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    that is a really good idea. we are in a fiver also so I think I will do the same thing. Good advise from all.
  2. I was reading that you should not take good bikes to the fort as bikes get stolen. Has anyone had any experience with this. What's the word from those who know.
  3. alnauntB

    overflow lot parking

    thanks that's good info. The only resort we have stayed at is key west and we had a little camper with us and had to park it elsewhere.
  4. we are working on the plan for the trip down. trying to be flexible due to possible work interference. Does anyone know if it is possible to park in overflow and grab a resort room if we get there a day or two early. maybe there will be a site but on the weekend I wont hold my breath.
  5. I was reading FAQ and saw something said about carts needing windshield. Is this the case? My cart never had one so i would have to buy one.
  6. Has anyone heard any kind of time for the reopening of the big Disney store in disney springs?
  7. I thanks for the good info. I want to have the info on things like this before getting there so we can just enjoy ourselves.
  8. I would like to travel from the fort to wilderness lodge to see the sites. Is it possible to drive there on the golf cart, or do we have to get the truck out and drive over.
  9. we always take two pair of shoes per person so that they can have a day to dry out good. I also carry a hydration pack that the wife and I share. this year will be our first trip to the fort so will be there at the same time.
  10. alnauntB

    Halloween decor

    Thanks. We have been a few times but this is our first trip to the fort, and by far the farthest we have towed the trailer. doing my research to make sure it goes well.
  11. We are coming in late august. When do the holloween decorations start going on at the fort and the parks. I see on one of the other sites that the not so scary holloween party started in late August this year. Aunt b is really into holloween so it would be great if it was getting started by the time we are there.