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  1. Hi all, going on my first trip in October 2017! can you just visit the horses at their stalls? Has anyone done the trail ride? Is it good? I ride but my partner is not crazy about the idea lol is it a slow ride or can u canter or run them? Also the horse wagon ride anyone know how much is their a charge? thanks
  2. I found this pick of a fort site water faucet from a Pinterest page. im confused they have hot and cold faucets? We will be bringing our travel trailer when we go for our first fort trip and hook up to city water (cold) but curious what is the hot water for? Outside washing?
  3. That's close to us we're in henniker nh. We can get get to 91 easily
  4. Thanks so much everyone. The advise is great! definitely will not go over gw bridge! This route looks good... 287 across the TappenZee to 78 thru Penn. Then 81 into VA, off at 17 to cut over back to 95SB in Fredericksburg i woukdnt have to worry about tunnels on this one?
  5. Hi all, happy thanksgiving! We will be coming to the fort for our first visit October 2017, we are so excited! Traveling with our 18 ft jayco swift bh154. ive driven before but never with the camper to Florida. I have been reading a lot about which way to go and the George Washington bridge is already making me nervous but is the shortest way. But if I do attempt it I heard it's awfully bumpy and traffic is so bad. In NJ I read there is a tunnel that trailers are not allowed. (I could have read it wrong) Tappen Zee bridge is longer drive but is it any better and worth it?
  6. Hi everyone, today I switched the request to loop 100. After all your help we thought being in that one would be closer to trading post and bus stop and seems like a smaller loop. Has anyone gone to the beach there? Is it convenient to loop 100? Do they provide chairs? Thanks!
  7. Thanks so much, I will definitely check about the paths. I can walk a bit with a cane but not to far. great information!!
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