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  1. slices

    No trip reports ??

    I think last July I was something like 3 hours plus setting up, two tents, two A/C units, EZ up, grill, kitchen stuff etc. Really hoping I can get that time down a lot with the PUP, and make it easier to justify more trips. Although I can see myself doing more state parks than the Fort for a while.
  2. slices

    Disney Springs Bus Tip

    We booked one night at the double tree near Disney Springs last fall, it was quite a refreshing change just being able to walk to Disney Springs and not wait on a bus.
  3. slices

    No trip reports ??

    Not March 23rd to the 27th by any chance? I've only just bought a used PUP and have Lake Manatee State park booked (was pleasantly surprised at the cost, after bring used to Fort prices) for one night in a couple of weeks to try it out before taking it to the Fort for the first time. Having not actually used it yet I may be being naive but I'm hoping the setup is quicker than with tents. Still having young kids, when it comes to hotels I preffer suites so we can have some space, which still makes the Fort cheaper in comparison.
  4. slices

    Disney Springs Bus Tip

    My wife started doing this the last time we were there.
  5. slices

    No trip reports ??

    I have trip planned for the end of next month, and will hopefully do trip report.
  6. Just got the Fort Wilderness ears, thank you for prompt service. I have put them away until the end of the month, as an anniversary present for my wife. I'm sure she'll love them. I showed my daughter your etsy site, and told her she could have a pair if she got her math grade up by our next trip in March.
  7. slices

    Pioneer Hall moving ?

    Agreed I find a lot of this unsettling. However I've certainly seen more than a few people looking very lost looking for HDDR at the wrong end of Fort Wilderness, and one of the things the cabins suffer from over other moderates is not having a restaurant nearby.
  8. slices

    Disney Cruise Line banning Nintendo Switches all together?

    Good to know as we got a switch for Christmas and are talking about a cruise, saying that I haven't decided if it's coming with us to the Fort yet, let alone a cruise.
  9. Actually quite excited by this, weren't doing an MK day on our upcoming March trip, now hoping we can get there on the day we check in and see them. Assuming the rotation stays the same that is.
  10. slices

    Tell Us Your Vote

    At last something, I can vote in. I'm not a huge fan of sweet snacks, so going to say pretzel. Although my daughter is a huge fan of the corn dog nuggets.
  11. slices

    New Years Eve Beach party at the Fort

    Wasn't there a special event at Backyard BBQ last year, I guess it makes sense that they would offer an alternative given that is closing. Looks like the soonest I could even consider being at the Fort over NYE is 2020, so goodness knows what they will charge for by then.
  12. I've just let my wife know about this, she won a starbucks gift card for winning the best trunk at Trunk or Treat where she works.
  13. My wife is jealous, she was debating making a trip on Saturday for a cake and Funko Pop but they were sold out by then.
  14. slices

    River Country

    They are quite popular with people booking from the UK with the free dining offer. Comparable price to the AoA suites but classed as a moderate rather than a value so get them a better deal on the free dining offer, especially with the DVC resorts being initially excluded from the offer this year.
  15. slices

    Big changes to tickets coming

    So FL resident tickets are no longer valid for 6 months, as things stand right now might not actually affect my plans for next year as I only have one park trip planned, but if I end up doing next year the number of short trips I did this year I'm going to be a lot better getting an AP. I'm guessing that if discovery tickets are offered for 2019 they will be only valid for a set number of days.