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  1. TCD -- we have a StarCraft Travel Star TT -- 31 ish ft. (I am a girl) with a slide. We do have a screen room. Our pups are a 4 y/o Flat Coat Retriever, 2 y/o Maltese and a 12 y/o Boxer. They are used to having more room to play during the day, so we believe that they will definitely have some energy to burn and the dog park will be welcome. Don't need the comfort station or bathrooms, as we have bathroom & shower on board. We will visit the pool and we have reservations for Hoop Di Doo Review our first night. We'll have our bikes and maybe even our golf cart (not sure about that sin
  2. We will be arriving at the Fort for our first trip in May. We've booked a premium site, are bringing our 3 pups. It's just the hubby and I, no kids. Any suggestions for site loops (all this camping lingo is also pretty new to us). Only doing one park day.
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