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  1. I luckily have an old iPod Touch that can still access the site app to verify we can fit in the site we get at check in.. We are arriving the Monday after Thanksgiving with our new 42’ 5th Wheel and need to know if the diminisions in the app include the sand pad or just the paved portion in a full hookup loop. I can always leave the back end of the trailer over the sand to leave room for the truck. I need close to 65 feet total from road to any trees at the back of the site. TIA.
  2. K4DCF

    Stroller Rentals

    We rented from Kingdom Strollers in January and had no issues.
  3. K4DCF

    IOS 11 upgrade!

    Yes it broke a bunch. I must have at least 20 on my devices that no longer work. Oh well that’s the price of progress.
  4. Well I upgraded my iPad and iPhone a couple of days ago and now the FW sites app will not work. I hope the app is updated soon. We will be there right after thanksgiving in a new 42 foot 5th Wheel and had planned on using it to preview the site assigned at checkin to insure we would fit.
  5. I agree I have helped and watch some large rigs wiggle into a site. Now it's my turn. I plan on going to a large parking lot and setting up some cones to practice with the new 5th wheel.
  6. We show, course and do rally. One of the reasons we got the bunkhouse was for the pups crates. I took out the couch and put their crates in its place. When we go out they go in the crates.
  7. I am pretty sure that it is only on Silverback editions by Cedar Creek. Ours is a mid bunkhouse and 42' long.
  8. It can be tough to resist. I stopped to get new wiper blades for may Class A and This followed us home. Can't wait to bring it to the Fort this Fall.
  9. We arrive 27 nov and checkout the 8th dec.
  10. We just upgraded from a 34 foot Class A to a 42 foot 5th wheel. The rub is I made reservations for a full hookup site months before we did this. I have called and made sure the the length of our new one is on the reservation Our total length is 58 feet when hitched so is there a site in full hookup that we will fit in. Also what are the chances we can upgrade to premium.