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  1. Big35Lt

    Tell Us Your Vote

    Other- Funnel cake. Don’t eat anything cheesy or dole whips (I know the blasphemy).
  2. We did a Fort stay in 2016. We rented a camper (same as this time), had a golf cart in '16 but opted a for a car rental this time.
  3. Thank you so much. I love to know the movie schedule while I’m there.
  4. Thank you. I posted this question somewhere on here. Will be there nov 14-20.
  5. Big35Lt

    Loop 1400 site info

    We stayed at 1443, outside loop one of the last in the circle. We loved this spot, close to end of street and a 1 minute walk to CS. We leave next Wednesday for a week and this time we opted to rent a car instead of golf cart. I figured I’m not relaying on the buses but want to be close to the marina AND CS. So I’m trying to decide what I want more. I want to be at marina for MK days, don’t want to drive to MK. But I think CS means more to us.
  6. Just an FYI, I check in next Wednesday 14th, i called front desk at Fort and was told loop requests can be done 10 days out. I requested the 4/500 loop. I will let you know next week.
  7. Anyone at the Fort now have a November movie schedule for campfire? Thanks in advance. Chris
  8. So we check-in in 2 weeks. Went 2 yrs ago and stayed in the 1400 loop. We loved it. I felt it was kinda in the middle (ish), but we had a golf cart. So this trip got me thinking, a price for a rental car for the week is $250. That’s $35/day vs the $59+tax on golf cart. With the car I don’t have to rely on buses, i get free parking at parks and no 3-4 hr early DME pickup for departure home but I can’t use it in the resort. Golf cart can get me to the marina or front bus pickup, so no using internal bus. I did book rental and haven’t cancelled my cart yet. I’m hoping for a close loop to marina so we can walk there and also loop with close comfort station So my question has 2 parts: 1. Cart or Car? 2. If car, what loop do you recommend to not have a country mile to walk to marina/trail’s end? Thanks. Chris
  9. Big35Lt

    School Me on Premium Sites

    Another Pittsburgh’er here, we stayed in the 1400 loop, but had a golf cart. We had the last or next to last spot on the outer loop. We loved the spot. Quiet and a 1 min walk to comfort station. I may ask again in 2 weeks but this time we are renting a car and not a cart, wanna be close to marina for boat to MK. Driving everywhere else.
  10. Big35Lt

    Post Your Pictures From the Fort Here!

    Can’t wait. We check in 11/14-20.
  11. Big35Lt

    Best to leave loop open-ended?

    We had a 1400 loop and rented a 33ft’er. We could of had plenty of room for a tent. Though it would’ve had to be set up on the concrete pad. But if you move the picnic table, you can set it up in rear of the lot. And still have room for table and golf cart.
  12. Big35Lt

    200 Loop Advice

    Fort Fiends has an app with pics of spots, i found it informative. Check it out. On a side question, we are renting an RV for December, was looking at 400 loop. Did you like it, if so favorite spot? PS semper fi. 0311 94-98
  13. I rented a RV for our next trip. I have 2 questions. 1. Do I need to put the rental company on my reservation or something like that, so they can check in before me? 2. When they do check in, can they request a change of loops? Ie, I tell the rental company id like loop 400. If wdw puts me in 1400 can rental co ask check in people to change? im thinking of taking an early flight and arriving at the fort before allowed check in just to see where they have me. Get the loop i want ( hopefully) and call rental co and let them know, and we can go do what we want.
  14. So, i have a premium spot reserved for Dec, and im trying to figure the best loop for us. We will have a rental Jayco 33ft or so. We have wife and myself and a 4 & 7 yo. We have never stayed in a camper before and don't know what to expect with water for showers. So im thinking my son and i will do the comfort station. I was looking at maps and the app (which is awesome btw), I can stay at 400-1400. I was thinking 400? Anyone have knowledge of this loop or any other recommendations? Thank you.
  15. Big35Lt

    Site map with site numbers

    Just got the app. That is awesome, thanks. Dec will be our first stay at the fort, renting an RV. Trying to read and learn as much as i can.