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  1. Thanks for the response. It's very helpful. I would like to hear other fiends ideas on AP's though. As for how we typically do Disney, we always buy photo pass, we typically only use Disney transportation, but we only occasionally park hop.
  2. At what point (in days) does it make sense to get a season pass instead of multiple day passes. We are not Florida residents and we usually get five day passes. Some years we come 2 times but the last 2 years we have only come once. I've heard occasionally Disney offers more than 12 months for the annual pass, is this true? Are there certain times of year they offer deals?
  3. That's a good point on the regulator, because I have really been impressed with the cooking power of the roadtrip. It cooks really fast...
  4. I do have a griddle plate for the roadtrip. I have the one for 1/2 of the grill. But what I found was it didn't work well for cooking bacon or eggs. The eggs because I couldn't turn the flame down low enough to keep from instantly burning them. Bacon produced too much grease, making a big mess and contributed to flare ups .
  5. I converted my Blackstone griddle to connect to my rv propane source. This one was not as straightforward as the Coleman Roadtrip because in this case "off the shelf" fittings were not available to convert the metric threads on the griddle to standard npt threads. This is what the end result was. I'm not sure if I'll stay with the 90degree or go back to a straight. I had to remove the fitting, shown below in the lower right of the photo, from the griddle. I had hoped to find a fitting I could just replace it with an convert it to 1/4"npt thread and move on.
  6. Awesome upgrade and view Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. We have stayed on "the inner" 1400 loop several times. We like it because the inside of the loop has no campsites, so our kids play in that area with other kids and because of the low number of campsites on the loop the traffic is light. However, if you have a large camper some of the sites may be difficult to get into due to the shape of loop and the location of a few trees. We got our 42ft 5th wheel in without a scratch, you just need to a spotter and be patient.
  8. This is what I typically do also. I have made adapters for multiple other propane devices. However, this one seems to have all metric threads for connections and this is making it difficult to find fittings to convert it to the standard rv propane quick disconnects. Looking like I may be required to thread my own adapter to make it work. It's required to adapt M8x1.0 to 1/4"npt.
  9. I bought one of the small Blackstone griddles a while back from our local BJ's warehouse store for about $75. I have to say it's great, if you find one, get it. My only complaint is it uses up the little disposable propane bottles quickly.
  10. My father used an ecv on a recent trip with us and we never had to wait more than 20 minutes for a bus. However if you have more than one person in your party that uses an ecv it may take longer. Our grandparents both used ecv's on a trip while staying at the Contemporary and did have to wait at least once to ride together to either ak or hs. They also had to some difficulty joining us for a dinner at trails end
  11. Though many things have changed since this video was made It's amazing to me how similar the fort still is to that time. A few changes here and there but in some ways still very similar.
  12. On our 5th wheel, for the top of slides, I have used a 1/2" dia plastic conduit with a microfiber cloth duct taped to the end. It's cheap and flexible enough to apply enough pressure to apply the product but not so stiff to potentially damage a seal. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. I use the paid version of "Auto Care". If you use apple devices it may be a good option. Service reminders can be set on a mileage or time basis or both. I use it to track mileage based maintenance on my vehicles and time based maintenance for my home such as air and water filters. Also, if you have the app on multiple devices with the same Apple ID, such as phone, iPad, MacBook etc, all information appears on all your devices and can be updated on any device. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. We were staying in 1400 loop while this group was at the fort. We saw a significant amount of wild golf car driving by this group. Carts driving/racing side by side NASCAR style in front of 1400. Also, we were nearly run down when one of these people did a "full speed" u-turn in the middle of the street with no regard for on coming traffic or pedestrians. Eventually there was a significant security presence to restore order. I don't know if the fort called in overtime for security or they were just more visible, but we did start to see plenty of security as the weekend progressed.
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