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  1. slices

    Tell Us Your Vote

    At last something, I can vote in. I'm not a huge fan of sweet snacks, so going to say pretzel. Although my daughter is a huge fan of the corn dog nuggets.
  2. slices

    New Years Eve Beach party at the Fort

    Wasn't there a special event at Backyard BBQ last year, I guess it makes sense that they would offer an alternative given that is closing. Looks like the soonest I could even consider being at the Fort over NYE is 2020, so goodness knows what they will charge for by then.
  3. I've just let my wife know about this, she won a starbucks gift card for winning the best trunk at Trunk or Treat where she works.
  4. My wife is jealous, she was debating making a trip on Saturday for a cake and Funko Pop but they were sold out by then.
  5. slices

    River Country

    They are quite popular with people booking from the UK with the free dining offer. Comparable price to the AoA suites but classed as a moderate rather than a value so get them a better deal on the free dining offer, especially with the DVC resorts being initially excluded from the offer this year.
  6. slices

    Big changes to tickets coming

    So FL resident tickets are no longer valid for 6 months, as things stand right now might not actually affect my plans for next year as I only have one park trip planned, but if I end up doing next year the number of short trips I did this year I'm going to be a lot better getting an AP. I'm guessing that if discovery tickets are offered for 2019 they will be only valid for a set number of days.
  7. slices

    Labor day weekend

    Moving on, and wrapping this up, Gem and Disney Springs. Gem minning was closed. Didn't end up as Disney Springs as my son didn't quite seem him self. My wife went to fetch breakfast while I packed away. Kids were happy to help this time so went faster. Although as I moved the kid's air mattress to fold it, I noticed a hole in it, so we ended up throwing it out. When asked both kids told me it was like that all night, does make me wonder why I bothered with it given they didn't say anything. My wife sept out the tent, which as good given I think there was still sand from last time. She wants a folding broom for the next trip. She also found a squirrel-sized hole behind where the air mattress was and a few Mickey Goldfish crackers. I have a strict rule about no food in the tents only in the EZ up for this reason. Had words with the kids and will tape the hole. Were packed and out of there before 11, nice thing about leaving on a Monday rather than a Sunday is chick Fila being open on the way home.
  8. slices

    Labor day weekend

    My son like them, my daughter didn't. I'm not entirely sure what it tasted like, bit of a gimmick. We've had breakfast there before and he was OK, although I'm not sure which direction he was facing, but it may well have been the motion combined with the long day in the eat.
  9. slices

