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  1. Any advice? Wife and I looked at a 1995 eZgo medallist today...condition was a 9/10 and new batteries would be installed---they were asking 1500 If anyone local to us is selling, please let us know as well....we are looking to spend $2k ish. Thanks...and we will be back down to the Fort in 3 weeks.
  2. RowdyPiper

    From North NJ

    We have two sites booked already... Looking at stops on the way back north.
  3. RowdyPiper

    From North NJ

    Very excited at this point as we leave in a few days. Any last-minute tips?
  4. RowdyPiper

    From North NJ

    Cool beans! As an update, we will be leaving July 4 and stopping in Charlotte- wife wants to see a Barenaked Ladies concert. We will hit up the Nascar Hall of Fame then continue to WDW on July 6.
  5. RowdyPiper

    Tire Feedback

    Nitto Terra Grappler G2 General Grabber HTS60 Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 Falken Wildpeak A/T3 3peak Cooper Discover A/T3 Continental CrossContact LX20 General Grabber APT 3peak Cooper Duck Commander This is my updated list...hopefully a sale turns up this weekend...
  6. Tow vehicle is a 2014 Ram 1500 Ecodiesel 4x4 ...looking to replace stock tires soon (50k miles currently) I've narrowed down to: Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 A/T General Grabber HTS60 Cooper Discoverer HT Plus Dick Cepek Trail COUNTRY Let me know your thoughts on these.
  7. RowdyPiper

    From North NJ

    Hey All! We will eventually be going from Clifton to the great magical maze of WDW in our pre-owned Keystone. Going the old-fashioned route of wanting to use a map/trip tix to plan our first camper trip, what are some sites to see on the way down south? When I was younger, going to Myrtle Beach, I remember a pretty cool and huge variety store called J-R's I believe. Wish I knew exactly where it was- would've loved to go back and pick up the Dale Earnhardt Sr. sunglasses they had in the shop. Any input is appreciated.