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  1. Amazing storm story! Glad to hear the Lake Patrol was concerned with your safety and came to your rescue. Disney gets major points in storm safety for the training of the Lake Patrol in your situation. It is truly incredible how fast these storms can blow up and catch everyone by surprise.
  2. It was really impressive how quickly Disney's clean up crew came in after the storm. They were picking up the large branches blocking the loop roads, walking thru the woods clearing all the fallen branches and when necessary trimming broken branches in trees. Within a few hours you would have never known there was a storm. However, a boat crew member did tell us they got caught in the middle of Bay Lake as the storm moved in quicker than anticipated. They docked at The Lodge rather than continuing on to The Fort. Good move.
  3. Tuesday we went thru a hellacious afternoon severe thunderstorm at the Fort. Straight line winds and pea/nickel size hail created some real anxious moments. At Lake Magic RV Resort in Clermont on Rt 192 a trailer was blown over with people inside. https://www.mynews13.com/fl/orlando/news/2019/05/14/strong-winds-overturn-occupied-rv-florida Fortunately all were rescued and safe. At the Fort there were tents down, awnings ripped off RV's, and numerous trees and large limbs down. The Comfort Stations at the Fort seemed like a logical safety option and those that didn't feel safe headed for one when the severe thunderstorm alert was broadcast and the storm became REAL! Once while traveling we pulled off the road and stayed at an RV park in Pennsylvania during a storm event where evacuation to a brick building was mandatory and it was a good call on their part. Wonder when Disney will start making storm safety suggestions, other than hurricane events, for those not familiar with the severity of Florida thunderstorms.
  4. I've just got this gut wrenching feeling that when Reflections is complete Ft. Wilderness is going to be totally rebranded. We are seeing the beginning signs of it now, the Barn, Mickeys BBQ, the beach, and we are not putting two and two together, as this was a convenient time to start making those changes.I think that's why we are hearing so many rumors about new "premium upscale loops" which would be indicative of the current state of the camping industry and where the money is. The proof of that theory is how high the seasonal rates have become. Which brings up the question, are the bungalows at Clementines Beach really part of Reflections or will they be rented out as part of The Fort experience? I'm also feeling there will be changes coming concerning golf cart rentals and usage, specifically bringing personal carts, tent camping, and definitely no more "approved" fire pits. Can't have that smoke smell permeate Reflections. Once again, most newer campgrounds no longer allow campfires and I see Disney following suit on this one. The Fort is definitely changing and evolving, as all the older Disney resorts have, but hopefully the new Fort will be one that we can all enjoy but just in a different way.
  5. TCD, great pictures that are starting to answer a lot of questions we've all had about impact on the Fort. Presently it seems like "Wilderness" is dropping out of the name of the campground as we lose the "40 acre wood" on the way to the Lodge we all enjoyed so much. I'm sure Disney will make it all nice and pretty as they progress but it'll never be the same. Trees, animals, serenity and greenways don't pay the bills.
  6. It's really becoming very obvious what direction they are heading with this. I truly believe there is going to be, and its already started, a completely different pricing structure and a forced culture change in the way we all visit DW. It has to evolve to survive as a pleasant desirable experience.
  7. Agree with Jason. When the announcement was made we booked a partial site at a Florida Resident rate (under $100) for the first week in October. At that time there were plenty of sites available for all of September thru the middle of October. The announcement didn't have the immediate impact we thought it was going to. That said, we are fortunate we can avoid The Fort on the weekend so it could be just weekdays that are available.
  8. Sounds to me like they’ve been very observant and have taken notice of the many “Class A only” RV Resorts that are popping up all over the country. Also those that don’t allow any RV’s over 10 years old. Disney is not one to miss out on a profitable trend. This is a very lucrative market.
  9. $$$ They will be selling Star Wars “commerative/collector” portable phone chargers-LOL!
  10. On Wednesday night our Boat Captain announced the Fort Marina was going to be REPLACED with a new marina that will be SHARED with Reflections. Makes me sad. Sounds like the Fort is going to have a shared "Lake Walk" area and lose what makes it so unique and precious to us all.
  11. Last time we were in Crockett's Tavern the bartender told us that will definitely be changing - hopefully more spacious. It's going to get construction crazy for a while but hopefully for the better. Maybe they'll reduce the price of the sites due to inconvenience - LOL! Moving PH and TE to the Outpost area sounds a bit more like crowd control (expansion), managing boat traffic and more privacy for the campers. Maybe not such a bad idea. Although I'm sure going to hate losing the view from the porch. Just a thought - maybe they'll turn the TE building into more of a quick service type restaurant which would be great for the campground.
  12. Nice! This should also make it easier to get Fort reservations. Thanks, Disney, for closing a loophole. Very proactive and thoughtful for "real" guests vs "phantom" guests.
  13. Obviously "passive cooling" was tested in Cali or Switzerland. Someone needs to take some Disney Execs for a Sunday drive down I-4 in August, turn off the A/C, and roll down the tinted windows so they can enjoy some Florida passive cooling. LOL!
