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  1. We have not been having any luck with the Michelins. tire shakes, tread separations, blow outs and the like. We have a stack of 50+% steers that aren't even good for cases to recap. We have been having real good luck with Bridgestone R283.
  2. WOW I like it. that would be a great idea for the places where I need to add drawers and door fronts to make some actual usable storage space.
  3. alnauntB

    There And Back Again

    a couple of fish and chips a stew and the zucchini thing without the meat for dd. all was very good. I would go back there.
  4. alnauntB

    There And Back Again

    Sorry so long to add, been busy with trucking. We spent a lot of time in the parks on this trip as we were on annual passes. The dw, dd, nephew and I were there for the first week by ourselves. During this time we indulged in sci fi drive in, 50s prime time, the Boathouse and Raglan Road. I found the boathouse a little pretentious for me, and it was so cold in there. I had fish and it was served as fish sticks for an incredible amount of money, good but once you serve it as fish sticks all is lost. We all liked 50 prime time and had a good time there. We were looking forward to the sci fi but found it a little cramped and the lighting was a little to dim for dw and I in our old age. Raglan Road was pretty quite good as we liked the food and the show, however right after we arrived it started to rain really hard. Due to the rain our wait became extended as it seemed like nobody was in any hurry to finish up and get out in the rain. Also while we were eating near the bar a couple came in and sat at the bar to escape the rain and he took off his shoes and the smell was overwhelming. The parents were to arrive on Sunday with there motorhome to stay at the timeshare resort. Mom found that there was availability on Saturday night at the fort so they pushed hard to get there in time to get set up and enjoy one night with us "camping". We did the trails end buffet with them as well as the campfire sing along, both very enjoyable. As I was going to lead them to there site( they got one across the road and a couple down) the golf cart started making a horrible noise in the front end, lower bushings went out and rim was rubbing on suspension. We rode it all over the place like that for the next two days. On Monday I got my hands on replacement parts and the nephew and I replaced them after a long day at Magic Kingdom, took about half hour and we were off and running. Really glad we had the cart with us. I am a believer in the transportation system but once you start stacking the bus wait times it can take quite a while so we used the cart to get to the front stop.
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    There And Back Again

    She really doesn't prefer air conditioning. And I am used to sleeping in the heat without as I don't like idling my semi if I can help it.
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    There And Back Again

    We have returned from our first fort trip. We have a 12 ram 2500 crew cab 4 wheel drive with the 5.7 engine auto trans, we tow a cougar 320SRX. The wife and I have been planning for a year for this trip and it was wonderful. We left on 8/17 from the Flint MI area around 2pm, shortly after I got back in off the road driving semi. We made it to Georgetown KY the first night and stopped there. I wish that we had a quiet generator because it was really to hot to sleep in the trailer, even though I would have slept in my Pete with no air in he same weather. Got up around 5am and back on the road because the wife was to hot to sleep. drove in the rain most of the day. had the most trouble in Atlanta, took many hours to get through that traffic mess. We drove on till about 11 stopping at a rest area near the bottom of Georgia. We tried to sleep in the trailer with the windows open, but a truck driver decided to park his refrigerated truck next to us. I felt that this was rather rude since the lot was only half full and had dozens of open spots that were not next to anything. I purposely parked away from everyone after scanning truck stops and rest areas as we went to make sure I would not leave a driver without a place to stop, as a courtesy to my fellow drivers. I did let him know that was not something that I would have done and we moved on since I knew we would not be sleeping any more that night. we arrived at the fort in time to unload the golf cart in overflow and roll out to brunch at Trails End which we rather enjoyed. about the time we got seated the message that our site was ready came across, we ate first then went back after the trailer. I was very happy with the way my little gas engine hauled the trailer. I didn't really come across anything that was more than it could handle even loaded to about 19500 gross. Average fuel economy of around 8..25 mpg which was not as good as I hoped for but better than I expected with the mountains in there. I did miss my dual rear wheels though as I felt it could have been just a little more stable at speed. More to come and I will try to find some pics the wife will let me share.
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    that is a really good idea. we are in a fiver also so I think I will do the same thing. Good advise from all.
  8. I was reading that you should not take good bikes to the fort as bikes get stolen. Has anyone had any experience with this. What's the word from those who know.
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    overflow lot parking

    thanks that's good info. The only resort we have stayed at is key west and we had a little camper with us and had to park it elsewhere.
  10. we are working on the plan for the trip down. trying to be flexible due to possible work interference. Does anyone know if it is possible to park in overflow and grab a resort room if we get there a day or two early. maybe there will be a site but on the weekend I wont hold my breath.
  11. I was reading FAQ and saw something said about carts needing windshield. Is this the case? My cart never had one so i would have to buy one.
  12. Has anyone heard any kind of time for the reopening of the big Disney store in disney springs?
  13. I thanks for the good info. I want to have the info on things like this before getting there so we can just enjoy ourselves.
  14. I would like to travel from the fort to wilderness lodge to see the sites. Is it possible to drive there on the golf cart, or do we have to get the truck out and drive over.
  15. we always take two pair of shoes per person so that they can have a day to dry out good. I also carry a hydration pack that the wife and I share. this year will be our first trip to the fort so will be there at the same time.