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  1. That's a great suggestion. I'll be sure to do just that.
  2. Thank you so much. A appreciate the info. I was worried as my RV doesn't have the level system working 100%. I know every site is probably great.
  3. thank you both for your input!!!! I'm going down around October 15th for 6 nights. So far, I booked a Preferred site as the Premium sites were not available; however, they said I can keep checking back for anyone who may cancel. I guess the only Preferred (Pet Loop) is the 300 ... My unit is 31 feet long and with the slide out is about 12.5 feet wide. I wanted some space on the side for chairs, table, awning... Also, I will have a rental car, so I guess I will have to pull the unit back on 1/2 the pad and 1/2 the sand area??? Will this make it unlevel???
  4. I am renting an RV and going down with my wife and our dog (pet friendly). We don't need to be next to anything or close to any amenities. Just looking for a nice size site with the basic amenities for our RV. I was thinking about Preferred around the 300 loop?! We are also going to rent a car for a couple days to drive outside the area. Any comments or suggestions? Also, is the Wifi installation completed or do we need to rent their "Internet" unit when we get there? ANY suggestions or comments are appreciated. Thanks!
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