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  1. Just returned from the Fort. At check in they had that I requested certain sites. Couldn't give me what I asked for but put us in the same loop. To me that tells me they are probably still assigning.
  2. Agree on the cap. I look every time I'm there to see if they changed it.
  3. We already have reservations for December. My wife has the opportunity to take a trip and rather than sit home I thought I'd grab the dog and go to the Fort. So it's not a big deal if I don't get to go. As time gets closer I am sure something will open as it has in the past. Thanks for all the replies. Dave
  4. I understand. My backup plan was to go back home. Only an hour and a half. I will keep looking. As it gets closer I am sure there will be cancelations. Thank you. Dave
  5. Has anyone ever just "showed up" and try to get a site? Of course I ask because I can't get the times I want. Also the last stay I had full hookup site reserved due to no premium available and asked when I got there if any premium where available? There was no problem upgrading and gave me numerous sites to choose from. Just a thought. Dave
  6. The thing that bothers me is the people who drive in the wrong direction through the loops.
  7. Starting today pets are welcome in cabins and three other resorts. Just saw it on the news.
  8. We like the 600 loop. We don't use the satellite but we like the sun. Plenty of that and the dog likes it there. It is right along the fishin hole.
  9. What works for me and may not for you, though, is stopping every couple of hours to walk around. I even walk to the restroom at the rest stop rather than use the MH. Again, this has worked for me and I still get the 500 miles. It may take a little longer but no more DVT so far.
  10. We just got back from the fort. As I said earlier this was the first try at a fax request. When we got there the site assigned was not the requested one. It was, however, in the same loop. At the gate I told them I requested another site so she looked and it was already taken. So I do believe the fax went through but they weren't able to grant it.
  11. Just faxed the request letter today for next week. It went through. This is my first try at the fax so we shall see.
  12. I have stayed on 210 around Thanksgiving. I can say it was tight. I have a 40ft. motorhome and with all the extra cars parked along the road it was difficult backing in. Luckily we did not bring our car so it was manageable. We just had the golf car. There were kids at the court but it was quiet where we were. Hope this helps
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