's a keeper.
  12. Ah, the age old question: Which came first? The mountain or the train. More please, Todd.
  13. You definitely surprised the hell out of me! My boys usually aren't such good secret keepers. Best surprise I've had in a long time. Yes, Rolex will run in the rain. That was the main reason I took the pics of the tire rack to show they did come with a set of rain tires. Unfortunately, as you stated above, it's the fans that suffer in a rainy race. Winghouse = GOOD! We will have to plan a lunch there when you have a job nearby. My treat. I know your Chloe story, and I would never laugh at you (only to your face ^-^ ) Besides, I generally hate little dogs, but she is darn cute. We will catch
  14. Thanks for reading and your great comments! No g-strings, more like big underwear. I guess it depends on the server's booty size. The one we had looked more like bathing suit bottoms than shorts. My boys didn't mind one bit! :) ^-^ Kinda, sorta...but less relaxing. Waves crashing at the beach sounds are like listening to some good R&B music. Race cars roaring is like listening to Metallica. All about what you're into. You should experience it once. Thanks Gwen!! I wish I did have some more IG pics. Ciao Bello! (hello, handsome) Thanks Aaron. Trying to relax for the month of Februa
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