  14. Just open your wallet-LOL! Registration for non-members on-line prior to Sept 18 was $239 after Oct 31 it's only $399. Children 0-12 are free, 13 and up standard rates apply. Just another reminder this is Orlando and the entertainment industry. If you've got the money, you're invited ☺
  15. Would like to start seeing Disney offering special transportation vans for the disabled like they have at Assisted Living Facilities or Rehab Centers. Last week we saw someone on a scooter disembark the monorail and right after exiting the door completely fall over sideways scooter and all. It appeared to be a medical emergency. It was very scary to witness a person and their scooter laying on their side on the concrete and not moving. Fortunately they didn't fall over on someone and truly hope they were alright. For the safety of all Disney needs to address scooter transportation on site. Would also suggest designated scooter lanes, similar to bike lanes, in the theme parks.
  16. Hopefully they will finish this replacement project soon. Loop 2000 tent/camper van loop still has coquina. Just got back from there and changes haven't appeared in that loop yet.
  17. Shoreline99-point well made. True it is no secret that anyone can park for free at Disney Springs, hop a bus to The Fort, and have access to all the amenities. Hopefully someday security will tighten the bus transportation up. Magic Band swipes would sure help at the transportation centers and The Fort pools. But I guess sadly it’s all about the money.
  18. And The Fort is different from any other "local" private campground, regional, state or national park campground on the weekend how? Just because it's on Disney property somehow elevates it to some "exclusive" level? I think not.....it's a campground. It just so happens to have some unique amenities that if you can pay the price you have the right to use them. As you travel around the country just check into a local KOA on the weekend and you'll be surrounded by the same "weekend warriors" all having the same wonderful break as you are from their crazy workweek life. No difference except maybe the price. Whether its a campground or hotel the "locals" are always going to be there on the weekend enjoying themselves. That's life and it's pretty sweet!
  19. Hmmmm......let's see. 900 new DVC units, vehicle access to those units, parking lots for those units, parking lots next to the Settlement, how long will it be before golf carts are no longer allowed at The Fort because it's too dangerous! Guess it all depends upon how much access all those vehicles have to the fort and if the walking paths will become golf cart paths. Sad to think about. The only upside I see is campers easy access to new restaurants and bars.
  20. I can’t even express how sad I feel about all this and I’m sure Walt is too. The glory days of “camping” at Ft. Wilderness are over. It will eventually go the way of River Country or become very exclusive. The respite we all enjoyed from the craziness of the parks will be no more. The handwriting has been on the wall for a long time and with rates going up it’s obvious who they prefer their “campers” to be and it’s not tenters or trailers. Or the locals and their “phantom” weekend party reservations. Thanks, Disney. It’s been sweet for many generations of families, the deer, turkeys, armandillos, squirrels and birds but we all hear you loud and clear.
  21. Just curious - you used a refillable "chipped" mug at other resorts other than where you purchased it? Did you only use it for hot drinks or iced tea only or did you also use it for soft drinks? Here's the big question, was this before the age of "chipped" mugs? We love to resort hop and this tip would sure save a lot of money!
  22. Totally agree with the Tram suggestion from the current bus stops. The distance to the entrance in the summer heat earlier this week was brutal. Not to mention waiting for the Ft Wilderness bus in full sun with only one umbrella in the queue, NO FANS, NO WATER at each bus stop. It's the perfect storm for heat stroke or heat exhaustion and a lawsuit waiting to happen. Actually saw Cast Members walking by holding umbrellas - at least they were prepared for it. Won't do it again in the heat of the day and made sure to mention it in the Hollywood Studios survey that was emailed to me. More shade and some type of advance warning for those with mobility issues would be advisable.
  23. I just wish they would build a campground instead of more hotels! The Fort needs some competition.
  24. Understand your concern but if your new trailer (congrats by the way) is approximately the same size as your popup I would just cruise on in. The response you got from the CM when you called was the stock answer they are probably required to say. There were plenty of trailers in the 2000 loop July 4th week along with Class B and Class C RV's that easily met the length requirements of a partial site. Don't know anyone that's ever been turned away at the gate. With the rates going up in 2019 I think we'll see a lot more smaller campers in the partial sites. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see Disney change the descriptions/requirements for these sites.
  25. They also shut down the small boats yesterday afternoon before the storm hit the area just as we were trying to get back to the Fort. We got as far as Wilderness Lodge. They have a 10 mile lightning strike rule. Assuming the new Gondolas will operate under the same rule. The Weather Bug App really comes in handy when you are trying to track lightning distance and navigate around Disney. You can get a jump on the rest of the crowd when it comes to using the buses. Couldn't believe they didn't send those people on the dock into the Lodge for safety instead told them to wait for a "bigger boat" as they watched the smaller boat captains drive off to a safe harbor. IMHO if the lightning is that close and they shut down the small boats they need to get the people off the docks. Florida's lightning needs to be taken seriously. I've got security camera pictures of it hitting a tree in my yard when it was 10 miles away, not a drop of rain falling, blue sky and the rain clouds off in the distance. Scary-I've got a whole new respect for those warnings.
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