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  1. Hopefully they will finish this replacement project soon. Loop 2000 tent/camper van loop still has coquina. Just got back from there and changes haven't appeared in that loop yet.
  2. Shoreline99-point well made. True it is no secret that anyone can park for free at Disney Springs, hop a bus to The Fort, and have access to all the amenities. Hopefully someday security will tighten the bus transportation up. Magic Band swipes would sure help at the transportation centers and The Fort pools. But I guess sadly it’s all about the money.
  3. And The Fort is different from any other "local" private campground, regional, state or national park campground on the weekend how? Just because it's on Disney property somehow elevates it to some "exclusive" level? I think not.....it's a campground. It just so happens to have some unique amenities that if you can pay the price you have the right to use them. As you travel around the country just check into a local KOA on the weekend and you'll be surrounded by the same "weekend warriors" all having the same wonderful break as you are from their crazy workweek life. No difference except maybe the price. Whether its a campground or hotel the "locals" are always going to be there on the weekend enjoying themselves. That's life and it's pretty sweet!
  4. Hmmmm......let's see. 900 new DVC units, vehicle access to those units, parking lots for those units, parking lots next to the Settlement, how long will it be before golf carts are no longer allowed at The Fort because it's too dangerous! Guess it all depends upon how much access all those vehicles have to the fort and if the walking paths will become golf cart paths. Sad to think about. The only upside I see is campers easy access to new restaurants and bars.
  5. I can’t even express how sad I feel about all this and I’m sure Walt is too. The glory days of “camping” at Ft. Wilderness are over. It will eventually go the way of River Country or become very exclusive. The respite we all enjoyed from the craziness of the parks will be no more. The handwriting has been on the wall for a long time and with rates going up it’s obvious who they prefer their “campers” to be and it’s not tenters or trailers. Or the locals and their “phantom” weekend party reservations. Thanks, Disney. It’s been sweet for many generations of families, the deer, turkeys, armandillos, squirrels and birds but we all hear you loud and clear.
  6. Just curious - you used a refillable "chipped" mug at other resorts other than where you purchased it? Did you only use it for hot drinks or iced tea only or did you also use it for soft drinks? Here's the big question, was this before the age of "chipped" mugs? We love to resort hop and this tip would sure save a lot of money!
  7. Totally agree with the Tram suggestion from the current bus stops. The distance to the entrance in the summer heat earlier this week was brutal. Not to mention waiting for the Ft Wilderness bus in full sun with only one umbrella in the queue, NO FANS, NO WATER at each bus stop. It's the perfect storm for heat stroke or heat exhaustion and a lawsuit waiting to happen. Actually saw Cast Members walking by holding umbrellas - at least they were prepared for it. Won't do it again in the heat of the day and made sure to mention it in the Hollywood Studios survey that was emailed to me. More shade and some type of advance warning for those with mobility issues would be advisable.
  8. I just wish they would build a campground instead of more hotels! The Fort needs some competition.
  9. Understand your concern but if your new trailer (congrats by the way) is approximately the same size as your popup I would just cruise on in. The response you got from the CM when you called was the stock answer they are probably required to say. There were plenty of trailers in the 2000 loop July 4th week along with Class B and Class C RV's that easily met the length requirements of a partial site. Don't know anyone that's ever been turned away at the gate. With the rates going up in 2019 I think we'll see a lot more smaller campers in the partial sites. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see Disney change the descriptions/requirements for these sites.
  10. They also shut down the small boats yesterday afternoon before the storm hit the area just as we were trying to get back to the Fort. We got as far as Wilderness Lodge. They have a 10 mile lightning strike rule. Assuming the new Gondolas will operate under the same rule. The Weather Bug App really comes in handy when you are trying to track lightning distance and navigate around Disney. You can get a jump on the rest of the crowd when it comes to using the buses. Couldn't believe they didn't send those people on the dock into the Lodge for safety instead told them to wait for a "bigger boat" as they watched the smaller boat captains drive off to a safe harbor. IMHO if the lightning is that close and they shut down the small boats they need to get the people off the docks. Florida's lightning needs to be taken seriously. I've got security camera pictures of it hitting a tree in my yard when it was 10 miles away, not a drop of rain falling, blue sky and the rain clouds off in the distance. Scary-I've got a whole new respect for those warnings.
  11. I think there is a societal culture change taking place with the grand kiddo's. They have become quite jaded and so over exposed to theme parks they ask to go and play at the fort or the beach not the parks. Nothing seems to excite or impress them anymore. It's the "been there, done that" syndrome. Now it's more about "experiences" that their friends haven't already done to death. Disney and other theme parks no longer have bragging rights for these kids. Have quite a few friends who have given up their Annual Passes because the kiddo's are "bored" with the parks. There will always be those kids that haven't gone and will have that Disney glow and be full of wonder but those who have been going repetitively since they were babes in strollers are done. Keep in mind for adults it's an escape from everyday life, kids are looking for new and exciting not same old same old. At what age did your kids lose interest and what replaced it? Do they still like the Disney Parks or are they just into camping at the fort? Our 's got into ziplining!
