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  1. ck32250

    Wooden Musket Mickey Sign

    I️ also did not hear back from Warren after several attempts. I’m wondering if anyone has lately?
  2. ck32250

    Wooden Musket Mickey Sign

    I am also requesting Warren's info for a sign. Thanks!
  3. ck32250

    Wintering at WDW

    I have no way to validate this but while chatting with some folks who are there every year, they told me that the fort limits your duration of stay to several months (can't remember exactly how many) and they also mentioned that they received no discount for staying months, each year.
  4. Are there any set up this year? Just arrived and did a quick cruise around and haven't seen any yet.
  5. ck32250

    Trick or Treat 2017

    I noticed what appeared to be ToT-ers this evening. Several groups of kids in costume. We had just checked in and was returning from the sing a long. I also noticed tables set up at the front of sites.
  6. Are there prizes? other than VIP parking at the party. "Through the ages" was our favorite