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  1. Thanks so much for all the suggestions- going to give them all a look. Heidi
  2. Hello everyone- We will be heading to the Fort late September from Maryland. Our last stop before arriving at the Fort will be Stage Coach RV park in St. Augustine so we will be right off I-95. The last time we made the trip to the Fort in 2017 we broke off of I-95 in Daytona onto I-4 through Orlando. Going through all of the Orlando traffic and especially the construction was pretty stressfull. We pull a 42ft fifth wheel with a long bed dually. This time I was thinking about staying on I-95 to below Titusville and taking the 528 Beachline Expressway toll road across. Looks like it
  3. Thanks to everyone for the insight! The Hubby and I spent some time last night looking at the Fort Wilderness Site App and matching it up with YouTube videos of the loops- we so appreciate everyone's hard work on those they are most helpful! I think we have narrowed to right/outside of 1200 with 1300 as backup choice and hope for the best. We really like the site lengths in 1200- not as concerned with the traffic noise from the 2 roads as we will be gone for most of the daytime hours. He feels more comfortable with the blindside back in after looking at google satellite view- thinks the si
  4. Thanks for all of the advice so far ? As far as backing up to road- would prefer not to be unless there is some foliage. Near water/ canal is ok.
  5. Greetings! We will be arriving to Fort on 11/9 (second visit, but first with our own camper). Have 42ft fifth wheel pulled by long bed dually. I am really struggling with what loop to request. Mostly looking for good site length, privacy and a loop with its own or shared comfort station. Hubby is always concerned about blindside backin's. Not as concerned with pet vs. non pet, proximity to bus stop, Settlement or Outpost areas, but would like to be somewhat near Meadow Pool. The 1300 (not near basketball hoop) and 1200 loops look nice with lots of long sites, but many are listed as di
  6. Hello DisneyWonderWoman- we have the exact same equipment as you. 42ft fifthwheel pulled by 8ft long bed crew cab dually. We are taking our first trip to trip to the Fort with it second week of November and have also reserved a premium pet loop. I was curious if you could share your list of scoped out sites that looked acceptable to you?? We have watched loop videos on Youtube and looked through the Fort Wilderness site app, but its still so difficult to get an idea of which sites to request by fax when its time. We have only been to the Fort once before, 3 years ago prior to ow
  7. Hi, Wondering if anyone has had family members stay with them at their Fort campsite who then transfer to their own resort for the remainder of their stay? I offered for my sister and her family to stay the first 3 days of our joint Disney trip with my husband and I in our RV at the Fort. They will then transfer to their own Disney property resort. I did not realize how complicated this was going to be when I offered. If you have done this- did you put them on your reservation? I found it wanted to add them for our entire 8 day reservation and then we all have to purchase the s
  8. Thanks so much to everyone for the great info!! I have noticed several references to New Green Acres, so I will definitely check them out.
  9. Hi- new to the site and to camping as of last season. Very excited about making our first trip to the Fort from Aberdeen Maryland this November. I was wondering if anyone has stayed at Palmetto Shores RV Resort on the north side of the Lake Marion Bridge off I-95 in SC? Any other overnight stop suggestions also appreciated. We would prefer a campsite as opposed to parking lot- not sure we are brave enough for that yet lol! Thanks in advance to everyone- this is a wonderful site!!!
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