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  1. Thanks everyone for your input. I've decided to rent a car while there. I used the AutoSlash web site to reserve a car and I think I got a pretty good deal. Financially, it is cheaper to haul the car down and back... but the convenience is hard to pass up. If we were going to sight-see other places going down and/or back up to Maryland, then I would definitely tow the car. Reservation is made and they will shuttle me to and from the Car Care Center which is only about a mile or so from Ft. Wilderness. Also, I will be able to park the car at our camping site, so no need t
  2. We will be at Ft. Wilderness campground in our motorhome for two weeks in February, 2017. We will not be going to the parks (been there, done that), but rather visiting the "free" areas of the resort and driving to other places in the area... Universal Studios, Sea World, etc. My questions are: 1. If we tow our car down from Maryland, can we park it at the campsite (Premium campsite reserved), or do we have to park it at the overflow area and use our rented golf cart to get to and from the car. 2. If we rent a car at the resort, will they pick us up and take us to the car c
  3. We have an indoor cat (only 6 months old) that we take with us when we camp in our motor home. She travels well and behaves nicely when my wife and I leave her for a while during sight seeing or other trips away from the motor home. Do cats require a camping site in the "pet loops" like dogs do?
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