    Labor day weekend

    Probably could have done with a quiet day at the Fort after that but we only had the weekend and it was Food and Wine. So off after a light cold breakfast at the site we got the bus to Epcot. This is the bus we got. Got there about 9:15, which wasn't bad going. Headed to the festival center to see if there was any chance of signing the kids up for the children's cooking thing. I knew this was a long shot so wasn't too surprised when the CM told me they were fully booked. Apparently, they booked out around 9am on the previous day. I had actually considered upgrading my wife or myself to an annual pass, and doing a quick run into Epcot Saturday night to get them registered for this, but sounds like it would have been a waste of time anyway. While we were there we dodged the lines of pass holders and checked out the chocolate experience, getting free samples as we went. Had booked fast passes near here, so off to Mission Space. The first time we'd done this, did green this time, kids want to do orange next time we are here. Kids swapped themselves around as my daughter wanted to be in command, and my son wanted to be engineer so that was good. Spent quite a bit of time here. Next fast pass was test track. My wife won't do test track again, and in case you can't tell by the photo I'm only there for the kids. Next time I'm at Epcot my sister is taking them on it. While she was waiting she'd picked up some snacks. Once we were done we noticed Taste Track was open, it's always closed when I'm that way. Now part of food and Wine. I tried a Cronut and got the kids pancake milkshakes which I guess is a Wreck it Ralph II thing. I like the cronut but my wife wasn't impressed. Checked out the new play area, until it rained before going to Figment our last Fast Pass. Then it got a bit chaotic, my daughter and I went to flavors of fire, but had to cut some cash out as they weren't taking card right then. The Black Water Porter. Corned Beef And the Piggy Wings, my daughters choice. My wife and son got a slushie in light lab and then the pumpkin chocolate drink at the chocolate place. Met up with them there, and my got in the long line at the refreshment port for poutine. Too busy and hot for my son, to be honest, I thought I'd be leaving Epcot around then, but he just asked to go to Mexico because the pyramid is air-conditioned. He wanted to do the ride before eating, it was a 20-minute guess we all had the same idea! Wasn't sure my wife would do this one, so took some video for a change. This is just from my phone. As we were coming out of the pyramid, we see my wife who is disappointed she missed the ride, my son wants to do it again anyway. So I go off for more food. Followed by the Greek Nachos. My son ended up eating most of these. We headed towards Norway to use the restrooms, ran into Tony around there. Went in the shop for a bit to cool off, and plan what next. I had booked Candy Sushi but my daughter didn't feel up to it at that point. My son just wanted to go to the UK before leaving, so we double backed through show place plaza into Canada. Not part of food and wine but my wife like's the Magners Irish cider they sell in the UK beer stand, so I got a Bass Ale to keep her company. My daughter went off into the shop with her gift card and bought a couple of overpriced British candy bars, don't think I've ever paid that much for a Lion bar. While my wife was finishing her cider I waited in line for the Irish sausages. One of the slowest lines there, you know it's bad when you get welcomed to the front of the line. The Guinness Baileys shake must have been popular, they ran out of Baileys before I got to the front. Had some debate about what to do next, I originally had wanted to get over to MK a bit after this but that was thinking that we wouldn't last this long. Decided to head back to the Fort, and start thinking about dinner. We were fed up of walking around with small plates, I had a quick look to see what was available and grabbed an early dinner reservation for Garden Grill at 5:35. Wasn't planning on character dining, but it was on the way out and sit down. I guess if we hadn't booked this we may have gone to Wilderness Lodge. We've had breakfast there before so weren't that bothered about the characers but still had a good time, and wanted to try dinner here for a while. Unfortunately we son started feeling unwell and didn't eat much. We headed back after this and both kids had an early night, it had been a long day.
  10. slices

    Big changes to tickets coming

    Wonder if this means that they won't be offering the FL resident Discovery tickets next year.
  11. slices

    Big changes to tickets coming

    I'm assuming this will effect my current strategy of buying a four day FL resident ticket and using the reaming days over 6 months. Might well drive me towards APs if this is the case.
  12. A friend has gotten the trading card, unfortunately, they went back to the UK the day before we were in Orlando last, so it will be mailed from there at some point. They aren't passholders though, so no pin.
  13. slices

    A Very Short Trip

    Thanks for sharing, it's great that Annie still has such a positive attitude and was able to enjoy the shows.
  14. slices

    Labor day weekend

    That was the impression I got, given it was explicitly nothing fried or grilled. Didn't go back the next night. Did consider the Roaring fork as well.
  15. slices

    Labor day weekend

    We looked at the movie schedule as we got off the bus (Sept 1st so was only just out), didn't fancy watching Coco. Got back to the site and my son collapsed in one of the chairs by the TV. My daughter wanted to go swimming, apparently, most of the day in a water park wasn't enough. We walked down to the pool by the cabins, a lot quieter than Blizzard Beach. When we got back, it was time to make a decision on dinner. Had done P&Js the previous night and wasn't sure about doing table service so went over to the campfire to get from the food truck, with our smores supplies in the bag. Thinking we'd eat do smores and leave before the movie. Best laid plans and all that, campfire was canceled because of lightning and the food truck, didn't have anything grill or fried. Which meant pretty much anything worth having for dinner. At this point it was 8pm and we were hungry, I took out my phone and booked a table at Trails End for 8:35. Got the bus straight to the settlement, smores supplies still in the bag. Seated slightly earlier, very patiently explained to my son that he wasn't loosing out just because he is still charged at child's rate, as opposed to his 10-year-old sister, and ordered drinks before hitting the buffet. Last time I was at Trail's end I wasn't overly impressed but was really good the second time around.