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  1. Bwithers13

    Rv slide maintenance

    Thanks!! I can walk on my roof but I have slide toppers so I can't reach the seals from the top. I'm going to try a painting pole I think!
  2. Bwithers13

    Rv slide maintenance

    Do you spray the 303 on the rag? I guess I can try and put the tag on a stick?
  3. We have a 5th wheel with 2 big slides. I was wondering if anyone had any tips and tricks on how to treat/condition their rubber seals. The problem I have trouble with is reaching on the top under my slide awning.
  4. Bwithers13

    Question on 50 amp surge protector

    I'm an electrician for the University of Illinois. I'd say aslong as your plugged into a 30 amp service and you know what you can run to stay under 30 amps you should be fine! If it were me I'd do it. Those things are expensive! If you do over amp the only thing that could happen is you could trip/fry your surge protector and trip the breaker!
  5. Bwithers13

    5th Wheel tripod thing...

    We have a tripod and use the X chock in between our wheels for our 5er! When everything is set up and on level ground we have almost no movement! I like our tripod a lot. I'm glad I got it last year!
  6. Bwithers13

    Central Illinois to the fort.

    Would you recommend stopping over night before or after Atlanta?
  7. Bwithers13

    Central Illinois to the fort.

    Atlanta is 9.5 hours from our home. From what I read on here you need to hit Atlanta at the right times. Is there a lot of interstate exchanges? Why is driving through Atlanta so bad?
  8. My wife and I are starting to plan a trip to Fort Wilderness some time next year with our 1 year old daughter. I'm already starting to plan the route down. I was wondering if anyone can give me some info. On the drive down we are pulling our 35' fifthwheel and we want to stay at a full hookup campground. How far can we make it driving the first day? Do we try and make it past Atlanta? What everyone's itinerary on the way down?