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  1. At the Fort, along the path between the guest services windows and the pony ride area.
  2. Driving north to a funeral this week. Thanks the info!!
  3. We're actually OK with the fenced playgrounds--especially the ones near the road. When our 6-year-old grandson was a toddler, EVERYTIME he saw a Disney bus he would dash for the road. We literally had to stand between the playground and the road to grab him! Nice to be able to sit while he plays!
  4. Small world! We're in Clermont as well! Raised our family here. Both daughters are married and settled in Orlando! My husband retired from teaching and then worked for Disney. He retired from there a few years ago. I retired from 38 years of teaching last year. Planning to do a lot of camping throughout Florida with (of course) as many Fort trips as possible!
  5. Thanks for the welcome! We live about half an hour from the Fort and save our money to stay 3 or 4 times a year. Even though we are local, we don't think free-loading at the pool is appropriate. I would say we're rule-followers. On occasion we might come for lunch (although I guess the lunch menu is history) and walk around wishing we were on vacation!
  6. Hello! I'm excited to finally join and apologize for being a loooong time lurker. Also, thank you for the oh-so-many times I needed a Fort fix and you were here! Before our pre-Matthew trip, I was straightening out a little used closet in our TT and found the Fort Fiends hat with tags still attached. I believe it was tossed out during a golf cart parade back in the day! I didn't think it was right to clip the tags and wear it until one of us had joined. Well, kind of late, but clipping the tags!!! So we left the day before the Fort said everyone had to be out due to impending Matthew
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