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  1. Oooh, that does sound tasty! Especially since the weather is turning cooler, I can imagine it would be good right about now. There are a couple of local businesses that sell the kinds of things that might include pumpkin butter, I'll have to check & see. Just FYI, try Cracker Barrel if you have one near you. They sell stuff like that in their store, usually.
  2. Hi, fellow Ft. Fiends & Disney fans! I was in the World last week and had a delicious adult beverage at Davy Crockett's. I got the recipe from the bartender, but alas, I lost it somewhere between there and my real-life home. If anyone could get it and pass it back to me, I would be eternally grateful!! It was called Pumpkin Moon Pie (or something like that) and was listed only on the seasonal specialty drink menu that I saw at the bar. It was so yummy, I wanted to lick the glass! :-D Have a wonderful weekend, all!
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