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  1. I was at the Fort last year for Thanksgiving and was in the 1600 loop 2 spots down from the comfort station. The problem was we were right behind those folks. Completely inconsiderate. They were running a chain saw while they cut the wood around the sand pad and then dug a trench. That particular site they had four tents and setup a shower or something in the middle and the trench going out of the sand pad, and into the woods, was the waste water. Always had spot lights on at night until around 1 to 2 am. Loud, etc. I complained about them and was told that they were the people installin
  2. I see it happening. I do not see it happening until at least the Wilderness Lodge is complete. More than likely it wouldn't happen until after part of Caribbean Beach is converted to DVC. I know that is in the beginning phase. I think it is supposed to go full steam int eh fall or winter. Whatever, Disney can keep DVC. We had it and just sold. Biggest waste of money I ever had. It does save you money on rooms but they keep bumping the costs of tickets and such up that I really just don't have the love of going that much anymore.
  3. I hope it calmed the yellow (deer) flies down a little. We were there 2 weeks ago in 1517 and it was bad. I still have a bunch of red sores from them. Mosquitos were not bad and the thermocell lantern and torches kept them away. Blue Springs had no flies and neither did anatasia in st. augustine. They did have mosquitos but, again, no problems.
  4. I wanted to confirm that yes, the cabins were still there. I asked my brother in law, who works for Disneyworld Resort Hotels who hard it is to rent them (I have used them twice in the past) and he called his friend at the Fort. Apparently they are not booked, if possible, on purpose. They try to reserve them for special situation. Because of that he said you can usually get one if you ask.
  5. Forgot to add. I hope Disney leaves him alone. I say this because he put no advertising on his cart. There were quite a few other carts from other companies at the Fort with large advertising decals on them. I can see Disney having an issue with them.
  6. Just a follow up. Used Kenny and everything went great. Ended up having to use his truck as my hitch is a little low but the total time to drive over, meet him, take the truck and trailer, drop off, and bring back to him was around 45 minutes. He was busy on check out so I just had to drop it off with the next customer. Not a single problem, couldn't have been happier.
  7. No telling. My guess if they make them preferred to save the money of not having to move the hookup. That being said when i was there last November we go a site in the 1600 loop that the hookup was all the way back in the very rear corner. My hoses and cables almost didn't reach.
  8. If the cabins are still there, you could request for one of the 2 cabins in the 100 loop. Used to do that when we stayed in the cabins. They were the only 2 at that end of the fort, right behind the settlement trading post and a short walk to the marina, beach, trails end, etc. For Animal Kingdom and the Studios you still have to ride an internal bus up to the front as they pick up from that bus station. You could also do, as was mentioned, and take the bus over to the wilderness lodge and then transfer to a park bus. With the stroller and ECV just plan extra time for travel and you will
  9. Been wanting one of these since we first ever saw them at the Fort whenever that was. Have taken note on every visit. Have it with us when we check in on Sunday. Warren does do amazing work!
  10. Just got ours from Warren today. Looks amazing. It's 2 sided with a different image on each side.
  11. I have seen phantom camp sites several time at the Fort. I have even seen someone come, have a picnic at the site, and then leave and never come back. Since Security does keep track, and they do sometimes call Disney has a mechanism in place to reduce the problem. Simply call on any site that is not occupied if it is booked whether someone checked in or not. Do this every single day stay on top of it. Once word gets out that Disney is keeping up with this the problem would thin down. Would it go away entirely? I doubt it. It would require the staff to do this and not selectively call people. I
  12. Aren't they supposed to be getting changes since the characters are supposed to be able to talk soon. I known in certain instances Mickey now can but I thought I read they had got the cost down so they was tricking down to the meet and great characters. The next phase of the magic band features is going to support this. Talk about creepy, walking up and Mickey already knows your name. I guess it makes sense since he already knows your credit card number......
  13. We are going to try him on an upcoming trip. As for hitching to my truck, I do that. I never let anyone else hitch to my vehicle.
  14. Wish they would put the double decker bus back into world showcase. I know it's crowded but I miss them. Remember all of the vehicles on main street when I was a kid. Have been able to catch them here and there since they went to only mornings.
  15. Are they going to be able to see anything through the scuba masks?
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