  12. Just got back from another magical stay at the Fort and curiousity got the best us due to increasing site rates. We looped 2000, the most reasonable loop at the Fort, and were amazed at all the Class B and Class C Motorhomes over there. For those of us who aren't trailering this obviously is becoming an option big time to save some bucks. Each site had 20/30/50 amp hookups along with cable and water. The only thing missing was sewer but obviously not an issue for those staying there. Concrete pads were much shorter with long/wide coquina pads for tents. But overall the sites were quite long, wide, private and very shady overall-nice for the summer. Technically this is a Tent/Camper Van loop but seems the rules are pretty loose and changing. Something to consider for the future to save some money. I wonder as the rates keep increasing will we see less tents? Is that part of the Disney plan? If so, I find that pretty sad. Your thoughts?
  13. Awesome photos @bioreconstruct. It's one thing for all of us to chat about the new construction but it's another thing to get a birds eye view. THANKS!
  14. Good point-didn't think about that. Especially when I use "My Disney Experience" throughout the day while in the park and totally run down my phone battery. I definitely need to look into those portable chargers as I see more and more options such as a digital key becoming the norm.
  15. Are you saying they made you pay $50 day for having a dog at your campsite? Or, did they charge you a flat fee rather than daily? I read they were charging for doggie cabin stays but the campsites also? There's a heck of a lot of dogs in the campground-that's some big bucks for Disney!
  16. So as we travel down this path trying to figure out if we have to pay for toads, what about golf carts. Golf Carts are motorized. What about motorcycles or scooters? As far as the Fort is concerned they will need further clarification about "complimentary standard parking" and "one (1) motorized vehicle". Our last visit a few weeks ago two adjoining full hook up sites across from us had 5 additional vehicles, 3 golf carts and two huge tents. What about all those extra family and friend vehicles? Were they rental rv's and everyone drove in? Yikes, what a mess this could be and expensive!
  17. OMG! Thanks for the wonderful sweet memories. Teachers got in for free, tickets were $11 and we surely did covet those "E" ticket coupons. I still have some of those coupons and comp tickets as keepsakes of those glory days. Ahhhhh.....how sweet it was!
  18. Seems to me like these "special events" are getting out of hand. I feel sorry for people who buy tickets to find out their time in a specific park is limited because of an "evening event." A day ticket on those special days is exactly that- doesn't mean you get night time too. They need to start charging less for limited access. That'll never happen-haha! But would be an eloquent solution, good public relations, and put the smile back on Walt's face.
  19. Hmmmmm.....is there a golf cart ban coming in favor of bikes or some other type of shuttle ? The golf carts & drivers (definitely not the Fiends) have gotten totally out of control - could this just be the first step in a major change? It certainly isn't a step forward for golf cart users otherwise they would have expanded golf cart parking. If anything its an indicator of a thought process. Just wondering......
  20. Congrats on getting a reservation for Florida's official Hurricane Week-that's why a premium site was available and more reasonable. Hurricane's historically make landfall in Florida every Labor Day Weekend a few days one side or the other of the holiday. Be prepared to evacuate - have a Plan B in place before you arrive. Just a 50 year resident offering words of wisdom. Sprinkle some Pixie Dust and hope you get in and out safely and have a magical time.
  21. Now that's an interesting thought. Makes me perspire in January just thinking about being crammed in a gondola in the hot humid summer season. I'm sure they'll also use lightning strike indicators like the other theme parks and shut it down in an approaching storm. Disney is certainly going to have its challenges on this one. This is Florida not Cali. Our thunderstorms are deadly serious. Saw lightning strike a tree in my front yard while the sun was still shining during an approaching storm-called anvil or blue sky lighning. I've had a healthy respect for it ever since!
  22. Great offer for our Canadian visitors! How about a USA marketing campaign where each month a different state was given the same opportunity? Would be interesting to see the sales numbers.
  23. Love the video of the "flooding" in the 1900 loop. For those of you not from Florida, note the trees in that loop. It was built in a Cypress Tree swamp! Whenever you buy a home in Florida the first thing you look for is Cypress Trees because that's where the water is going to be someday - SWAMP! Beautiful trees - but, look at the skirt (wide base) on the tree and see where the high water mark is - LOL! The Fort is great, no matter what, but those trees are a dead giveaway about water level - especially if you camp in the rainy summer season.
  24. Guess they can control early entry but the evening hours- LOL! Those guests have always been there at night and no one checks and asks them to leave. Yes, maybe they can' t get on rides, can't verify that, but its not always about the rides. They are just legitimizing a part of the crowd that already exists and forging their relationship with "other" branded hotels on Disney property. Once again, clever marketing.
  25. Glad to hear. We were at the Fort a week ago and since we are passholders and didn't carry any bags we weren't stopped for a security check at ANY of the parks OR even getting off the launch at the Magic Kingdom. At the launch landing we were directed to walk between the two scanners! I'm sure there is a lot of undercover security around but it sure didn't give us a good feeling knowing we were never checked, not once, entering the parks. Made us a bit uneasy especially in the massive extended hours Magic Kingdom crowd. We avoided the hub and made sure we were close to the Cast Member exit by the Crystal Palace where they directed everyone backstage to exit. Rather scary experience since Main Street was totally blocked all the way to the hub and we kept thinking about the lack of security checks. How many others just walked right in???
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